Can You Fry Garlic In The Microwave?

Nothing beats the flavor of garlic. It goes with so many savory dishes with ease, but can you fry garlic in the microwave?

You can certainly fry garlic in the microwave, but it takes a little patience and precision to get the right crispy texture and golden color. Simply place a quarter cup of minced garlic in a bowl, cover with neutral oil, and microwave in 15-second increments until the garlic turns a brownish-gold.

The process of making delicious fried garlic in the microwave is as easy as can be. You just have to figure out the right timing. The rest of this article will discuss whether you can fry garlic in the microwave.

Does Frying Garlic in the Microwave Work?

Frying garlic in the microwave can work pretty well. You won’t get exactly the same deep-fried flavor as cooking it on the stove, but you can still get a really savory addition to any dish that adds texture and a burst of flavor.

What Do You Need to Fry Garlic in a Microwave?

All you need to fry garlic in a microwave is minced garlic (fresh is better), a microwave-safe bowl, and a neutral oil. Neutral oils are flavorless oils like vegetable, grapeseed, or canola, that won’t impart a flavor onto your fried garlic.

How to Make Fried Garlic in the Microwave

To start, put about a quarter cup of minced garlic in a small bowl and coat it with the neutral oil of your choice. Then, place it in the microwave and cook in 15-second increments. That way, you’ll be able to monitor the progress of the garlic as it changes color. After each 15 second timer, give the garlic a quick stir.

All told, the process will take about 2-4 minutes, and the results will be similar to a deep-fried garlic. There will be a little discrepancy in the texture of the garlic bits since there’s not as much movement in the oil, but the flavor is still amazing.

Once your garlic looks gorgeously gold, remove and strain the cooked garlic through a fine-mesh sieve. Doing this right away will help keep the garlic nice and crispy rather than getting soggy by soaking up all of the oil.

Feel free to put your microwave fried garlic on any meal straight away. You can also store it in a sealed container at room temperature for about three weeks. You can also use the strained garlic-infused oil to add a kick of flavor to your next meal as well!

What to Put Fried Garlic on

Fried garlic not only packs a punch with flavor, but it also adds a nice crispy texture to any meal that’s lacking it. It goes great with salads to add a burst of flavor to the greens and veggies, but you can also pair it with heartier meals like pan-seared chicken breast or coconut shrimp. Grilled veggies also benefit a lot from the taste of fried garlic.

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