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Why Sleep With Soap In Your Bed?

For centuries, there have been questions about whether sleeping with soap under your sheets is okay. Of course, common sense might tell you it isn’t, but many people still wonder why not. Although there are various points of view on the topic, from the scientific to the completely superstitious, there is at least one fact that everyone can agree on: soap in the bed will keep you awake.

Advantages of Sleeping With Soap

Sleeping with soap on your bed helps you feel like your mattress is a nicer place to sleep. Not only will it feel nice and soft, but your sheets will stay cleaner for longer. You might be surprised how much soap helps! But, if you’re not convinced yet, then maybe these advantages of sleeping with soap will change your mind:

  1. It’s a cheaper alternative to buying new pillows or mattresses.
  2. It makes your mattress feel softer and more comfortable so that the pressure won’t bother your back or neck when you lie down at night.
  3. If the problem persists, it can prevent dust mites from collecting on the sheets. 4) And lastly, it prevents bugs like bed bugs and ants from coming into contact with your body.

These benefits are just another way that soap is amazing to have around when it comes to making sure we sleep comfortably every night.


Here are some of the disadvantages of sleeping with soap:

  1. It may interfere with your sleep cycle.
  2. It may ruin sheets by leaving residue on them and creating static electricity that draws fibers together, reducing their lifespan.
  3. This could lead to accidental ingestion, which is potentially dangerous for young children, elderly adults, or those with weak immune systems, like people with diabetes.
  4. Its bubbles can be disruptive when you’re trying to fall asleep; they trap heat near the body and leave an irritating film of soap scum on the skin.
  5. Cleaning soap off a bed can be difficult since it’s more slippery than water-based liquids like shampoo or dish detergent.

How To Get Started

Not everyone is aware of this trick, but it can really make a difference. Before you go to bed every night, put a bar of soap (just one) in the pocket that’s closest to the top of your bed, where your head goes when you’re lying down. It works by wicking up moisture and odor from your body as you sleep and then drying the soap out before placing it back on the rack the next morning so that it’s ready for its next nightly duty.

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