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Which One Of These Is A Possible Indicator Of A Suspicious Letter Or Package?

Thankfully, suspicious letters or packages are far less common than in the past. However, it is still worth knowing a little bit about how you can spot the warning signs. On this page, we will give a few possible indicators of a suspicious letter or package.

Remember, if you believe a letter or package to be suspicious, then you should not open it. 

You Did Not Expect To Receive a Package 

Honestly, one of the absolute biggest indicators that you have a suspicious package is if you never actually ordered anything. If you were not expecting a delivery and a large box just turned up on your doorstep, then this is an issue that probably warrants further investigation. 

The Biggest Signs Of a Suspicious Letter or Package

When you get a letter or package that you believe to be suspicious, the first thing you need to do is look at the labeling. 

If you notice any of the following; then it may be a cause for concern:

  • There is no return address on the label.
  • If there is a return address, it almost appears to be nonsense or something you wouldn’t expect.
  • Words are misspelled, especially names.

In some cases, you may find that there is an excessive number of postage stamps on the package. It almost screams as if somebody wanted to be 100% sure that the package or letter arrived.

The following words written on the letter or package may also be a cause for concern too. However, do bear in mind that there are genuine reasons why they may be included:

  • Personal
  • Do Not X-Ray
  • Confidential 

Other Warning Signs Of a Suspicious Letter or Package

If you believe the package or letter to be suspicious, then you may want to look at the rest of the letter or package. Do not open it up. If you genuinely believe there is an issue, then call the police.

If there is powder, oil, or any sort of discoloration on something you believe to be suspicious, then do not touch it any further. 

If you smell something strange coming from a package that you did not expect, then do not open it up.

You may even want to listen to the box. We know that it seems almost cartoonish, but it is not uncommon for suspicious parcels to make a sound. While it is unlikely that somebody is going to mail you a bomb or something, they really do make ticking sounds. 

Finally, you may even want to pay attention to the packaging used on the outside of the box. If there is a lot of tape on the box, it indicates that somebody really did not want others looking through that package. If there is a lot of bulk on one side of the box e.g. it appears as if the box has been packed incorrectly, then this is something that may also end up being an issue. 

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