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How Does Having a Pet Boost Your Mood (5 Simple Ways!)

They say dog is man’s best friend, but in truth, most animals offer some degree of psychological benefit to their owner.

Whether you have a dog, cat, bird, snake, or reptile, animals enrich our lives with their personality and companionship. A dog’s constant adoration or a cat’s aloof presence both have positive effects on their owners. So how does having a pet boost your mood?

  1. Companionship
  2. Stress reduction
  3. Happy hormones
  4. Healthy routines
  5. Socialization benefits

Pets bring so much joy to our lives, so it’s not much of a surprise that they are also able to boost our mood so effectively. The rest of this article will discuss each of these ways pets can boost our mood at length and explore how animals enrich our lives.


This is one of the greatest benefits of owning a pet out there. They offer such a sense of companionship simply by being there, and not just therapy animals either.

Even untrained animals offer a unique support network and have the benefit of never judging you and always being there for you.

Forget the stressful uncharted waters of human social interaction, pets offer a forever friend that will remain consistent in their adoration and affection for you.

Stress Reduction

Studies suggest that animals are excellent at reducing stress in their owners for several reasons.

Establishing more healthy lifestyles, developing routines, and chemical hormones all play a role in stress reduction, but even something as simple as stroking your pet can reduce your stress and improve your mood.

They can help you become more mindful and feel more confident going out into the world knowing that you have your loyal companion by your side.

Even taking the time out of your busy day to tend to your pet for a few minutes can give you that relief from the never-ending work grind and help you relax.

Happy Hormones

Studies suggest that petting animals like a dog or cat not only provide sensory stress relief, but also releases oxytocin. Even just making eye contact with your animal can have a similar effect.

Owning an animal is also associated with chemical messengers that improve your mood, lessen symptoms of depression and anxiety, and make you feel loved and appreciated.

Healthy Routines

Sometimes, pets provide a perfect extrinsic motivation to get out there and enjoy the outdoors. Whether it be a brisk walk in the morning or a sunset stroll, owning a pet can encourage you to adopt a healthy routine and become more self-sufficient.

Exercising regularly not only has a positive impact on your body, but also your mind and taking your pet outside to get some fresh air has wondrous physical and psychological effects on you as a whole.


The great thing about pet owners is that we all have experiences to share.

Whether you’re trading stories at a dog park while your canine companion romps around or exchanging funny tales with friends on a cat forum, there’s always a perfect outlet to connect with people and socialize.

Doing so allows you to broaden your horizons, laugh more, and can greatly reduce stress and anxiety across the board.

Final Thoughts

Animals have always been the greatest gift to mankind. Whether you’re a man’s best friend kind of person or an exotic pet owner, our companions have a talent for enriching our lives by making us laugh and love more than we would ever think possible.

So if your outlook on the future is bleak, it might be time to consider adopting a forever friend.

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