Animals You’ll only Find in Africa

There are many animals that only live in Africa (at least naturally; not counting those who are rescued or live in zoos). Let’s go over some of the lesser known animals, starting with the African wild dog. 

African Wild Dog

The African wild dog is a critically endangered species, with less than 1,500 remaining in the wild. In good news, though, the World Wildlife Foundation is hard at work to try to conserve and protect this species! The African wild dog looks somewhat similar to a hyena in terms of color and overall shape. They are very social, living in groups, sometimes exceeding 40 members. 

They live in diverse environments, including the desert, grasslands, and forests. The african wild dog is also very fast, able to run up to 44mph! 


The Dik-dik looks a lot like a miniature deer, and is a species an antelope. In fact, they are so small that even adult males weigh under 20 pounds! Of course, we are used to males being larger than females, but the Dik-dik defies this convention as females tend to be larger than males (albeit still small and only a couple pounds heavier than the males).

These animals live in the bushlands in the eastern and southern parts of Africa. A particularly unique aspect of the Dik-dik is that their eyes secrete a sticky substance, which they use to mark their territories. 


The Okapi looks like a combination of a zebra and a horse. Despite the bottom half of its body bearing the same style of stripes seen on zebras, they are actually a closer relative of the giraffe! 

This is another currently endangered species. They reside within forestry. 

Although you might observe Okapis near each other, this is only because sometimes their territories overlap. They are solitary animals, preferring to live on their own. When they do come together, it is to breed. 

African Civet

The African civet is a species all on its own, although its eyes are similar to those of a raccoon. The civets prefer to live on their own, and inhabit savannahs and forests. They usually sleep during the day and are active at night. They can often be found sleeping in the tall grasses. 

They are currently listed as least concern, meaning they are not actively being threatened by extinction. However, some do hunt them for their glands, which have been used to produce many perfumes. 

As mentioned above, this is a unique species on its own, because it is quite literally the only member of its genus! 

Grey Crowned Crane

The Grey crowned crane can be found in eastern and southern portions of Africa, and is the national bird for Uganda. Grey crowned cranes are monogamous, meaning they mate with one partner for life. They have a wide diet, too, eating both meat and plants. 

They are primarily known to reside in dry regions, but have been found in wetter ones, too. They are known for their striking colors, especially the yellow feathers that are only present on the top of their heads. 

Mantled Guereza

The Mantled Guereza is a type of monkey that is black and white in color. They primarily live in the eastern and western portions of Africa. Their black and white hair is generally short, except for some longer, silky appearing white portions. 

Like other primates, the Mantled Guereza is social, living in groups. These groups are normal hierarchical in organization, as well. 

What makes them particularly unique is that they do not have thumbs, and they even can digest toxic plants! 

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