How Many Minutes of Cardio a Day To Lose Weight?

Just A Few Minutes Of Cardio A Day To Melt Those Pound Away

Everyone loves to stay fit and within the right weight range. To see the weighing scale show a number even slightly lesser than what it showed last week could be a big win for many. Several people try various options to lose weight. They try to diet, do some workouts, and are even ready to try anything new if it guarantees weight loss.

Cardio exercise is something many people avoid. Today, the focus seems to be shifting towards weight training and new techniques. On the other hand, a group of fitness enthusiasts doesn’t mind doing hours of cardio every day.

So, what is the ideal requirement to lose weight? How many minutes of cardio exercises do you need in a day to lose weight effectively? Let’s find out – 

How Cardio Exercises Impact Weight

First, let’s try to understand what impact cardio workouts can have on your body, heart, and other areas. Can it really help with your weight loss? 

Cardio exercises aim to increase your heart rate and push your lungs to their limits. Over time, both your heart and lung’s capacity increases, allowing you to do more cardio exercises or the same set of exercises more easily.

Pushing your body to do so much burns calories, which is essential to “lose weight.” It can be difficult at first, but over time your body will start finding it easier and work harder. Doing cardio exercises a few minutes a day can help you lose those extra pounds you want to.

How Many Minutes Of Cardio Do You Need

It varies from person to person. You will lose weight when you have a calorie deficit – meaning you need to consume fewer calories than what you burn or burn more than what you consume.

For this, you will need a combination of cardio exercises and a healthy diet. A weekly exercise regime and a conscious diet can help you lose weight effectively.

So, how many minutes do you have to exercise? If you follow a healthy diet, you can incorporate the following into your routine every week –  

You can do a combination of the two along with other exercises. Adding strength training into this routine will help you keep away those extra pounds after you lose them through your cardio exercises. 

Per Day Cardio Requirement

You can break this 225 -250 minutes of cardio per week into days as per your choice. You can opt to do a 1-hour high-intensity cardio one day and do a mild 15 minutes cardio with strength training the next. You need to give yourself a break in between too. 

Cardio exercises need not be at the gym or running miles on end. It can be a good racquet game, an hour of dance, playing with your kids, swimming, or even aerobics. If setting aside so many hours a week seems difficult, you can always add stairs, cycling, and walking into your regular life. They are cardio exercises too.

If you have a varied interest and skill set, you can do a little of each weekly. It will be interesting and work all your muscles in different ways. In the long run, it can be more beneficial than just losing some weight.

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