The Little-Known Benefits of Natural Honey

Created by bees using the nectar from plants, honey is loved worldwide because it tastes great. Because it’s sweet, honey is often thought to be unhealthy. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Natural honey, in particular, hosts a wide range of benefits.

N​atural honey is packed with antioxidants and nutrients. It is a natural cough suppressant. It can also improve heart health and be instrumental in the healing of burns and wounds.

W​hat are the benefits of natural honey?

O​f course, the most commonly-known benefit of natural honey is that it tastes fantastic. Whether you put it in your oatmeal or use it to make baked goods, honey is a flavorful substitute for sugar. But there are many other valuable benefits that natural honey can offer.

  • It can help with healing burns/wounds. Research has shown that honey has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that may aid in healing wounds. It’s especially helpful in healing wounds that have become infected. It can even help with foot ulcers caused by diabetes and skin issues such as psoriasis.
  • It has a high antioxidant count. Natural honey is full of antioxidants that can help slow the signs of aging and may even help to help prevent heart disease. Commercial honey loses many antioxidants while being processed, but natural honey doesn’t.
  • I​t contains valuable nutrients. Because honey is almost completely sugar, it’s not an especially nutrient-dense food–but a tablespoon of honey has up to 1% of the recommended daily value of both copper and riboflavin. It also contains polyphenols, which can help lower blood sugar, prevent cancer, and improve digestion.
  • I​t may improve heart health. According to this study, a resin called propolis may lower levels of bad cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. Natural honey has higher levels of this resin than heavily-processed commercial honey.
  • I​t can help with digestive issues. One of the most fascinating benefits of natural honey is that it may help alleviateissues like diarrhea that are caused by gastroenteritis.
  • I​t’s a natural cough suppressant. Many cough drops include honey on the ingredients list. This is because it can help eliminate even the peskiest cough, particularly in children with upper respiratory infections. While cough drops help, eating natural honey may be even more effective.
  • I​t can give you a quick energy boost. Since honey is essentially sugar, it will give you a small amount of energy. This sugar will enter your bloodstream right away, meaning you’ll get that mid-afternoon boost right when you need it.

N​ote: Honey should never be offered to children under one year of age, as consumption of honey in infants has been linked to botulism. This bacteria grows rapidly and is incredibly dangerous.

Final Thoughts

Natural honey, when used in moderation, can be a great addition to your health and wellness program. Whether you’re looking for added antioxidants in your diet or need to treat an open wound, it can help. Its healing properties–along with its lovely taste and ease of use–make natural honey a smart choice.

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