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Everyday Things that have Hidden Uses

At a certain point in our lives, the world around us starts to lose its mystery. We think we’ve got a pretty good grasp on our realities and the objects within, but what if there were some items in your own home that had secret uses you could have never guessed?

It turns out there are tons of things that have hidden uses, and some of them may shock you! Read on to discover the hidden uses of pen caps, the holes on the handles of pots and pans, your gas gauge’s secret arrow, and the tiny 5th pocket in your favorite pair of jeans. 

Holes in Pen Caps

This is our favorite item on the list because it actually saves lives! The hole in the top of removable pen caps is there to prevent choking, especially in children. It works by providing a hole for air to move through, even if it is swallowed. 

Babies and toddlers are inquisitive, sometimes to the point of putting themselves in danger. A big part of the way they see the world is through putting things in their mouths, but this can lead to choking, one of a parent’s worst nightmares! 

The small hole in the top of a pen cap allows air to have a pathway if someone accidentally swallows it, so even if the cap gets completely stuck, the airway isn’t fully cut off. 

Holes in the Handles of Pots and Pans

Whether you store your pots and pans in a cabinet or on a hook, you’ve probably never given the hole in the lid a second thought. This often-overlooked feature of kitchenware actually has a really convenient secret use that will help keep your kitchen cleaner!

The hole in the handle of pots and pans can be used to hold utensils like a stirring spoon or spatula. Simply insert the utensil handle side down until the bottom is against the counter or stovetop, away from heat, and it will stand on its own!

The Secret Gas Gauge Arrow

Getting a new car is exciting, but getting used to all the new features can be irritating after a while. One of the most annoying mistakes with new cars is remembering which side the fuel tank is on, but with this hidden use, you’ll no longer have to get out to check!

There is a little arrow on all gas gauges pointing to the side of the car the fuel tank is on, indicating where gas can be put in. 

Tiny 5th Jean Pocket

This hidden use is less exciting for us in the modern days, but it has a fascinating history. Most denim jeans, especially classic style jeans, have 4 large pockets and a 5th tiny pocket that seems almost useless. What could this little pocket actually hold?

When denim jeans first gained popularity during the gold rush in California, prospectors needed a place to store their delicate pocket watches, so denim jean manufacturers included the 5th pocket to store these pocket watches! 

So while there isn’t much use for these little pockets today, if you come into ownership of a pocket watch, you’ll be prepared.

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