3 European Destinations that Will Blow Your Mind Away

Europe is a continent with a rich and lengthy history, and plenty to explore to fill a lifetime! Some places are simply more breathtaking than others, and we are going to list 3 that are particularly mind-blowing to visit. 

Lapland, Finland

Lapland is an entire region in the most northern portion of Finland. What makes it so stunning is its sheer beauty, unique seasonal changes, and lots of activities. You can visit Lapland at any time of the year, but if you want to see the Northern Lights, you want to go during fall, winter, or spring. In the summer, the sun never sets! While that can be a fun thing, it also means you are unable to see the Northern Lights, so plan accordingly based on what you want to do. 

In fact, coming back to the Northern Lights, you can even sleep under them in luxury suites! This is truly a once in a lifetime experience that will be both breathtaking and awe-inspiring! There are plenty of outdoor activities, from skiing to sledding, especially in the winter. Husky drawn sled rides are often available, and actual reindeer live there. 

This is a great destination for those seeking to connect with nature, and one of the only places on the planet that captures the spirit of wintery magic.

Almafi Coast, Italy

While you’ve likely heard of Florence and Rome, have you ever heard about the Almafi Coast? It is a coastline in the southern portion of Italy and due to its beauty has earned the nickname “Divine Coast”. You can visit year-round, but it is recommended to go anytime except for winter to get the full experience, as many shops and restaurants close for the winter. 

The Almafi Coast is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is teeming with culture and historical significance. For instance, Picasso was known to frequent Positano, located along the coastline. Like other parts of Italy, be sure to experience the pizza and pasta! However, the Almafi Coast is also well-known for their seafood, so be sure to branch out and try some. 

It is recommended to travel through the towns on foot, but along the coast itself by car. In fact, driving the coastline is considered one of the most beautiful scenic drives you can have! 

The Azores, Portugal

The Azores is actually a set of nine islands in Southern Europe. They are gorgeous landscapes, featuring waterfalls and lakes that were essentially created by volcanic activity. They are located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and are still a little bit under the radar as a travel destination. 

You can go hiking upon these islands and experience the majesty they have to offer. Or you can get a bit more spirited and even go on a mountain biking or horse-riding expedition! There are also other well-loved activities in addition to rich exploration, such as whale watching, diving, and other water-related things like surfing and kayaking. The Azores gives you a truly unique experience; you’ll be surround by the beauty of the ocean, the lush greenery, and the striking waterfalls and craters engineered by volcanoes! 

There are also daily flights that can get you from island to island, so you are able to experience more than just one, if you want. 


These are just three of the many gems the vast European continent holds, there are many more iconic and lesser known destinations worth exploring. 

Of these three, which would you prefer? The icy winter wonderland, a historic and gorgeous coastline, or the islands in the middle of the ocean?

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