Why Are People Wearing Pearls Today?

Styles come and go, but there are some fashionable things that transcend fads and become classics. There is no doubt that pearls are one of those things, and while their popularity may wax and wane slightly, pearls never really go out of style. 

That being said, wearing pearls today is more popular than ever. Why are people wearing pearls today? 

Why Are People Wearing Pearls Today?

Vintage styles have been gaining momentum for some time now, and that includes pearls. A classy pair of pearl earrings will always be a gorgeous addition to any formal outfit, but these days larger, edgier looking pearls are gaining traction. 

Since pearls can come in many different colors, jewelry enthusiasts don’t have to settle for solid white pearls. Black Tahitian pearls are especially beloved by trendsetters today, as well as strings of pearls of different colors and shapes.

Uniformity isn’t as necessary as it was once when it comes to pearls, so don’t be surprised if you see a perfectly white, even strand of pearls displayed right next to a more eclectic strand of different sizes and shades. 

This new pearl popularity isn’t for the pearl purists, though! Pearls are being paired with edgier choices like gold chains and even braided leather, breathing new life into this classic jewelry component. 

Why Are Pearls Popular Again?

It isn’t so much that pearls are popular again, but more about how pearls are crossing over from something beloved by older generations for their elegance and luxury to a statement piece for younger fashionistas and influencers.

Pearls are also becoming less about dressing up, and more about adding a flash of brilliance to a more understated outfit. Younger people who love pearls have been dressing them down, even going as far to pair them with a favorite vintage band t-shirt instead of an evening gown. 

All of this is made possible by how easily pearls of all sorts can be cultured today. What was once a niche art has now hit the mainstream, and real, genuine pearls are affordable for more people than ever before. 

Why Are Men Wearing Pearls Now?

One of the most fun aspects of pearls becoming so popular again is how they are being worn by men and women alike! It isn’t odd to think about male royalty wearing a crown featuring pearls or pearl cufflinks, but these days, men are wearing pearls everywhere from the red carpet to the baseball diamond! 

It’s not just Major League Baseball players sporting gorgeous pearl necklaces, though. Celebrities like Drake and Harry Styles have been sporting pearls in music videos and for award shows! 

Fashion as a whole is becoming more gender-fluid. Celebrities and civilians alike are blurring the lines between men and women’s fashions, and it’s leading to interesting and engaging style choices like pearls for men.

Pearls have experienced a resurgence with men at the same time all other jewelry did at the beginning of the pandemic, but we think this style is here to stay. 

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