Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About Lions

Lions are well known as some of the most fierce and magnificent of wild animals. Let’s go over a few facts that are a little less commonly known about lions!

Lions are the Only Members of the Cat Family That Live in Groups

Normally, feline species live independently in the wild. Lions are the only known cats to live in groups instead. These groups are often called prides, and can be made up of dozens of lions! 

These prides work like big families, and usually the female cubs remain with the pride they were born into, while male cubs go on to create their own prides when they reach adulthood. 

You Can Guess Male Lion’s Age By The Color of His Mane

The darker a male lion’s mane is, the older he likely is. Younger lions have a rather blonde color mane, whereas those who are older, maybe even 8 years old, will have a much darker mane. 

As lions age, their mane will begin to thin, as well. So you can often tell a lion is getting old if his mane seems to be very thin, for example. 

Lions Are Fast and Agile

Although they can only reach top speeds in short bursts of activity, a lion is able to run up to 50 miles per hour! 

Lions are also able to jump up to 36 feet, making them truly powerful rulers of their domain. 

Lions Are Sleepy

A lion can literally sleep anywhere from 16 to 20 hours out of a 24 hour day! 

This is because as an apex predator, the lion does not have to be on guard constantly like other animals do, giving him or her the freedom to sleep at will and be active whenever. They are secure in their safety, for the most part, and do not have to worry about bigger animals coming along their path. 

Lion Roars Are Powerful

It is probably no surprise that lions have a distinct roar, but it is lesser known that their roar can be heard within a 5 mile radius! 

Lions Roar Together

Not only are their roars able to heard from far away, but lions also engage in joint roars, and this can last nearly a minute. This is believed to be a behavior to mark their territories. It thus warns others within 5 miles that this is a lion’s homefront. 

Lions Can Go Without Water, But Not Food

Lions have an ability to forgo water for up to four days, although if water is present, they will drink. In other words, not drinking for four days is something that would happen in an emergency where water is not available rather than a general habit. 

Additionally, lions must eat daily, and they tend to need a lot of food. Lions can eat up to a quarter of their bodyweight on a daily basis!

Female Lions Do Most Hunting

Normally, the males protect the territory and the females perform the majority of hunting activities in a pride. 

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