How Long Do I Keep My Phone In Rice To Dry It Out?

The rice packet method has become quite popular for drying a wet phone. How long should you keep your phone in rice to dry it out? 48 hours probably! 

Today’s mobile phones are like mini computers. They got exceptional processing power and features that make them an essential part of our lives. Top brands claim that their devices have been designed to withstand water damage. Prolonged exposure to moisture and water can still cause significant damage to your Smartphone! 

Should you put your smartphone in a sealed rice bag to prevent water damage? How long it may take to dry out your device? Experts believe a rice bag may not do much when it comes to preventing water damage. Some suggest you should put your smartphone at least for 48 hours to dry it out! 

Can you save your submerged smartphone by trying the rice trick? 

The rice drying trick has been around for many years. It is extremely tough to keep the phone safe. When it gets water damaged, putting that device in a rice container or a sealed rice bag is the first thing most users do. 

Some online sources suggest you keep the phone in rice for 24-48 hours to dry it out. Do not forget to turn the device off before putting it into the rice. The rice will soak out the moisture from your phone and prevent water damage. 

Contrary to popular belief, smartphone technicians and electronic gadgets experts believe you should never try the rice trick! It can cause more damage than air drying. In fact, the Apple website recommends air drying to get rid of moisture! 

Dust, starch, and tiny rice particles can get inside your phone’s charging port, speaker, and other openings when you put it in rice. Those tiny particles can trigger corrosion and affect the phone’s internal components. So, avoid the rice drying trick in order to keep your phone safe!  

What should you do to dry out your smartphone quickly?

Whether you own an iPhone, a Samsung device, or an Android phone from another brand, it should be your top priority to prevent water damage. Modern mobile phones can resist water damage much better than old generation phones. However, prolonged exposure to moisture can still cause significant damage.

Try the following solutions to dry out your mobile phone quickly! 

First of all, you should turn off your mobile phone as quickly as possible. Water and electricity do not go well. The risk of damage to crucial components will increase if you keep the phone on! 

Start removing removable components, such as the SIM card tray, SD card tray, and the battery, if possible! 

Spread the towel and cover your phone with it. The towel may soak some water pouring out of the charging port, speakers, and other openings. Suppose it is nighttime; you should use your hair dryer to remove the moisture. Keep the device covered in a towel, and then let it air dry. 

You can either turn off the device or let it air dry for 24-48 hours or take it to a professional technician. Finding a seasoned mobile repairman in your region should not be tough. Find one online and take your device for a quick fix. 

Technicians quickly dry out the device, battery, motherboard, and other components. Thus, damage to the screen, battery, speakers, and other components can be prevented. Follow the shared tips to ensure your phone works as smoothly as it did before water damage!  

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