How To Stop A Dog’s Nail Bleeding?

Did you trim your pooch’s nails too short, and now it is bleeding? Pet owners often encounter this issue, and the solution is much easier than you presumed!

Dogs are great diggers, and they do it to get a comforting spot to lie down and relax. Your dog may try to dig your couch, bed, or a well-maintained lawn in your backyard. This habit can be costly, and trimming the pet’s nails is a great solution.. 

Digging is not the only reason you should cut your pet’s nails. Those nails can grow pretty quickly, and the pet may unknowingly damage carpets or couches or cause injury to your family members. Therefore, you should timely trim the dog’s nails. 

Some dogs find nail trimming scary, and most pets do not keep their paws steady when trimming their nails. It increases the risk of nail bleeding. 

You must know how to stop dog nail bleeding if you accidentally cause injuries. Let’s explore the solution to be ready to deal with that problem! 

Do not panic, and keep your pooch calm! 

Injuries can occur to the pet when you groom the pet and cut his nails. You should not panic if you accidentally cut the nail too short. It will cause bleeding, and the pooch will experience pain. Keep the pet close to you and try to calm him down. 

If the dog has moved its paws, the bleeding may look worse. It may appear like you have caused a severe wound, but that’s not the case. So, stay calm and comfort your pet immediately. Do not let the dog run away because it may cause more pain!

Apply septic powder

Veterinarians and professional groomers also deal with unexpected cuts and bleeding. They keep a high-quality septic powder to stop bleeding quickly. You should also keep septic powder at home to stop your pet’s nails from bleeding if you trim his nails at home! 

The septic powder contains a topical anesthetic known as Benzocaine and ferric subsulfate. Benzocaine eases the pain, and ferric subsulfate stops bleeding quickly. 

Take septic powder in an applicator and gently apply it to your pet’s injured nail. Q-tips and swabs are perfect applicators to gently treat your pet’s nail bleeding. Do not apply excess pressure because it can increase discomfort. Be gentle and ask another family member to hold the pet to apply the powder perfectly. 

Household items you can use to stop dog nail bleeding! 

Suppose you do not have septic powder at home, try the following household items to stop dog nail bleeding:

Use cornstarch, baking soda, or flour

Get some cornstarch, flour, or baking soda and gently dip your pooch’s nail into it. Do it 3 or more times if the bleeding does not stop in the first attempt. Use a clean cloth or tissue to gently cover the pet’s nail for a few minutes. 

  • Apply ice

Get some ice cubes from your fridge and apply them gently over the injured nail. The chilling temperature of the ice will contract blood vessels near the nail and stop bleeding. Ice will also soothe the pain and comfort your pet. So, pick it before you try to apply antiseptic liquid or other solution. 

Do not let trimming be a scary experience for the pet! 

Dogs do not forget painful experiences too quickly. Your pooch may experience intense pain due to nail injury. He may try to get his paw away and never let anyone touch it again, especially for trimming. 

You should not leave the pet’s paw immediately once the nail stops bleeding. Keep the pet close to you, pet him, and hold all his paws one by one. It will assure your pet that you won’t cause such injuries to other nails, and the dog won’t feel scared of trimming nails! 

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