Tips To Get Your Lazy Cat Moving

Cats are well-known for being a bit lethargic at times. They are incredibly solitary creatures and, every so often, they may just want to curl up into a ball and stay there for hours and hours on end. However, cats do need exercise. If your cat isn’t moving around i.e. it is very lazy, then you need to do something to encourage it. Here are a few ideas.

Take Your Cat For a Walk

It isn’t just dogs that can be taken for walks. Cats can be too. Grab a cat lead and a collar, and walk them around outside. They don’t need to have long walks. Just 10-20 minutes at a time is fine.

Cats absolutely love to explore outside, and they will eventually get excited every time that you pull that lead out. 

Experiment With Different Toys

Cats love toys…a lot. You throw some toys in the cat’s direction, and they will play with them. Battery-operated toys work well.

We don’t think we have ever encountered a cat that doesn’t love a few toys. However, cats will not like every single toy that you give them. Shake things up a little bit. Buy new toys. See what they love. See what they hate. We are sure that you will find the perfect toy for your cat eventually. 

Try Different Cat Food

Sometimes lack of stimulation isn’t the problem. It is the food that you feed your cat. If you feed them low-quality food, then they are much more likely to get bloated. If your cat is bloated, then you will find it incredibly hard to encourage them to move about.

Buy better quality food, and you may start to see huge improvements in how active they are.

Scatter Treats Around The House

Cats love to explore.

We recommend that you hide treats in various places around the home. Stick them in obvious places, as well as places where the cat really needs to search to try and find them.

When cats know that there may be treats scattered about, you can bet your bottom dollar that they are going to try and track them down.

Buy Food Puzzles

Meal time can be stimulating too! There are plenty of cat toys that take the form of food puzzles. The idea is that if the cat wants the food, they have to solve a ‘puzzle’. Not only is it going to be physically stimulating for your cat, but it is also going to be mentally stimulating.

We probably wouldn’t recommend you do this for every single meal, though. We are positive that your cat won’t be happy about it!

Play With Your Cat

Cats may be solitary most of the time, but every so often, they are going to need to have a little bit of love from their owner. Give it to them. Play with your cat. They may not always like it but, sometimes, when you start dangling a toy in front of their face, they can’t help but chase it.

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