How will eating the same food for breakfast every day benefit you?

It may seem like eating the same thing for breakfast every day would become mundane and repetitive, but that doesn’t mean it’s not beneficial.  Eating the same thing for breakfast every day will help save you money, save time, and stick to your diet.

Below we will go over how eating the same thing for breakfast every day will save you time and money.  In addition, we will go over how this can help you stick to a diet.  Continue reading to find out how you can make the most beneficial meal of the day work well for you and your time.

Saving Money

Eating the same food in the morning can allow you to save money by picking a base food that you can add other ingredients to.  This allows you to waste less food because you buy too much.  The variety of add-ins allows you not to get too bored eating essentially the same food every day.

Saving Money Breakfast Food ideas

Oatmeal – you can make a large batch to portion out, then add in different flavors to suit your morning.  Some add-ins are canned pure pumpkin, vanilla extract, fresh fruit, protein powder, and many more.

Yogurt – A quick and easy base food is yogurt.  You can add in various ingredients to change the flavor.  A few examples are granola, maple syrup, grapes, raspberries, blueberries, and many more.

Saving Time

By eating the same thing every day for breakfast, you can plan ahead and meal prep all of your breakfast foods.  You can easily make your breakfast food ahead of time.  If it is something that needs to be cooked, you can make a large batch of the food ahead of time.  Then simply portion it out and freeze it or put it in your fridge until you are ready to eat.

Saving Time Breakfast Food Ideas

Breakfast Sandwiches – start an assembly line with your favorite sandwich ideas, like ham, egg, and cheese or sausage and biscuit.

Breakfast Casseroles – there are many varieties to choose from.  You can add anything from eggs, sausage, peppers, different kinds of cheese, and beyond.

Breakfast Burritos – you can do an assembly line of this, too, offering both variety and picking your favorite ingredients from hashbrowns, bacon, jalapenos, and more.  These can easily be frozen and taken out in the morning when you are ready.

Sticking to Your Diet

It may sound repetitive, but planning to eat the same things every day is beneficial because you already know what to expect.  Doing Keto?  You already know the net carbs.  Counting calories?  Now you know exactly how many calories that cup of oatmeal is.

Knowing ahead of time what calories and nutrients are in food will allow you to pick healthy things that you can allot your calories for beforehand.

Sticking to Your Diet Breakfast Food Ideas

Egg Muffins – a healthy version of muffins with a multitude of different types to try.  A few examples that may interest you are spinach feta and red pepper, roasted pepper and corn, sundried tomato, kale and mushroom, or broccoli and cheese.

Breakfast Tacos – you can prep the filling ahead of time and then place it on the tortilla of your choice.  Make the filling that you want out of many options, such as scrambled eggs, salsa, different veggies, cheese, and spicy sausage.


Now you know why you may want to eat the same food for breakfast every day.  You also know how to make different varieties of the same food in order to save time, save money, and stick to your diet.  You can now plan for tasty and helpful breakfasts.

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