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Tips To Properly Clean Your Winter Jacket

Winter jackets get filthy when they are worn. If you have particularly bad weather in your area, then your winter jacket is going to get absolutely pounded by rain, wind, and snow. At the end of the winter, that jacket is going to look brilliant at all. So, let’s give you a bit of advice on how to clean it.

Check The Tag On The Winter Jacket

First things first, check the care tag on your winter jacket. This will give you more guidelines on how to clean it. The vast majority of them can be cleaned in a washing machine, but you will need to check the temperature to throw it in at.

It is rare that the winter jacket will be hand wash only. However, if it is, then it shouldn’t touch that jacket. The water will ruin it.

Pretreat All Your Stains

If you have stains on your jacket, cover them with a bit of stain treatment. If you don’t have that, then a small amount of dishwashing soap could also work.

This isn’t vital. However, you may find that it results in the washer doing a better job of eradicating those stains.

Prepare Your Winter Jacket For Cleaning

Once you have pre-treated your stains, it is time to prepare the winter jacket for cleaning. Luckily, this part isn’t too difficult. You just need to do up the zips and the buttons on the winter jacket.

The reason why you want to do this is to ensure that the winter jacket doesn’t lose its shape during the cleaning process.

Wash The Jacket As Per Instructions

Now, you need to refer to that care tag again. This is going to tell you how to wash the winter jacket. As we said, most winter jackets can be placed in the washing machine, but they may need to be put in at very specific temperatures. Some may require you to not use detergent (this is important because it can ruin waterproofing on the jacket!)

In our opinion, you should wash the winter jacket at a low temperature. The lowest temperature that your washing machine is able to do. It will still get the winter jacket clean, but there is less of a risk of your jacket shrinking in the wash.

If your winter jacket is hand wash only, then put a bit of detergent in a warm bowl of water and let the jacket soak for a while. After an hour or so, you will need to brush the stains out of the jacket, still in the water. Hand washing can be pretty difficult so, thankfully, most jackets won’t require this.

Drying The Winter Jacket

You should always let your winter jacket dry naturally. Do not put them in a dryer. It will ruin the jacket. Ideally, let the jacket dry outside. If you can’t do that, then indoors by a fan should be fine. Do not put them on a radiator. Thankfully, most winter jackets are fast drying, so it won’t take more than a few hours.

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