Adopting a Pet for First-Time Foster Parents

Congratulations! You are taking a huge step in caring for a new furry friend. First-time foster parents should have several tips up their sleeves to help them take care of their new addition, including knowledge of environment, time, cost, and emotional involvement.

Read on to discover how to care for your new animal.

1. Environment

Your animal addition will need a cozy environment that makes them feel welcome and relaxed. Stock up on a variety of different toys and blankets/beds- many animals love a nice soft material!

Tidy up so that your pet isn’t around anything breakable or chewable- depending on their age and training, it’s usually better to be safe than sorry. Animal-proofing the environment will help you adjust to your new houseguest.

2. Time

Fostering an animal is a huge responsibility, and it requires a lot of time. You should be prepared to spend your time not only playing with your new pet, but also teaching them skills such as appropriate potty behavior and how to interact with other animals and people.

Depending on your unique pet’s experience, they also may have experienced abuse or other situations that will cause them to act out or be scared. Prepare to put the time in and show them that you are trustworthy and safe.

3. Cost

You may be excited about snuggles and playtime, but know there is a very real cost involved with fostering. Besides food and toys, you’ll also need essentials like bedding, collars, and leashes, cat litter, and maybe even a good-sized crate.

If you plan on fostering over and over again, the good news is that you can reuse a lot of the things you buy. For your first pet, though, know that the cost will be higher at the beginning!

4. Emotional Involvement

Fostering means that your time with your new friend will end, and this may be harder than you thought it would be! If you become very attached to your foster pet, saying goodbye might feel impossible. You should set healthy expectations with yourself and anyone else in the home and know that you can enjoy this time while you have it.

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