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What Animal Lays Eggs And Is Not A Bird?

What animal lays eggs and is not a bird? You’ll be surprised to find out that even though it may resemble a sea or water creature, this animal is actually a reptile!

Quiz: What Animal Lays Eggs And Is Not A Bird?

There are many animals that lay eggs and are not birds. Some of these animals include reptiles, amphibians, and fish.

reptiles such as iguanas, snakes, and turtles

amphibians such as frogs and salamanders

fish such as sharks and rays

29 Animals That Lay Eggs

There are a variety of animals that lay eggs and are not birds. These animals include:

1. Penguins

2. Reptiles

3. Insects

4. Bats

5. Bears

6. Certain fish

7. amphibians

8. Some mammals

Penguins are interesting creatures that lay eggs but are not classified as birds. Their eggs are typically much larger in relation to their body size than most other bird species, and they incubate their eggs by placing them on top of their feet and covering them with a layer of feathers for warmth.

Reptiles such as snakes, lizards, and turtles all lay eggs as well. The majority of these reptiles will bury their eggs in the ground to incubate them, but some species will actually keep the eggs inside their bodies until they are ready to hatch.

Many insects also lay eggs, with the female often depositing them in or on a food source so that the young will have something to eat once they hatch. This is especially common in species of aphids and butterflies.

There are two species of bats that are known to lay eggs – the yellow-winged bat and the pink false gourami – though it is more common for bats to give birth to live young like most other mammals do.

Bears generally give birth to live young as well, but there is one species – the spectacled bear – that does lay eggs instead. These bears live in South America


So, what animal lays eggs and is not a bird? The answer may surprise you – it’s the platypus! Although these animals are often confused for being rodents or even reptiles, they are actually mammals that lay eggs. Now that you know this fun fact, be sure to tell all your friends the next time you see a platypus.

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