3 Best Dating Sites For Animal Lover

As difficult as it is to find that right person, finding that right person who is also compatible with your canine companion can be more like finding a needle in a haystack. 

Fortunately, there are several dating sites out there for animal lovers looking for love. Our top three picks are: 

  1. Tindog
  2. Animal People Personals
  3. Fetch A Date

Read on to learn more about each of these sites! 

How Important is Pet Ownership in a Relationship?

In recent years, there has been a social shift in the importance of owning a pet. In fact, a 2016 article by The Washington Post reports the massive rise in pet ownership in Millennials as compared with previous generations.

According to this article, 75% of Millennials own dogs and more than 50% own cats, as compared to the general population, with 50% of the general population owning dogs and 35% owning cats. 

According to Psychology Today, 35% of women and 26% of men report being more attracted to pet-owners than non-pet owners. On the flip side, 64% of women and 49% of men said that they wouldn’t date someone who didn’t like pets. Over half of both men and women report also evaluating their dates based on how their pets reacted to their potential partners. 

With these statistics in mind, it’s no surprise why there is an entire industry of dating apps dedicated to pet lovers finding their special someone. 

Best Dating Sites for Animal Lovers

1. Tindog

This website has the effective tagline, “What better wingman than your pup?” Users are, of course, encouraged to include both themselves and their four-legged friend in their profile picture. 

With a setup and design similar to Tinder, Tindog works where you can swipe left or right from a list of potential suitors. It also has features where you can pick dog-friendly locations to hang out with and bring along your canine companions, such as parks. 

Tindog also has a feature where you can let your dog decide for you whether to swipe left or right. You can even match based only on your potential suitor’s dog’s photo, which adds a bit of mystery to the usual dating game. 

The only caveat – you have to own a dog to join. 

2. Animal People Personals

This dating website helps bring convenience and variety for animal lovers. Even if you don’t find that special someone through the site, Animal People Personals has many great resources for pet owners, including message boards where you can ask questions, give and receive advice, and receive discounts on various pet-related services (grooming, photography, etc.). 

Despite the simple, unassuming nature of their website, Animal People Personals has been mentioned in many magazines, such as Dog Fancy Magazine, USA Today, and People Magazine Online. 

The great thing about this site is that you don’t have to own a pet to sign up – you just have to love animals and have a desire to connect with other animal lovers. 

3. Fetch a Date

This site, with its straightforward name, is not only designed to find love, but also to find friends. Your pet’s photo is shown first to any potential suitors viewing your profile, and you get the opportunity to instant message any potential date to determine whether you should meet up. 

No pet? No problem! Fetch a Date gives users the opportunity to choose a virtual pet from their catalog, though you’ll be much more successful if you own a real pet. 

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