Best DIY Ways To Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh

Keeping your car looking good and running well is important, but so is making sure it smells good, or at least not bad! Here are some tips to help you keep your car smelling fresh. 

Clean Your Car

This one is probably pretty obvious, but clean the inside of your car. You can vacuum and wipe down surfaces, but also remove any trash or items that do not need to remain in the car. For example, an old pair of shoes could be causing a smell, as well as forgotten fast food leftovers. Sometimes all you need is a thorough cleaning to get that fresh scent in your car. 

A deep clean might be necessary if you have spilled drinks and food soaked into the interior carpeting, as well. Otherwise, a simple vacuum and wiping down of the seats and surfaces will most likely be sufficient. 

Try Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets usually have a fresh odor, at least when they are new. You can place one under the driver’s and/or passenger’s seat for a fresh smell while driving. 

Normally, the dryer sheets should last around 3 days before you need to replace them. Any dryer sheet with a scent you like will work. 

Try Coffee

If you like the smell of coffee, you can put coffee beans in something sealed that will also let the scent escape. For example, try a sock or other cloth item, and tie it closed so it does not spill. Like dryer sheets, you can place these under your seats and have a nice aroma upon entering your car. 

Of course, you are free to use other aromatic items of your choosing, just be sure to seal them properly to prevent any messes. 

Use Charcoal

If you have a bad smell in your car that you just cannot seem to get rid of, charcoal might be the solution. 

Get charcoal discs and place them in a bag. Put them in the car and see if it works. Charcoal has the ability to absorb bad odors, so hopefully you will come back to a cleaner smelling car. 

Use Baking Soda

Another good option for getting rid of stubborn smells is baking soda. You want to place it in a cup or jar, and put a makeshift lid on top of it. For example, a cardboard lid with holes cut in it so the baking soda can actually absorb any bad odors. 

Like charcoal, you place it in your car and give it some time to absorb anything foul smelling in your car. 

Use Vinegar

Just like charcoal and baking soda, vinegar serves a similar purpose of helping to eliminate bad odors. 

The best way to achieve this is to get a bowl full of vinegar and put it in your car. Of course, do not drive with a loose bowl of vinegar, otherwise you will have a new mess and unpleasant smell to deal with! 

Make A Vent Clip

You might have noticed stores sell clip on air fresheners for cars. They fit on the vents of your air conditioning/heating equipment. You can make these yourself using paper clips or clothespins and Q-tips. You can use a nice smelling essential oil to dip the Q-tip in, then attach to your clip.

From there, attach to your car. The smell of essential oils (be it lavender or whichever you choose) will be present, but even more so when you run the air conditioning or heat, as the air will circulate through the cabin, carrying the scent along the way. 

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