A Few Tips on How to Prepare Your Bedroom for Summer

Interior design of bedroom with mock up picture frame, wooden console, plants, clock, coffee table, rattan decoration and elegant accessories in stylish home decor.

Spring cleaning is a common activity for many. But how much thought have you given to preparing your bedroom for the summer? There are some things we can do that help make our bedrooms a more pleasant place to be during the warmer months. 

Clean Your Bedroom

This one is pretty obvious, clean up! 

Not only do you want to pick up items strewn along the floor, but you should also vacuum (if carpeted) or mop/sweep (if hardwood). Additionally, you want to dust off any surfaces, like nightstands and dressers, and also address any hard to reach corners and crevices. Not only will the room be cleaner, but you will now be ready to address the other aspects of prepping your room for summer. 

Change Your Sheets and Curtains

If you have thick, wooly blankets on your bed, these are likely to result in a lot of sweaty nights! Swap out your winter bedspread for a lighter weight, and lighter colors, set. Obviously, the colors and type of sheets you go with are ultimately up to personal preference, but generally you want to go with lighter colors and thinner sheets. Black items will retain heat, so the lighter colored the better. 

You might also want to check on your curtains, or blinds. Some people like to match their decor, so you might want the color of you window decor to match the bedsheets, for example. Take this into consideration if you like symmetry in your room. 

Add Some Fragrance

Many people enjoy certain candles, diffusers, etc., that reflect the time of year. For example, a lot of people prefer the smell of pumpkin in October. If you would like to give your room a summery feel, scent is a great way to do so! Like bedsheets, the specific ones you choose are a subjective matter. If you hate a certain smell, you don’t need to buy it! 

Think about what you love about summer, and what smells that are associated with those things. For instance, do you like the smell of the ocean? What about lilies? Fresh cut grass? You can choose scents that are special to you while also enhancing the summer feel of the room. 

Customize To Your Desire

As already mentioned, decorating is personal. We can recommend white sheets, but maybe you simply detest white sheets! Or maybe you want black sheets, despite the warmth, because it matches your aesthetic goals for the room. Our tips are meant to serve as a general guideline of what to do when preparing a bedroom for the summer months. Do what you feel works best for your lifestyle, budget, and tastes. 

This brings us to customizing your bedroom. Do you want artwork? You can choose summer-themed prints, such as the ocean, beaches, etc., to line your walls. 

What about plants? Some people are allergic, making this an automatic no. Others prefer live plants, and this is a great way to bring the summer feeling to your bedroom. Fake plants are also viable, especially for those who suffer from allergies or have pets that would eat or otherwise destroy them. 

A Word on Safety

If you decide to get plants, make sure you are not allergic, and that they are non-toxic to any pets that might come into contact with them. 

When cleaning, always use proper cleaning tools and do not stand on unstable furniture or makeshift ladders to reach cobwebs. If you cannot safely reach it, do not risk it. Nothing will ruin your summer spirit than an injury! 

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