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Page one of two: The 'Pub & Club' Rowing Regatta took place at Ross Rowing Club on sunny Sunday, 6th June 2004 and attracted a large crowd of spectators. Although I enjoy going out on the river in my small rowing boat, I'm afraid I do not know much about rowing as a competitive sport, so I don't intend to try to write an editorial about the day. I have photographs of just about every race, just missing one or two which took place before I arrived, so if you would like to look through for prints of your team, you are welcome to call or email. Those reproduced here are reduced in size and quality to speed page loading times. If a member of the Rowing Club would like to supply me with the blurb, I will by all means publish the full story. Some of the photographs I took were for the Ross Gazette, so they should be appearing in this week's issue.

In order to make download time as quick as possible, I have spread just seven photographs over two pages. The first three winners presentations only are shown page two but I do have photographs of all winning teams. I would like to have put all 190 photographs of the day on these pages but this is impossible due to time and space.

Thank you to the safety boatman for ferrying me across the river later in the day, when the sun changed position, and for remembering, with precision timing to collect me again between the last race and the presentations! It was nice and peaceful on the other side of the river and I enjoyed watching the fish leaping out of the water between races. There was however no bar on that side!

Ross-on-Wye Pub & Club 2004 winners - JD's.
JD's, winners of the 2004 Ross-on-Wye Pub & Club Regatta during the final race of the day.
Jacquelines during the Ross-on-Wye Pub & Club Final 'Head to Head'.
Jacquelines, during the final Head to Head.
The Barrel, during the Ross-on-Wye Pub & Club Final 'Head to Head'.
The Barrel, during the final Head to Head.
Ross-on-Wye Pub & Club final finishing line.
Ross-on-Wye Pub & Club final - finishing positions.


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