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Some Unexplained Questions That Science Can’t Answer!

Thanks to advances in science and technology, humans have sent spacecraft to Mars and invented some amazing things. Science continues to evolve and investigate the difficult questions that perplex us all. We still don’t have all of the answers because we’ve only recently begun to ask the right questions.

Are we alone in the universe? What happens to us after we die? What drives the world, an all-powerful entity or the principles of physics and math’s? Scientists may have some theories about these things, but no one can answer with certainty. Here are some crazy questions that science has not been able to answer yet. 

●      Time travel

Time travel is a popular and intriguing concept in science fiction. It’s easy to see why everyone is fascinated by it. To be able to travel back in time and see how people lived in different eras and parts of the world. Though scientists believe time travel is possible, we have not fully understood it. Wormholes are one possible way to travel through time and space, but they are only a theory that science has yet to prove.

  • Humpback whales in supergroups

Humpback whales have always been known to be solitary creatures, but over the last decade, they have started appearing in super-groups of 20 to even 200. Marine biologists are still trying to understand this phenomenon. Off the coast of South Africa, these whales were noticed to be feeding in large packs. Scientists are not sure why the whales have changed their behavior, but one reason could be a large increase in the population of humpback whales. It is still a mystery. 

●      Quantum entanglement

Scientists believe faster than light travel is impossible, at least for now. However, it has already happened, though on a very small scale. Quantum entanglement occurs when two particles remain connected, no matter how far they actually may be. If a single particle is split into two, both parts remain entangled even if they are physically apart. If something happens to one part, the part reacts similarly. This is some sort of time travel that is yet to be made sense. Scientists are still trying to understand it fully though they have some theories. 

●      Why do people yawn? 

We all yawn and consider it a natural behavior. Scientists are still trying to find the true reason behind yawning (2). Yawning is believed to be a thermoregulatory phenomenon that is supposed to cool the brain down. However, the true reason is unknown, and why yawning is contagious is still a mystery. Even some animals like chimpanzees can catch yawns from humans and replicate them. Some scientists feel that copying the facial expressions of others is what all humans do, but the true reasons are unknown. 

  • Are we alone?

Some scientists believe that we may be the only intelligent lifeforms in the universe, while others vehemently refute this idea. They state that as many as 40 billion planets could be habitable only in our galaxy. Scientists are still not able to decode the simplest creatures on earth and understand their complex chemical and biological existence. That makes looking for other life on other planets even more challenging. However, this question has always been on the minds of human beings, and there have been no answers as yet.  


Whether it is the big questions about the size of the universe, what happened before the big bang, or smaller questions such as why and how cats purr or why we dream, science is yet to answer these questions. These questions may trouble us, but they are an important part of human existence. It is these questions that drive science to find answers. 

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