Which Parenting Style Is Best?

What makes a great parent? Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to know. Parents can take two approaches to child-rearing – the authoritarian and the authoritative styles – but which one will yield the most results? The answer may shock you even more if you believe you already know which parenting style works best for you. (or even if you don’t!). Read on to learn more about parenting styles and how they affect your children as they grow up. Then, you can make your own decision about which parenting style produces the best results!

Authoritarian Parenting

Parents who lean more towards the authoritarian side of parenting will take on a strict approach. Authoritarian parents are very consistent in their expectations and enjoy it when their kids listen without hesitation. This type of parenting is perfect for children who are quite independent and can follow instructions without any problems. Authoritarian parenting is best suited for children between five to eight years old. The downside to this parenting style is that it can sometimes make your child feel like they don’t have a voice. It can also cause your child to grow up resentful because you didn’t allow them input into decisions that would affect them.

Authoritative Parenting

It’s not a one-size-fits-all answer, but evidence suggests that authoritative parenting is often associated with positive developmental outcomes in children.

Adopting an authoritative style involves setting clear boundaries while responding to children’s needs and following through on consequences. Authoritative parents are emotionally supportive of their children and encourage self-expression and independence. This type of parenting seems to support healthy growth because it lets kids know they’re loved while providing some structure. For example, parents who employ an authoritative style will always say yes to requests for hugs, kisses, or homework help before asking what the boundaries are around this.

Permissive Parenting

It is said that this type of parenting style means you do not care about discipline. However, in reality, it does not mean you do not care; rather, you believe children should be taught right from wrong. You keep your children accountable for their behavior by teaching them and assigning responsibilities to them. This way, they can learn what they can and cannot do as they get older and are granted more freedom. Your children will grow up responsible adults who know right from wrong because their parents have always told them so. This doesn’t mean that permissive parents don’t punish their kids when they make mistakes; they just choose an age-appropriate punishment.

Preparation For The Future

None of these parenting styles are bad. Depending on your priorities, each option has advantages and disadvantages for your loved ones; you might discover that one works much better than the other. This is where it’s important to make a plan ahead of time. Spend some time considering what type of parent you want to be, then explore different parenting styles to determine which one feels the most appropriate for your family. Take into account your values, goals, and beliefs when deciding which style will work best for you.

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