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Orles Barn Restaurant with Rooms, Wilton, Ross-on-Wye.
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The 2008 Editions of Wyenot News
  • 17th December 2008 - Issue No. 227 - WNTV NEWS, Alan Weston, Letter, Have you seen Holly?, Your opinion, Oops, Tree, Carols, Car crash, Ozzie retires, Youth Forum, Xmas presence, Vanessa Brann, Ross Lions, WyeTots, Jiveoholics, The End, Krunch, Mike Arnison's photos, Bransford EOC, Wildlife, Stay safe and healthy, River levels, Astronomy, Special Crew, Lights, Netball team, Planning, EnviroAbility, Plan for real, Flu Advice, Weather station, Fromes Hill now even safer and the rest of the news from around the region.
  • 10th December 2008 - Issue No. 227 - WNTV NEWS, Merlin's Assistant Director, Wildlife Walk, Weather Coincidence, Lions Pool Table, Burns Night, Lions Art Department, Sir Bernard Lovell, Bamford Trading Record, Letter, River Wye, Cards for Good Causes, Santa Coming, The Krunch, Special Offers, Christmas Lunch, Astronomy, Nature and Wildlife Photos, Menus, Good Samaritan, A walk along Three Crosses Road, Cantilupe Cafe Lights, Chlamydia, Rugby, Weather, Golden Valley Cops The Snow and the rest of the news from around the region
  • 3rd December 2008 - Issue No. 226 - WNTV NEWS, Daniel Switches on the Christmas Lights, Body of Marion Warwick found, Outstanding Schools, Talk of the Towns, Special Offers, Chocolate Party, Lights over Ross not UFOs, Bohemians Rock Chase, Crafty Affair, Winter Soap Box and Prediction, Christmas Menus, Little Sister at the Prince, Gift Shop Move, Goodrich Enterprise, Lions Lunch, Roadworks, Christmas Tree Festival, Public Notice, Rugby, Weather, Concern for missing Kimbolton man and the rest of the news from around the region.
  • 26th November 2008 - Issue No. 225 - WNTV NEWS, Prospect, Coughton Wall, SEES, Chocolate Party, Post Office, Craft Market, Equine Industry, Potters Bar friends, Herefordshire Shines at Tourism Awards, HPV Clinics set up in County, Broome Cupboard Blues, Autumn concert, Advertising signs, Have your say, A postcard from Burnham-on-Sea, Police Award Ceremony, Christmas Menus, Astronomy, Internet in Space, Rugby, Rowing, Weather, DO YOU KNOW THIS MAN? and the rest of the news from around the region
  • 12th November 2008 - Issue No. 224 - WNTV NEWS, Search for Marion, Week Off, Remembering the fallen, Crime, Slow Down, Lego, Post Office, A wet but great Ross Lions' firework display, Letters, Christmas Crafts for charities, Potters Bar Reunion, Letter from Rugby Club, Don't get trapped by this con!, Non emergency number for Police, Wet Weekend, Policing Matters, Autumn Photos, Congratulations, Operation Hallow, Menus, Rugby, Weather, Young man dies after road accident in Ledbury and the rest of the news from around the region.
  • 5th November 2008 - Issue No. 223 - WNTV NEWS, Tribute, Awards for Local Hotels, New Layout, Canon Chidgey, Fatal, Fireworks, In The Pink, Hallowe'en manifestations at the Coningsby Museum?, Ghostly Orbs - The truth is out there!, Post Offices, Jesse, Birthday Girl, Bogus Callers, Freewater, Lions' Walk, Nature's Choice, Christmas Menus, Suicide threat, Cards Good Causes, Deer, Archive, Volunteers, Public Notice, Rugby, Weather, Do you know this man? and the rest of the news from around the region
  • 29th October 2008 - Issue No. 222 - WNTV NEWS, Lenny Alsop Tells Stories, Bridge is Flavours Restaurant of Year, Rainbows, O'Kane, YMCA, Astrophotography, Planning for real, Mike Arnison's Nature, Anti Bullying Charter, Rev. Tony Kelk Retires, Planning, Thank You, Cards, Energy, Team Read, Sam and Marcus, Menus, Rugby, Weather, Gas Leak at Aylestone Hill and the rest of the news from around the region
  • 22nd October 2008 - Issue No. 221 - WNTV NEWS, Magistrates, This Week, Ross Spur, Prospect Tree, Planning for Real, Assault, Trelleborg, The Bridge at Wilton, Lenny Alsop, HAND Coming to Ross, YMCA Fashion Show, Languages, Pumpkin, Big Gig, Quiz, Wallpaper, Fuel Poverty, Puzzle Wood, Charlie's Bar, Cosmetics, Ross Special Crew, Games Workshop, Panoramas, Sally Robertson Favourite Councillor, Electric Blankets Check, Public Notice, Christmas Menus, Potters Bar Reunion, Rugby, Weather Station, County in running to be Enterprise Capital of Europe and the rest of the news from around the region.
  • 15th October 2008 - Issue No. 220 - WNTV NEWS, CAMRA Silver for Ross Perry, A Tribute to Brian Perks, Supporters, Letters, Big Day Out, Goodrich Bells, Good Citizen Awards, Country Evening, St Joseph's go ahead, Post Offices, Snake Oil, Misty Sunrise, Lions Awareness Week, Have your say, Astronomy, Us, Prospect funding bid, Energy, Council Tax, Take a Pew, Good Causes, 'Junkk', AONB, Menus, Rugby, Weather, Post Office campaigners march to Putson and the rest of the news from around the region.
  • 8th October 2008 - Issue No. 219 - WNTV NEWS, Brian Perks, This Week, Editor, River Levels, Open Evening, Edmo, Alan's Cycle Journey, Phil Rickman, Paranormal Investigator, Sarah ans Laura's 18th, Public Notice, More news from around the region.
  • 1st October 2008 - Issue No. 218 - WNTV NEWS, Potters Bar Party, RoWToP, Paranormal, Macmillan Coffee Morning, Letters, I'm a Councillor, Silverfish, Birmingham Evacuee, Ambulance Response Times, Jesse Norman on National TV, Fuel Poverty, Wildlife, The Night Sky, War Memorial, Rugby, Weather, New Access Road and the rest of the news from around the region.
  • 24th September 2008 - Issue No. 217 - WNTV NEWS, Anne Gray Award, Tudorville Post Office, Civic Service, Silverfish, Good Citizen, Potters Bar Party, Do you know the story behind the giant football?, A lovely day with Sir Patrick Moore, Plans for the future - have your say, Ross in Bloom Awards, Letters, Llangrove houses refused, Ross Traders development Framework, Weather, A very special duo and the rest of the news from around the region.
  • 17th September 2008 - Issue No. 216 - Ross Bloomers win Gold, Post Office Closures, Fun at the Castle, Festival raises over £4000, Letters, Party, Trikers - Africans, Interested in Astronomy?, Public Notice, Weather, Tarrington Road victim named and more.
  • 10th September 2008 - Issue No. 215 - WNTV NEWS, Ross-under-Wye from the air, Wyenot News Potters Bar Reunion 2008!, Water levels as seen from the ground, Symonds Yat from the Air, CRASBO works for Ross teenager, Sneak preview from Symonds Yat, I can see my house from here, Heritage Open Days Weekend, Fight for Tudorville Post Office, Tewkesbury and Upton Floods from the air, Celebrating 100th Anniversary of T.A., Local Landslides - SK8 - Sponsors - Cotswold Ferrari - Letters - Viv and Jeff - Legion parade - Schools, Fatal accident near Tarrington and the rest of the news from around the region.
  • 3rd September 2008 - Issue No. 214 - WNTV NEWS, Ross Cider Festival a Huge Success, Get your Skates On for Skating Competition, The rest of the week's news from Ross-on-Wye, Rare Bee sighting - BT want 50 Grand and the rest of the news from around the region.
  • 27th August 2008 - Issue No. 213 - WNTV NEWS, Major Breakthrough for Flood Alleviation Scheme, What Happened to Peach, Post Office Closures, GCSE Performers, Bayliss Reunion, Vintage Road Run for Macmillan, Hair Today, Thousands speak out about phone box closures, A great night at the White Lion, Poly Tunnels Approved, River Wye Levels, Conservatives and Lib Dems on Post Offices, New Roles for Disadvantaged People, Learn to research your family, Successful Regatta, Raising Olympic Flag, Weather, Police issue warning over stolen artillery part and the rest of the news from around the region.
  • 20th August 2008 - Issue No. 212 - WNTV NEWS, New Format News, Wormelow Death, Record A Level results, Rock and Roots, Cider Festival, Phone Boxes, Macmillan Market, NASA gets the better view, Lions' Competition Winners, In Memory of Cyril, Planning refusal overturned, Music, Bus Passes, Lions help student, Letters Nature, Weather Station, Hereford should be UK's next cycling city and the rest of the news from around the region.
  • 13th August 2008 - Issue No. 211 - WNTV NEWS, Important Note, 'Roots n Rock' license refused, The Ross-on-Wye Extreme Train Spotting Society, The Alex Letters, Jiveoholics, Energy Grants, Observing This Year's First Cider, Rainbows, Air Ambulance Shop, Ross Horticultural Show, Murder most Foul, Get Involved, Future of Re Box, Spirit of Cricket Summer Camp, Weather Station, Missing Woman, body found and the rest of the news from around the region.
  • 6th August 2008 - Issue No. 210 - WNTV NEWS, Friday's Solar Eclipse, Letters: Quiz, Lions Support Jamstand, Letters: Goodrich Dungeon, Local company makes Top 50, Bingo Three peaks, Weekly Refuse Collections, Two Assaulted in Goodrich, Fantastic Weather for Carnival Day, Drug Dealers Beware, Win £50 for your local recipe, Crowds line the streets for Carnival Procession, Cash boost for schools, Nursery Plans Approved, Fun down on the Carnival Field, David Bristow sings the blues at Broome Farm, Ross Special Crew, Jumpin' Jive, Lions' Share, Special Break, Monmouth Festival, Music at Goodrich, Weather Station, Man Charged with Attempted Murder and the rest of the news from around the region.
  • 30th July 2008 - Issue No. 209 - WNTV NEWS, Fun at Rowing Club, Little Sister, Garden Party, Shopmobility, On Patrol, In Bloom, Letters, 2,000 people enjoy Jamstand 2008!, ATM Cloning Warning, County Waste Collections, Flood Damage Funding, Wireless Herefordshire, Woman Injured, Assault, Weather.
  • 23rd July 2008 - Issue No. 208 - WNTV NEWS, JAMSTAND, Heart of England Judges visit Ross, RoWToP Lottery Funding, Furzepig, Drugs Seized in Ross, WRVS 70th Anniversary Party, Bands in the Park, Brain Family Reunion with Eclipse, The Bells of St Giles, New dance Company, White Lion Chicks, Lifted into JKHS, Tributes, Hillary, Inspector McLaughlin, Menu, St. Mary's, Fete, Rowing, Weather, Councillors attack Post Office closures and the rest of the news from around the region.
  • 16th July 2008 - Issue No. 207 - WNTV NEWS, Countdown to Jamstand, Prospect Archaeology, JKHS Celebrate, A49 Road Deaths, Police Commended, No Spoon in Wetherspoons, Iris and John Price, Kev's CD, Going for Gold, Brain Family Reunion, Ross 6th Country Music Festival, Lots to look forward to, No Smoking outside the Horse & Jockey, Happy Birthday Jill, Circus Skills, Hereford University, Crimestoppers, Save money when driving, Vintage Road Run, Ross in Bloom Welcome the Judges, Take a tour of the Prospect, Merton House, Fall in ASB, Big Event, Scouts Gala, Stolen Clocks, Yes, its the Cider Barn, Weather, Hereford Police Choir in top 15 and the rest of the news from around the region.
  • 9th July 2008 - Issue No. 206 - WNTV NEWS, Fatal Accident at Peterstow, Prospect Update, Interview & Future, Giant Peach, Greenspace, NHS, Playgroup, 1st Prize for Rita, Lions' President, Carnival Week, Folk Funk and Rock at the Farm, Much Birch Accident, Phone Boxes, Mordiford Bridge Closed, Exhibition, What's Happening in Ross, Public Notice, Rowing, Weather, Fatal Accident at Cholsstry and the rest of the news from around Herefordshire.
  • 2nd July 2008 - Issue No. 205 - WNTV NEWS, The Banned for Uganda, Bridstow Summer Fair, MP asked to withdraw press release, Event, Jazz at Orles Barn, Chaos, St John's Day, Gardening, RiB, Flood Tunnel, Bollitree Concert, Art and Technology Exhibition at John Kyrle, Operation Ohio, Longevity in Herefordshire, Busy Induction Day, Save Phone Boxes, Guiding, Ice on Mars, For Sale, Photographic Winner, Rowing, Weather Station, Attempted murder arrest in Hereford and the rest of the news from around Herefordshire.
  • 25th June 2008 - Issue No. 204 - WNTV NEWS, A Picnic for Violette, Mike's Cider judged 'Best of Herefordshire', Furze Pig Hedgehog Rescue, The Violette Room, Jamstand Team, Old Ecclesiastical Friends, Congratulations, Wilton Castle, Saturn, Bands in the Park, Gareth Malone, Stamp Duty Hike, For Sale, Pen Pal enquiry, Nature Photos, Llangarron Fete, Win £100, RNLI, Weston Flood lighting, Rowing, Weather, Body discovered in woods and the rest of the news from around Herefordshire.
  • 4th June 2008 - Issue No. 201 - WNTV NEWS, Roman foundations discovered in Ross, Lorry crash at Walford, Griff stops for coffee, Sorcery and Seduction, Opera Scenes in the Barn, Let us know what you think, Two cycle to John O'Groats, Nature Photography, Fridge Door Caberet, Jesse plays chess, Letters, Laura's Photos, Mark is 50, Goodrich gardens, Saturday Music, Mum wins nappies, Public Notices, Weather, Young take their cue from the police and the rest of the news from around Herefordshire.
  • 28th May 2008 - Issue No. 200 - WNTV NEWS, Welcome to the 200th Wyenot News, Kent Duchaine concert coming up at Broome Farm, Ross Rugby Club Annual Dinner, Darcie is the Ross carnival Princess 2008, Bridstow Fair 2008, Motorcycle Display, Half Term at the Library, Visit to Betzdorf, Pioneering Day, Letters, What's On, Missing Schools, Marstow Music, A40s Ryder Cup, Rowing, Weather Station, Road junction celebration and more news from around Herefordshire.
  • 21st May 2008 - Issue No. 199 - A Postcard from Burnham - Tree Surgery - Ross Lions.
  • 14th May 2008 - Issue No. 198 - WNTV NEWS, Councillor John Davies is the new Mayor, June Swallow is Citizen of the Year, Free Parking, Bat walk around Wilton, Flint knapping, Detective Craig finds his scooter, For sale, Improving Wyenot, Prospect wall, Tunnelling, School reunion, Lions honoured, 150 years at Whitchurch, Summer programme, The Vine Tree, Letters, Guided walk, Goodrich music, Cash prizes, Llangarron gardens, Weather Station, Family tribute to Kieran Powell and the rest of the news from around Herefordshire.
  • 7th May 2008 - Issue No. 197 - WNTV NEWS, Making sure the sun continues to rise on May Hill, Necessary changes to Wyenot, Launching the 'Friends of St. Mary's' appeal from the tower, Jamstand Update, SOFA at the Prince, The Banned rock John Kyrle, Happy Birthday Boys, Wilton Castle, Local Planning, Real Nappy Week, Letters, Opera Gala, Ross Rowing Club win at Evesham, Weather, Motorcyclist dies and the rest of the news from around Herefordshire.
  • 30th April 2008 - Issue No. 196 - WNTV NEWS, Celebrating St. George's Day at Wilton Court Hotel, Sorcery and Seduction in the Barn, Fridge Door Cerebrate, RiB team with E & I Williams, Alison and Paul, Golfer Helen, Who stole Simba?, Letters, Filming at Symonds Yat East, The ROscars, Police at Bridstow, Twinning Thirtieth Anniversary, What's Happening in Ross, Weather, New Head Teacher and other news from around Herefordshire.
  • 23rd April 2008 - Issue No. 195 - WNTV NEWS, Webcam success, Toby's pig of a day, Mayor's other ball, Fridge Door, Ross Lions' Walk, Fame comes to Ross, Vintage Ross to John O' Groats, Drive it Day, Spring Concert at JKHS, Ross welcomes Conde visitors, Ross Town Meeting (food for thought), Peter and Lewis family, Green Flag, Guides and RiB, Flavours of Hrefordshire, Design a Library Card Sport, Weather, A load of old rot and other news from around Herefordshire.
  • 16th April 2008 - Issue No. 194 - WNTV NEWS, Live River Wye Webcam, Ross Wild Connections commission sculpture, Walks for Health, Jane is Citizen of the Year, Great summer events at Goodrich Castle, The Mayor's Other Charity Ball, Window dressing for Homestart, Deputy Leader of Liberal Democrats visits Ross, Jesse talks to Wyenot News, Letters, Fridge Door Cabaret, Annual Town Meeting, Looking for Lewis family, Ross in stitches, Andi McBurnie, Rugby, Weather Station, Attempted murder man arrested and the rest of the news from around Herefordshire.
  • 9th April 2008 - Issue No. 193 - WNTV NEWS, Ross Lions report from India, Stolen moped in river, WNTV Footage, Mayor's Golf Day, Remember Brock'?, Roger Lovell, Evening in the Cider Cellar, Will Killeen, Deaths, Well Done, Voluntary lunch, Public Notice, Easter Camp, Family Fun Day, CricketForce 2008, Rugby, Iolo promotes Wye Valley walking, Weather, Herefordshire schools fly the green flag and the rest of the news from around Herefordshire.
  • 2nd April 2008 - Issue No. 192 - WNTV NEWS, AONB secures £2.8 million, Bridge dangers, Aerobathon for Noah's Ark, Mayor's Charity Ball, Ross Secondary School Reunion, Shoo helps celebrate, Things Past, Views from river, Eco facts workshop, Lions support X factor, Dungeon Ghost, Saturday night, Proof of the pudding, Saving energy the high cholesterol way, Action promised at Thomas Blake Gardens, Cricketforce - Public Notices, Weather, Missing teenager - cash machine scam and the news from around Herefordshire.
  • 26th March 2008 - Issue No. 191 - WNTV NEWS, 'Grounded' - a great night at the Phoenix Theatre, Water works to cause temporary road closures, Charities Market a great success, Open Day at Wilton Castle, Lost photos recovered and published on this page. Thank you to all who wrote in with advice!, New Police Faces, TORN at the Barrel, Bird identified, Lions' walk, Ross Quakers, Tina rides the rodeo bull, Cubs, Weater, Motorcyclist dies at Ledbury and the rest of the news from around Herefordshire.
  • 19th March 2008 - Issue No. 190 - WNTV NEWS, Photos Lost, Greytree War Memorial, Paul Deneen Appointed Deputy Lieutenant, Lorry Fire, John Kyrle High School X Factor Finals, Grounded at the Phoenix Theatre, Phil Rickman at Ross Library, Joseph and Inter Schools Tournament, Strange Bird, Rabbits, Parking, Kempley Daffodil, Wyetots visit Kempley, Walford footpath closed, Greenspace Bridge opens at Goodrich, Easter egg draw for Mayor's charity, World Book Day, Acoustic Nights, Child safety rail, Essex model, Senior citizens shape up, Skittlesat the Plough, River levels rise, Ross Rowing Club, Rugby, Weather Station, The news from around Herefordshire.
  • 12th March 2008 - Issue No. 189 - WNTV NEWS, Wild Art Trail, Celebrating 20 Years, Wilton Road works, JD to be Mayor, Wyenot News Potters Bar Party 2008, Ledbury Bank Robber on CCTV, Kempley Daffodil Weekend, Fantastic Fundraiser Gig, Messiah helps Macmillan, Letters, Public Notice, Brookend Street, Ross in Bloom, Mayor opens Pots and Pieces, School Reunion, Easter Events, Shopmobility home delivery, Cubs, Sport, Weather, Man dies in car at Yazor and the rest of the news from around Herefordshire.
  • 5th March 2008 - Issue No. 188 - WNTV NEWS, New farm residents, Mail van stolen, 40 years at Tudorville Chippy, Tasting the cider, Links, School days, best of your life, What's behind the wall?, I've got this mole, JKHS musical, more reasons not to shop at Morrisons, Celebrating 20 years, Business as Usual, Kempley Daffodils, Mike's nature photography, Public notices, Shopmobility Dennis, World Book Day, Weather, Rowing, Skittles, Rugby, Three peaks Challenge, Jamstand, Missing teenager, Attempted bank robbery in Ledbury and the rest of the news from around Herefordshire.
  • 27th February 2008 - Issue No. 187 - WNTV NEWS, CAB opens at the Corn Exchange, Deep Sea Fishermen, JKHS Play, Football Quiz, Pre-school Ofsted, By election, Backtrackers' Birthday, Lions Social, Thinking day, JKHS, Whitchurch School, I just called to say, Nature Watch: Lunar eclipse and frog orgies, Happy Birthday Robin, Letters, Mike Arnison's Wildlife, Saturday at the Prince, Shopmobility, On air quiz, Rebox, Rugby, Weather Station, News from around Herefordshire.
  • 20th February 2008 - Issue No. 186 - WNTV NEWS, Chance in a million, Llangarron Leap Day, Ofsted, Fire Brigade rescue an injured swan, Jeff is 65 and Viv is gobsmacked, The Selfish Giant visits kids at Ross Library, Death of Brendon Jones, Nature Watch-Heading for a total lunar eclipse, Frosty Mornings, Mike Arnison's Wildlife, Anti Bullying Conference, Vine Tree, Outstanding year for Macmillan, Andy M, Art Auction, Mother's Day gifts, J'adore les langues, Jesse's new book, Co-ops, Rugby, Weather, News from around Herefordshire.
  • 13th February 2008 - Issue No. 185 - WNTV NEWS, Footage on DVD, Saturday at the Prince with 'Torn', Total Lunar Eclipse, Planning Applications, Chinese New Year, Letters, Car Crash, Art Surgery, Unironed Curtain, Work Experience, Guides, Mike Arnison Photo, Concert, Making Hearts, Symonds Yat East, Rowtop, Ross Lions wish list, Rugby, Weather Station, News from around Herefordshire.
  • 6th February 2008 - Issue No. 184 - WNTV NEWS, Cutting the tunnel under Ross begins, Ross Lions Club launch new web site, Dog stolen from Bailey Enclosure, Andi McBurnie and Toby Lovel at the Red Lion, The King Arthur's cave Bats, Important Carnival News, Readers' Letters, Health Care Through the Ages Exhibition, New Jersey at the Prince, Public Notices, Buffet for St. Mary's, Whitchurch School, Ross Sports and leisure Council, Rugby, Weather Station, News from around Herefordshire.
  • 30th January 2008 - Issue No. 183 - WNTV NEWS, Robert Burns, Off Travelling, Wilton Castle, Schools Review, Post Office Closures, Car damaged, Hereford v. Cardiff, Banshee, Council Tax Recommendations, Flood Alleviation, James and the Dinner of the Decade, Scores on the Doors, River Tales, Art Auction, Freezer Dumped in Wye?, April on Sunday, Heritage Centre, Mike Arnison's Photography, New Crematorium, Weather Station, News from around Herefordshire.
  • 23rd January 2008 - Issue No. 182 - WNTV NEWS, Let's stick together, Kings Caple rap for MP, Brampton Concerned for Children, Review recalled, We cannot relax on closures, Controlled explosion at Doward, Astroturf, Successful shop, Pride of Herefordshire, Flood Water - high and low, Jack Baldus, Threats, Letters, Hereford United v Cardiff Warning, Exhibition and WNTV, Nature Watch, Two bands at the Prince, Dennis is back, Rugby, Weather, Concern for missing Clehonger Woman, News from around Herefordshire.
  • 16th January 2008 - Issue No. 181 - WNTV NEWS, Help Save Weston Primary School, Fun through Brass, Silva, Boiler Warning, Landlord Trial, River Levels, Lions helping schools, Planning Permission, New faces on Visit Herefordshire Board, Have your say, Letters, Much Marcle Body identified, Herefordshire Christingles, Struggling shops aid, Funding Directory available, sport, Weather, News from around Herefordshire.
  • 9th January 2008 - Issue No. 180 - WNTV NEWS - Old Apple Tree, We Wassail Thee . . ., Whether the weather is popular or not, . . . and then on to the party in the barn, Readers' Letters, Concern for missing man from Much Marcle - Mr. Mike Jennings, Forensic deterrent, Andy Margrett, Vine Tree Development?, NLC Lunch for the elderly, An exhibition of Botanical Art, Peace Poster Comp., Wye Valley Festival, Public Notices, Lions' Feast, Rugby, Weather, News from around Herefordshire.
  • 2nd January 2008 - Issue No. 179 - WNTV NEWS - New Year's Eve at the Market House and at the White Lion and Prince of Wales, 2008 can only get better, Ross children welcome Santa, Packing presents for Santa, A nice start to Christmas, Mike Jennings, Jumpin' Jive from the Jiveoholics, White Lion Nativity, Fab Four on Boxing Day, Panto fun at Nature's Choice, Jagged Hands at the Prince of Wales, VOSA school vehicle check, Updating What'sOn?, Christmas Day Lunch for the elderly, WRVS Christmas Lunch, Car Vandalized, John Dickinson's closes after 50 years, Snowy weather warning, New Year's Day Fun Run, Y-Zone, Rugby Club Raffle, The President's Game, News from around Herefordshire.
  • 18th June 2008 - Issue No. 203 - WNTV NEWS, Update on Prospect Discovery, Lib Dem Leader, Nick Clegg is tested at JKHS, Spooky, Meet Inspector McLaughlin, Childminding Open Morning, Tudorville Allotments, Waste Collections, Jupiter and the Galilean Moons, Food for Thought, 42 Day Detention Bill, Post Offices, Bands in the Park, Ross-in-Bloom, Buggy Route, Nature Photography, Rowing Club, For sale, Weather, Smartwater at Rotherwas and the rest of the news from around Herefordshire.
  • 11th June 2008 - Issue No. 202 - WNTV NEWS, CAB, Gardeners' Question Time, Open Gardens, Money for Bands in the Park and Ross Live!, Cider and Blues Night at the Farm great success, Letters, More Chicken Shed than Zeppelin, JKHS New Zealand, Castle Dance, Women of Spirit, C.S. Bliss, Henry and Chery, Hi to USA Friends, Kate Humble, Goodrich, Nature Photography, Buggy Route, Weather, Praise for Computer Clubbers' art work and the rest of the news from around Herefordshire.

The 2007 Editions of Wyenot News
  • 19th December 2007 - Issue No. 178 - WNTV NEWS, Farewell to the Fab Four, Ross Lions Supporting Local Schools, New Children's Centre Opens in Ross, Ashley Blake presents prizes at John Kyrle, Weston-under-Penyard Primary sing 'A Child is Born, Wyetots, Fun Run, Messiah, Cubs spread cheer, Jumping Jive at the Lion, Goodrich Christmas Fayre, Special breakfast for Alfie, John Kyrle High School Winter Fayre, Drugs, Drinking and Driving Don't Mix, The lights of Tudorville, Whitchurch School stage Ebenezer, Spring has sprung at the Doward, Macmillan Raffle, Guides Tour, Bags of Thanks, EnvivroAbility Opening Times, Rugby, Weather, Herefordshire County News.
  • 12th December 2007 - Issue No. 177 - WNTV NEWS, Christmas Edition, Ross-under-Wye, In Loving Memory of Verna Stephens, Rotary Party, Parking Anger, Nature Watch: Mars, MSETI and the Great White Spot, Campaign against dangerous driving update, Santa's visits, Cards for Good Causes, Macmillan Quiz, Letters, Christmas, Planning Refusal, Grease, Menus, Operation Nucleus, Green Nappies, Weather Station, News from around Herefordshire.
  • 5th December 2007 - Issue No. 176 - WNTV NEWS presented by Tina, Christmas Light Switch-on, Last Apple Pressing, What's Happening in Ross, Bridstow Christmas Fair, Visit Santa, A Tribute to Peter McCutcheon, Letters, Christmas Menus, Local Heroes, SOFA at the Prince, Medieval in Peterstow, Art and History for Ross Community Hospital, Filming Bats, John Kyrle Autumn Concert, Pussy needs a home, River Tales, Public Notices, Long Service Awards, Tree of Remembrance, Advent Market, Psychic, Smoke free, Shopmobility, Weather, News from around Herefordshire.
  • 28th November 2007 - Issue No. 175 - Tina presents Wyenot News, The White Lion Otters return for Autumn, Victorian School days in Gorsley, A Christmas floral demonstration, It's a Knockout, Special birthday gift for Kim, Tina needs your help, Dad Rock at the Prince of Wales, Letters, Lions' Chef Crisis, Christmas Menus, What's Happening in Ross?, Letting their Art Out, The Hurleys sign books, Gua Africa Sponsored Walk, New Facilities, Rugby, Weather, News from around Herefordshire.
  • 21st November 2007 - Issue No. 174 - Riverdance in Goodrich, Pedestrian dies in Walford Road, Wildlife on the Wye, Two brothers die in RTA, White Lion Quiz for Macmillan, Around the schools on Children in Need Day, What's happening in Ross this week?, Christmas Menus, Tribute to Luke, Ross Town Plan, Tina's Birthday Dance, Letters, Swap Shop, Archive, Book signing, Autumn in the Forest, RiB, Youth Council money for Barrs Court, Dandelion Killers, MONEW, Weather Station, News from around Herefordshire.
  • 14th November 2007 - Issue No. 173 - Phil Rickman opens Library, Cash for CIN, Agricultural Lessons, More affordable housing, Tina invitation, WNTV: We will remember them, A Premiere Performance, Happy surprise 50th Birthday, what's 'is name?, Pay problem solved, Two choirs click, Presentation to Library, In Memory of my grandfather, Local crime, Christmas menus, The fruit and veg of their labours, Whitchurch, Champion helps local girls, Shopmobility, Rugby, Weather, News from around Herefordshire.
  • 7th November 2007 - Issue No. 172 - Don't Cry. You've got to celebrate!, Theresa sends her heartfelt thanks, This week's news, WNTV: Ross Lions Bonfire and Fireworks Spectacular, WNTV: The Dark Side of the Moon, Great News about Jamstand 2008, Surely nobody in theeir right mind would do such a thing!, What's Happening, Phil Rickman to open Library, Letters, It's All Done With Dynamos at Ross Cider, Local Crime Report, Flood Scheme, Children in Need Quiz, Happy Birthday Amy!, Christmas Menus, Jumpin' Jive, Looking for members, Cubs get stuffing, Public Notices, Rugby, Weather, News from around Herefordshire.
  • 31st October 2007 - Issue No. 171 - Top West Midlands Restaurant, A Big Man with a Big Heart, Great Weekend Ahead, Tribute to Dora Gwilliam, Being crafty at the Chase Hotel, Special fashion show in aid of Macmillan, Pumpkin Contest, Welsh Cider Makers at Broome Farm, On and Off the Flight Deck, Cards for Good Causes, What's Happening in Ross, Happy Birthday Jerry, Autumn, Icelandic Party, Serious Injury on the A40, Macmillan Quiz, Asda Ghouls, Letters, Christmas Menus 2007, Jumping Jive, Half Term Big Draw, Forest Fires, Glosfolk, Sport, Weather, News from around Herefordshire.
  • 24th October 2007 - Issue No. 170 - New faces in Ross, Mayor's sponsored preach, Switched on motorists, Bejewelled, Pumpkin Soup, WNTV: Ross Sk8ter boys in action, Letters, Focus Green Champion, Money Box, Orles Barn, What's happening in Ross, Nature Watch, Employment in Ross, Happy Birthdays, Zebras at the Barrel, Local farmer in court, Sorry Girls, Walking Festival, Rugby, Weather, News from around Herefordshire.
  • 17th October 2007 - Issue No. 169 - Why the news was late, Successful 'Open Art Surgery' at Nature's Choice, Saturday evening with Will Killeen, oy wins BBC Competition to make Ross Cider, Guided walk around Ross, Filming at Symonds Yat, They're crafty folk at Fonteine Court, Wild at the Doward, Nature Watch, JKHS Open Evening, Music Award, Police telephone disruption, Congratulations, Stabbing in Ross?, A Joint Family Birthday Celebration, Daylight robbery in Cawdor, Heart Start, Recycling tip, VBL, Daz Fishing, Goodrich Football Kit, Rugby, Weather Station, News from around Herefordshire.
  • 10th October 2007 - Issue No. 168 - Big Fund Boost for Kaloko Trust from Broome Farm, Goodrich children wash cars for Children in Need, What's happening in Ross this week, Ross in Bloom Presentation Evening, Ross Sports Centre concern, A 60th Anniversary, Coaches, Doward Sexual Assault, Lions support blind in Bangalore, The French Market, Ross Flood Alleviation Scheme, Cloud formations and general, Walk to School Month, Majorettes in Slovenia, Flood Relief, Public Notices, Counsell archive photo, tourism chairman, stolen, Shopmobility, Rugby, Weather station, News from around Herefordshire.
  • 3rd October 2007 - Issue No. 167 - JKHS celebrates in style, Nautical Edition, Relaxing Break at The Broome, Supporting Macmillan, Work begins on the Flood Alleviation Scheme, More Musical Magic, It's not just cubs that earn badges, Wyenot News goes nautical, New DLK EP, Bother! We missed The Blast, Nature Watch, Public Notices, Motorcycle stolen, Under 18s Tobacco, Civic Sunday, JKHS visit Shopmobility, Leadership Trust, Rugby, Weather, other News from around Herefordshire.
  • 26th September 2007 - Issue No. 166 - What is happening lately in Ross-on-Wye?, Ross Phoenix Champions leave for Slovenia, An invite from the ACF, The premiere of 'Poppy Appeal', an excellent play highlighting the dangers of drug abuse, Soul for Michelle, Barbershop Concert, Brookend fight, Whitchurch burglary, What's Happening in Ross?, Spar celebrate 50 years, Sofa, so good, League of Friends, Shopmobility success, Rugby, Weather Station, The Time Team digs Credenhill and other News from around Herefordshire.
  • 19th September 2007 - Issue No. 165 - Carnival Rose Bowl Mystery, Wyenot Changes, JKHS German Exchange Students, Doug Eaton at h.Art, A great day out at Linton fete, Ross Town Band and the Moriston Male Voice Choir pack St. Mary's, Nature Watch, What's happening in Ross this week, Windscreen smashed in Old Market Close, Letters, Saturday Night, French Market to return, Foot and Mouth, Rugby, Ross Weather Station, News from around Herefordshire.
  • 12th September 2007 - Issue No. 164 - Yippee, it's Christmas, Ross Country Market, Heart of England in Bloom, Leaving RTB, Linton Village Fete, h.Art at Wobage Farm and Broome Farm, Newent Onion Fayre, Nature Watch, Picnic Bench Vandalized, Dark Side of the Moon, St. Mary's Celebrates, Dean Fulford's Funeral Arrangements, A late Carnival Event, Open Art Surgery, Ross Lions, Road Rage at Symonds Yat, Morriston Male Voice Choir, What's Happening in Ross this week, About Town on Saturday evening, Local Author's Exhibition, That Mystery Photo, Letters, British Legion, Rugby, Weather Station, News from around Herefordshire.
  • 5th September 2007 - Issue No. 163 - Ross Cider and Music Festival 2007, Remembering Dean Fulford, Holiday Workshops, Letters, That Mystery Photo, More Letters, T'pauerful Stuff, Zebras, Ross Country Market, Dark Side at the Prince, Shuttle Launce, Peacock Feathers, Archive Photos, T-shirt of the Week, Vintage Club, Public Notices, Ship Ahoy at the Hope, Rugby, Weather Station, News from around Herefordshire.
  • 29th August 2007 - Issue No. 162 - Murphy keeping local people happy, Kingfishers on the Wye, Cricket Day in memory of Matt, Carnival Extra family Fun Day, GCSE Success at JKHS, Peterstow Horticultural Show, Border Counties Vintage Road Run, What's Happening in Ross This Week, The Moby Bus, Zebras at the Prince, Happy Birthday Jay, Kempley Heritage, Two Ross Hotels Short Listed, Ross Regatta, Readers' Letters, Wondrous Weaving, Strange Photo at St. Dubricius Church, Bands in the Park, h.Art, Ross Lions, Door Knocking Campaign, Rugby, Weather Station, News from around Herefordshire.
  • 22nd August 2007 - Issue No. 161 - Moped Rider dies at Wilton , Success for Macmillan Market, Flood work to begin, John catches record carp on the Wye, Saturday evening fun at the Con Club, Collecting AS and A-Level Results, Jane and Paul, Will Killeen at the Hope, Vintage Club Ralley, Bees and Honey, Basement Youth Trust, What we do in our time off from Wyenot News, What's Happening in Ross this week, Wild Play comes to Ross-on-Wye, Nature Watch, Pole Dancing at the White Lion, Rugby, Ross in Bloom results, The vital statistics of those who advertise on Wyenot, Weather Station, News from around Herefordshire.
  • 15th August 2007 - Issue No. 160 - Dark Side of the Moon at Jamstand, Ross Horticultural Show, Man dies on the A40 at Whitchurch, Lucus Family Cares for Ross, Perseids and Shuttle, Tina Dancing, Little Sister, Bands in the Park, What's happening in Ross this week, Friday at the Hope, Duck Colouring, Let's go fly a kite, Video change, New look Jacqueline's, Letters, Weather, News from around Herefordshire.
  • 8th August 2007 - Issue No. 159 - Ross Town Carnival 2007, Symonds Yat East Definitely Open, World's Worst Paparazzi, Folk at Broome Farm, Red Lion Festival, Moving away from YouTube, Goodrich Art Club Exhibition, Nature Watch, Advice to Farmers, Three year old child badly injured by car, Scouting Sunrise, Interview with local author, Ian Pauley, Letters, What's Happening in Ross this week?, Ross Lions at the Carnival, Somerfield non-uniform day, Golf Club vandalized, Theft from Jewellers, Tina Dancing, Carnival Bingo, Assault, double vision, Bands in Park, Affordable warmth, Accident, Weather, News from around Herefordshire.
  • 1st August 2007 - Issue No. 158 - Ross Carnival will go ahead as planned, Folk Night at Broome Farm, What's Happening in Ross, Congratulations Amy, Floyd at the Bandstand, The Kiss Brothers (Tina Dancing), Happy Birthday Chris and Chris, Herefordshire Haddock, The Hildersley Flasher, Time Lapse River Wye, CHAOS at Ross Market, Woman assaulted in Brookend Street, Summer Garden Party at the Old Court, Man attacked in Three Crosses Close, Letters, Leading up to Carnival Day, Stereo Stolen, Readers' Flood Photos, Death of Leonard Casciani, Bands in the Park, Whitchurch Burglary, Castles and Forts, Free hearing check, Weather, News from around Herefordshire.
  • 25th July 2007 - Issue No. 157 - Flowers in the Flower, River Levels filmed over the weekend, Around and about during the flood, Bands in the Park Cancelled - Fair Weather Boys!, Flood may effect siting of carnival, Suzuki at Brampton, Personal Flood Account, Animal Encounters, Happy 21st, Vanessa, Barrs Court Auction, Nice weather for ducks at the Hope & Anchor, Irresponsible Idiot!, Rivers no place to play, Cut off at the Yat, In the pink, Lord Lucan, Roper Family Entertains, What's happening in Ross this week?, Readers' Flood photos, Wyenot News Carbon Neutral, Buckingham Palace, Wanted by Police, Nature watch, Donations for Romania, Crime in Ross, Sunday's river shots, By Popular Demand, Mock Weddings, Permit scheme relaxed, Drop in, Recycled cycles, Cash, Weather, News from around Herefordshire.
  • 18th July 2007 - Issue No. 156 - Heart of England in Bloom Judgement Day in Ross, Getting found through Wyenot News, This week in Ross, Phoenix National Champs, Walking for Life, New Astroturf for JKHS, Lottery Fund Vehicles, Congratulations and Good Luck Mel, Performing the Button Box in Bridstow, Sun and smiles at Llangarron Fete, Just sometimes, Mike Arnison's Photo Gallery, Saturday Night at the Prince, Nature Watch, The Road to Nowhere?, Letters to the editor, Will enhances Fosse House, Ross Live, Hope for the Pied Piper, New Street Railings, Weather, Herefordshire County News.
  • 11th July 2007 - Issue No. 155 - Beginning Work on Ross Flood Alleviation, A Wedding a Golden Wedding a Coincidence and a Country Festival, Cloisters Blessed by Buddhist Monks, Deadline, WNTV: A Blues Party at Broome Farm, WNTV: The Fantastic Toby Ensemble, [WNTV: Successsful 5th Ross-on-Wye Country Festival, What's Happening in Ross This Week, Save Our Post Offices, Country Festival Artists, Crime Reduced in Ross, Wyenot News Letters, Heritage Events, Ruby Prosser, Heart of England Judges, Happy Birthday Lucy, Bands in the Park, Sue and James, Howard, Cash, Merton House, Creative Learning Centre, Lions Help MS, Prince, Library, Outward Bound, Walford Help Macmillan, Weather Station, Other News from Around Herefordshire.
  • 4th July 2007 - Issue No. 154 - Bridstow School Strawberry Fair, Advertising in Wyenot News, Internationally Acclaimed Blues Star, Archive film of the Y2K Ross-on-Wye Flood, Hannah celebrates her 30th with a Toga Party, Football legend, Gary visits Ross, Awards for Ross Sea Cadets, All change at the top for Ross Lions, Ross Pre-school, Reopening a 50 year old murder case, Happy 50th Ozzie, Public Disorder, French Market, A couple of birds with a nice pear, Community Service Award for Dennis, Ross in Bloom Short Listing, Singing in Bridstow, A week for being called Clive and 60, Ross Live, Bands in the Park, Just Colin , Shopmobility Opens, Pictures from Karl-Heinz Brato, Public Notices, Weather Station.
  • 27th June 2007 - Issue No. 153 - The Brookend Street Cleanup , Wyenot News and the current nation-wide flood situation, Brookend Street and how the media coverage escalated, The White Lion Real Ale and Cider Festival is a roaring success, WNTV Coverage of the Festival, White Lion Festival - The Performers, The current water level situation, History Project, Bands in the Park but no audience, Amazing prizes at Bridstow Fair, Joe and Sherell, What's happening in Ross, Prince, Marstow, Crime, Garden on a Tray Competition, Goodrich Summer Folly, Business of the week, Weather Station.
  • 20th June 2007 - Issue No. 152 - 'Twas a little damp in Brookend Street, Outward Bound from Bridstow, Lions' Successes, White Lion Festival, Open Day at the Castle, Hazy Ray at the Prince, Stars and Cars at Llangarron Fete, The Sky at Night and a couple of birds, Bands in the Park, Art, Design and Technology evening, Helping the Fishermen's Families, The Killing of Sister George, Going French at St. Weonard's, Keeping you up-to-date, Bespoke Ladies Tailor, Art Exhibition, Kate donates quilt, What's happening in Ross this week?, Dick Brice and Michael Kirby, Practise makes perfect, Hay and Ross make the news in Germany, A personal experience in Saudi, Letters, More exhibition photos, Weather Station.
  • 13th June 2007 - Issue No. 151 - Ugandan visitor, Margaret's visit to Bandstand, Accidental Photographer, King Arthur's Cave - Business, Aston Ingham, Sea Cadets, Betzdorf News, On yer bike, Officer, Festival, This Week in Ross, Diamond Geezer, Lions Success, West Mercia and Welsh Water, Shakespeare at the Castle, Judgement Day, Frank Drabble, In Memoriam, From Good to Gold, Town Council, Public Notices, Appeal for Witnesses, Milkfloat Moooves, Stolen Tractor, More Aston, Door Knocking Campaign, More Twelfth Night, Weather Station.
  • 6th June 2007 - Issue No. 150 - Heritage Centre, Firearms Unit Warning, Scenic Views DVD, Congratulations, New Exhibition Dinosaur, Email, Ross Community Hospital Fete, Ross Cider Company on TV], Washing Cars for Uganda, Zebras Wedding in Greece, What's Happening, For Betzdorf Readers, International Firm moves to Ross, Eco Schools, Bands in the Park, News from Fonteine Court, Saturday at the Prince, Award for George, Music in Marstow, Public Notice, Gory, Weather Station.
  • 30th May 2007 - Issue No. 149 - Visitors from Betzdorf - Baywatch at the Old Court - Distraction Burglary, E-fit issued - Scout Centenary Camp - Motor cycle show - Ross Health & Fitness - Gorsley Goffs' Travel Plan - Offizieller Empfang in der St. Mary's Church Hall -
    New to Croft Court - Barclays Kit Boost for Ross Juniors FC - Weather Station.
  • 23rd May 2007 - Issue No. 148 - Posh frock and DJs at the Leavers' Ball, Lamer Productions, Fun at Linton, Grammar School Reunion, Professional JKHS Pupils, Baby friendly guide, Diary date, Visitors from Betzdorf, Ceilidh at Broome Farm, Theatre, Ross this week, X-Factor, Dennis moves on, White Lion pergola, Happy Birthday Caz and Doc, Keep the campfires burning, Arriving in style for the Ball, At the Ball, Archive, Football, Weather Station.
  • 16th May 2007 - Issue No. 147 - Councillor Derek Bedford is the New Mayor, This week and last, WNTV coverage of the Mayor Making, Thank You, The New Ross Town Council, The Roscar Awards, The Roscars performance photos, Marathon for Children's Charity, Carnival Princess, Absinthe at the Prince, Concert for Macmillan, Meet the Ross Conservatives, Ross Rugby Club Awards, Golf, Public Notices, Weather Station.
  • 9th May 2007 - Issue No. 146 - Celebrating Good News for Matt, A 'Gathering May' Concert at Broome Farm, Business of the week, Medieval fun at Goodrich Castle, Recording made in Broad Street flat, Saturday Live, Congratulations and Celebrations, Happy Birthday Stu!, Car theft, Visitor figures for April, Shop Mobility, Dragon Boat Races, BikeSafe Scheme, Local Lib Dems, The Gin Game, Visit from Hannah More, More Goodrich castle photos, Public Notices, Rock and Ross Dance, Weather.
  • 2nd May 2007 - Issue No. 145 - Had it happened on 'The Bill' . . ., Celebrating May Day on May Hill, Back to the '60s with Ross in Bloom, Double Barrel at the Plough, Sarah Webb, Ross 2nds out of the cup but play Twickenham in a friendly, After the match was over, Coffee for Uganda, Serena's exhibition, Oh Dear, Chris is 50!, Happy 18th, Michelle!, A knight out at the Prince, It was 1977 inside, Concert for Upton Bishop, Elizabeth's Gift, Successful year, Especially for Jean, Aerial to TV Aerial, Public Notice, More May Hill Photos, Weather Station.
  • 25th April 2007 - Issue No. 144 - More Free Downloads, Commemorative Tree Planting at Dean Hill Park, 'Legends' at Bridstow School, New York 2007, Going Wild at Bridstow School, Flying the Flag for the Centenary, Saturday Live at the Prince, Please Help Find Fritz, London Visit, Business as Usual, Hat Trick for Sixth Form, Ross Town Public Meeting, Aerial Downloads:Ross, Greytree and Castles From The Air, Theft of pressure washer and motorcycle, Aerial Downloads: Villages West, The Undiscovered Jewells, A Couple of Birds, Aerial Downloads: Villages East and Landmarks, Ross in Bloom, Golf, Weather Station.
  • 18th April 2007 - Issue No. 143 - Supplement Info, Heritage 10th Birthday, Successful Lions' Walk, Car Stereo Thefts, Business, Race for Bridstow School, Ross Lions Growing, Monty the Python found in the woods, Zebras at the Prince video, Psychic evening at the Old Court, Saturday at the Prince, Missing humane killing pistol, Weird, JKHS Coffee, Bluebells, Download Your House Part One - Ross West, Part Two - Town Centre, Part Three - Ross East, Part Four - Wilton, 1979 images for comparison, Rugby, Weather Station.
  • 11th April 2007 - Issue No. 142 - Ross from an unexpected helicopter flight, Filming the Dagenham Roundhouse Boys, Important Note, Aerial Ross - part one, Wilton, part two, Tudorville, part three, Ross Town, Lions Charity Walk, Aerial Ross - part four - gas pipeline, Cross Keys Festival, Easter Bonnets, Open Air Easter Service, Letters, Zebras at the Prince, Easter Draws, Traidcraft, Readers' Photos, Police, Isle of Arran, Nice photos, Fishing: deep sea and fresh water, Weather Station.
  • 4th April 2007 - Issue No. 141 - JKHS Chefs, Photographic Memoirs, Police Authority, People First, Tudorville Cemetery, Wind in the Willows, Decade at the Heritage Centre, JKHS on the Isle of Aran, Music at the Prince, Hi from Stevie in Abu Dhabi, Can you help Richard?, Ross-in-Bloom, Beyond the Concrete, 25 Years for Ave, And 75 for Jane, Public Notices, St. Luke's Passion, Sarah and James meet the stars, Newspaper and magazine photography, Rugby, Weather Station.
  • 28th March 2007 - Issue No. 140 - Tripping in Chase Woods, Mayor's Charity Ball, Newspaper Photos, Jailbreak, Market Assault, Stop the Traffic, Blues, Stolen Car, Gorsley Pre-school, Get Fleeced at the White Lion, New Chamber President, Letters, More Mayor's Ball, Ross Rotary Annual Lecture, Local CD, About Town on Saturday, Police Surgeries, Dave, Archive, Running, Rugby, Weather Station.
  • 21st March 2007 - Issue No. 139 - Comic Relief, Gorsley and Goodrich Schools, Mourning CSO Paul Penman, Comic Relief at JKHS, Free Stuff, Open Days at Wilton Castle, Happy 40th Sharon!, Good News for Matt, Andy Margrett at the Prince, Kempley and Dymock Daffodils, Letters, JKHS on Teachers' TV, The Moon and Saturn, Little Shop of Horrors, Odds On Favourites, Phoenix Awards, Music Festival, Whitchurch Bazaar, Bursary Awards, Readers' Photos, Nature Watch, Weather Station.
  • 14th March 2007 - Issue No. 138 - Out and About on Wednesday, Gorsley Goffs' Spring Festival, S.A.F.E. at Goodrich Primary, MOBI in Tudorville, Class of '58, Another success for Philip, Stop the Traffik, The Memory of Water, Daffodil Takeaway, Saturday Evening, Roving Pie Man, Nature Watch, Theft of Statue, Wye Street under water, Support Group, Flooding in Goodrich and Symonds Yat, Letters, Down the Drain, Laura Howells - Police issues, Skittles, Rugby, Weather Station.
  • 7th March 2007 - Issue No. 137 - Artist Philip brushes off the competition, Grease, The Live Performance, Business of the week, Lunar Eclipse, Zebras at the Prince, Cinderella at Sellack, Action Buss, Nature Watch - Rain Clouds, Matt and Katie, Y-Zone CD Launch, Tree Planting, Council News, Grease Back Stage, Letters, Rebox Party, World Book Day, Syringes, Skittles, Rugby, Weather Station.
  • 28th February 2007 - Issue No. 136 - Macmillan Thermometer, Audrey's Helping Fishermen, Competition Winners, Little Sister, Shop Damage, JKHS production of Grease, Annual Town Meeting, Public access at Hereford Police Station, Rotary Helping Y-Zone, Thinking Day, New Walks Book, St. Edwards, Travel Before Tarmac, Incident, Rugby, Weather
  • 21st February 2007 - Issue No. 135 - Legendary racing driver launches mobile chemo unit, Sir Stirling Moss OBE, Business of the week, Lara Croft Meets Nature, Half Term at Ross Heritage Centre, Win tickets for Sgt. Pepper - Open Music - Web of Activity - Ross Round - Museum on the Move, Public Notices, Ken the Medieval Pie Man - Saturday, Underwired at the Prince, Ross Junior Colts, Congratulations Major, Leadership Development, Nature Watch, Fun in the snow at JKHS, Readers Photos, Zebras at the Rowing Club, A Rogue's Gallery, Theft from Peugeot.
  • 14th February 2007 - Issue No. 134 -The first snow of Spring, Valentine's Issue, Business of the week, Wilton Winterland, White Friday, White Friday in Symonds Yat, Before they became Zebras, JKHS Betzdorf Exchange, Long Service Award, Steve did well, Business as usual at JKHS, Vikings from Walford, Basement Trust, Herefordshire Libraries, How not to get a bed for the night, Laura Howells, Mike Arnison, Macmillan, Ashfield care, Colder in Canada, Fun at the Prince, Police Issues, Fallen Tree in Castle Meadow, Weather Station.
  • 7th February 2007 - Issue No. 133 - One Way - For the Over 16s, Literacy at Ashfield, Jazz at the RNC, Create a Wildlife Walk, Tribute to Joanne, Zebras at The Barrel, Visitor Figures, WNTV: Nature Watch, Spring Has Sprung, Special Exhibition, In Retrospect, Rugby, Weather Station, Ross Town Council Public Notices, Herefordshire Police Matters.
  • 31st January 2007 - Issue No. 132 - Goodrich Castle and the Warwickshire Bowman, Creative Art at Gorsley Goffs, Business of the Week, Cinderella and the Really Ugly Sisters!, Connolly's darts, Criminal Damage, New Rec for Goodrich, eBay and EnviroAbility, Autograss Awards, Esmeralda, Poppy Appeal, Senior Citizens' New Year Lunch, Eclipse Rocks The Prince, Ross U3A, Wilton Wildlife, Rugby, Weather Station, Herefordshire Police Matters.
  • 24th January 2007 - Issue No. 131 - High Winds and Tall Trees, Wyenot Off-Air Time, Business of the Week, Switch at the Prince, Quiz Date, Half Term at the Heritage Centre, Myspace Bandwidth, Suzuke Music School, Oh Well, Support Shop Mobility, Time and Time Again, Early Spring Flowers, Aerial Symonds Yat, Letters, High Water at Goodrich, Herefordshire Police Matters, Weather.
  • 17th January 2007 - Issue No. 130 - JKHS Specialism, Coin Mountain, No Cold Calling, Upton Bishop Music, Zebras, Lions, No Smoking, High Water Levels on the River Wye, Rapping at Y-Zone, Table Tennis Tournament, Music at the Prince, Local People: Geoff Gwatkin, Regeneration at St. Mary's Kempley, Ross Town Council Finance Committee Agenda, Nature Watch, Rugby, Weather Station.
  • 10th January 2007 - Issue No. 129 - Hatfulls! Capfulls! Three Bushel Bagfulls, The Traditional Apple Wassail, Blog, Local Satellite Navigation Thefts, Ryefield New Year, Macmillan In The Birches, Peace Poster Contest, Nature Photos, Ross Rogues, The Status Quo, Weather.
  • 3rd January 2007 - Issue No. 128 - Into 2007 Hangover, Welcoming the New Year at the White Lion, New Year 2007 at the Market, New Year 2007 at the Prince of Wales, New Year Fun Run 2007, 2006 Review, Weather Station
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The 2006 Editions of Wyenot News
  • 27th December 2006 - Issue No. 127 - Happy New Year, Christmas Lunch at the Ryefield Centre, Looking to the New Year, Prize Giving at JKHS, Photo Galleries, Matt Beddard Memorial Disco, Around the Nurseries, JKHS Celebrates Christmas at St. Mary's, Nature Watch, Christmas Lights, The Chairman's Game, Ross Town Council keeping you informed, Weather Station
  • 20th December 2006 - Issue No. 126 - The Future Is Bright!, Thank You!, Switch on at the Café, Brownies Hospital Cheer, Carols in the Maltings, Live on the BBC, Boxing Day Quiz, Garden Store, Santa Stops Early in Ross, Santa's Spectacular Arrival, Around the School Nativity Plays, Christmas Fayre at John Kyrle High School, Jump Start, Helping Barrs Court, Oliver Twist at Goodrich, Helping Macmillan, Quiz at the Royal - Tick Tock, John Kyrle Retirement Club, Greeks at the Lea, Musical Invasion, Ross Town Council Agenda, Rugby, Weather
  • 13th December 2006 - Issue No. 125 - Wyenot Desperately Needs Your Help, Please!, BBC Live Flood Reports, Santa is coming to town, Dress as your favourite pop star, Fallen tree, Business of the week, Whitchurch Christmas Play, Hosanna Rock at Weston Primary, Gresleys Help Macmillan, The Gresleys Illuminations, The Bright Lights of Ross, Time Travel, Carols in the Maltings, Physics of Santa, Macmillan Christmas Quiz, Smoking Ban, Rugby, Weather.
  • 6th December 2006 - Issue No. 124 - Christmas Lights of Ross-on-Wye 2006, Business of the week, Quote Me Happy . . . you're 'aving a laugh!, Switched on at The Gresleys, Upton Bishop Christmas Fayre, Morgans at the Royal, Garden Store Band, Quakers Helping the Homeless - Christmas Menus, Rocking at the Barrel, LOF Coffee, Letters, Cans, Botanical Art, For Sale, Rugby, Weather.
  • 29th November 2006 - Issue No. 123 - The Mayor Lights Up for Ross Christmas, Business of the Week, Teachers TV Challenge, Planting Trees in Memoriam, Ross-in-Bloom Advent Market, Market Trading in the Maltings, Using the Photos, Christmas Lunch at the Ryefield Christmas Menus, Natural Causes, Much Birch Musical, Time and Time Again, Spam, Letters, For Sale, Weather
  • 22nd November 2006 - Issue No. 122 - September in the Rain, Helping Barrs Court, Children In Need, Use the Photos, Business of the Week, Roaming Robots Champs, Home Start, Chelsea Pensioners, Operation Christmas Child, Letters, Christmas Menus, Friends Across The Pond, For Sale, Autumn by Mike Arnison, Football, Rugby, Weather.
  • 15th November 2006 - Issue No. 121 - Remembrance Sunday, Business of the Week, Egyptian Decorative Art, Korean Veterans' Service, Home Start are Asking, Endoscopy Unit, French Students, Chelsea Pensioners Remembered, Funeral of Chris Collins, Christmas Menus, The Twilight Zone, Specsavers helping the Third World, Readers' Photos, Letters, Rugby, Weather Station.
  • 8th November 2006 - Issue No. 120 - November Otters, JKHS Helps Macmillan, Brake in Bridstow, St. Weonards and Goodrich Schools, Ross Lions Bofire and Firework Display, Walford Primary, Cards For Good Causes, New Zealand Visitor, P.A.W.S., Fireworks at the Barrel, Singing at Windsor Castle, Chelsea Pensioners, Welcome To Your Brain, Broome Farm, Amy, Visitors, Oops, Readers' Photos, Rugby, Football, Weather Station.
  • 1st November 2006 - Issue No. 119 - Farm Theft, St. Michael's Hospice Awards, Life of a Major-General, One World Week - Business of the Week, Painting at the Library, Dead Man's Penny, The Witches of Ross, Highnam FC visit ABT, Quiz for Macmillan, Christmas Menus, Autumn Views of Wilton Castle and Forest, Wye Valley in Bloom, Flavours of Herefordshire, Rugby, Weather Station.
  • 25th October 2006 - Issue No. 118 - Creepy Crawlies Invade Ross Library, Wyenot News Business of the Week, Bridge at Wilton Restaurant of the Year, Thank You, Lea Primary News, Pirates of St. Joseph's, Phoenix Fashion Show, Advent Market, Gorsley Goffs News, Playgroup Harvest, Quiz, Christmas Menus, Fireworks, Autumn in the Forest, Man on a Mission, More Friends' Pics, Genealogy, Ledbury Station, Rugby, Weather Station.
  • 18th October 2006 - Issue No. 117 - Friends' Meeting House, Funding Jamboree Trip, Wyenot News Business of the Week, Money for Acorns, Matt's 21st, Lions Awareness Week, The Zebras at the Prince of Wales, Charlene's 18th, Macmillan Raffle, Nancy's 80th, P.A.W.S., Nature Watch, The Arts, Copyright Thieves, Rugby, Weather Station.
  • 11th October 2006 - Issue No. 116 - JKHS Supporting Macmillan, National Bookstart Day, Congratulations Kevin and Jacqui, Charity Meet for Bikers and Trikers, Cards for Good Causes, Helping St. Michael's Hospice, RiB, Big Dipper Race, Rugby, Faces from the Past, Letters, One nice thing happened this week, Weather Station.
  • 4th October 2006 - Issue No. 115 - Ross in Bloom Awards 2006, Macmillan Day, Happy School Days, Walford Cycle Training, Derek Wood, The French Market, X-entricity, Savoy, Gardners' Question Time, Europe at JKHS, Suzuki Method, Family Celebration, Café Royal, Happy 60th Lyn!, Carnival Buffet, Chelsea Pensioners, Rugby - Stats, Weather Station.
  • 27th September 2006 - Issue No. 114 - Welcome to Ashfield Primary, Alfred Evans, Jump Start, Home Start, Grammar School Scarf, Treasure at the Nag's Head, Sign Language, Ben and Zeke, Heritage Centre, Aerial Ross 2006, Readers' Photos, RiB Awards, Rowing Club, Weather Station.
  • 20th September 2006 - Issue No. 113 - Civic Sunday, Masons Help Acorns, Picking Up Litter, Llangrove and Whitchurch Schools, Thank You Dr. Hartshorn, Goodrich on Teachers' TV, Poetry, Resonant Frequency, Backney, Rugby, Visitors, Weather.
  • 13th September 2006 - Issue No. 112 - Wilton Castle Open Day, Wilton Animal Rights Demonstration, Herefordshire Art Week, Ross Yachtsman Drowned, Heading the Field in Physics, JKHS, Theatre, Saturday Night In Town, Heritage Open Day at St. Mary's, Kempley, British Legion, National Cider Champions, Poetry at Ross Library, Rowing - Rugby, Newent Onion Fayre, FOD Music Sessions, Weather Station.
  • 6th September 2006 - Issue No. 111 - Tudorville Fun Day, A Walford Septemberfest, Llangrove Flower Show, Letters, Yippee! It's Christmas!, Broome Farm Cider Festival, Tim Ward Exhibition, Newent Onion Fayre, Heritage Open Day in Kempley, Heart of England in Bloom, Rugby, Weather Station.
  • 30th August 2006 - Issue No. 110 - Brookend Street on Wednesday, Record GCSEs at JKHS, Blues Brothers Party, Peterstow Horticultural Show, A Glenn Miller Tribute, A Rat Pack Party, St. Mary's Flower Show, Family Treasure Hunt, The Zebras, Ross Regatta, Rugby, Summer Chamber Concerts, Weather.
  • 23rd August 2006 - Issue No. 109 - Outstanding A Level Success at JKHS, Age Concern Relay, August Floods, Ross Live!, Macmillan Market, Russell, Heritage Art Exhibition, Where Wild Things Play, Michelle's Fund-raiser, New Children's Centre, Backney Memorial, Gorsley Festival, Nature Watch, JD's, Weather.
  • 16th August 2006 - Issue No. 108 - Ross Live! 2006, Visitor Figures for July, Collecting for Romanian Orphans, Song for Spencer, Where Wild Things Play - Letters, More Ross Town Carnival 2006, Wye Valley Chamber Music Summer Concerts, Topical Photography, Herefordshire Forums, Nature Watch, Savoy Weekend, Queen Wanted, Hoarwithy Beer Festival, Weather Station.
  • 9th August 2006 - Issue No. 107 - A Very Successful Ross Town Carnival 2006, Carnival Winners, A Historic Carnival Guided Tour, More Carnival Photos, Odd Object Winners, Nursery Road Community Gardens, Please Help Macmillan, Nesting Place, The One that Didn't Get Away, Monmouth Finale, Letters, Weather Station.
  • 2nd August 2006 - Issue No. 106 - Educating Rita, First Pint in 10 Years, Welcome to Narnia, Paul Celebrates 60 Years, 'Man' at Monmouth, Letters, Summer Music at the Old Court Hotel, Carnival Day, Competition Winners, Sexy Football, Recruiting for Ross Phoenix Majorettes, Lea Bell, Weather Figures.
  • 26th July 2006 - Issue No. 105 - Farewell Alison, Ross Live Ceilidh, Matt, Great Vintage Roadrun, Jazz at the Phoenix, Goodbye Mr. Howard, Peterstow Fete, 24 Hours of Table Tennis, Tourism Money from Europe, Topical Photography.
  • 19th July 2006 - Issue No. 104 - Matthew, Music at Ashfield Park, ALPS Student of the Year, JKHS Tennis Finals, Richard's Coin, Carnival Events, Topical Photography, Rachel Barter, Letters, Heritage Centre, Nature Watch, Weather Station.
  • 12th July 2006 - Issue No. 103 - Ross Country Music Festival, 24 Hour Table Tennis Marathon for Acorns, Border Counties Vintage, Ancient Ross Trader's Token Found, Mordiford Dragon, Savoy Theatre, Monmouth, Ross Weather, Gorsley Goffs Fete, Visiting the Queen - Drug Education, Mayor at the Bandstand, X-entricity, Rowing, Newent-in-Bloom.
  • 5th July 2006 - Issue No. 102 - Supporting Weston FC, Recycling Electronics, Ross Live!, Gorsley Festival, X-entricity 'Best Bits', Goodrich, Walford and Brampton Abbotts Fetes, Wayne and Gemma, Weather Station, Nature Watch, June Visitors, Competition.
  • 28th June 2006 - Issue No. 101 - The White Lion Festival, Theft Information Please, Exhibition of Art Design and Technology at JKHS, Ross In Bloom, Silver Medal Cyclist Oli Beckinsale, School Fetes, Brampton Abbotts Helping in Uganda, Treasure Hunt, Bring a Bear, Visit from Down Under, Learning Walk, Violette Szabo Walk, Blot on the Landscape, Queen's Children's Party, Supporting Macmillan, Nature Watch, Ross Weather Station, Competition.
  • 18th June 2006 - Special Publication: Theft from my home in Cawdor.
  • 14th June 2006 - Issue No. 100 Wyenot News 100th Edition, Thanks from the Queen, Scout Camp at Walford, Gon Fishin!, Ross Supporting England, Letters, JKHS, Children's Book Train, Rock & Fossil Roadshow, Race for Life, Ale & Cider Fest, Revision Breakfast Club, Competition - Weston FC, Felling the Beech, Nature Watch, Weather Station, In Memoriam.
  • 7th June 2006 - Issue No. 99 Ross Community Hospital Fete, Open Gardens in Aston Ingham, Old Pump House, The Beauty Island, Fairies and Goblins, Belly Dancing at the Market, Summer Spectacular Competition, Visitor Figures, Bishop at Upton Bishop, Topical Photography, Nature Watch, Ross Weather Station, Captain Flint, Tina - Organ Grinder.
  • 31st May 2006 - Issue No. 98 - Bank Holiday Monday in Ross-on-Wye, Meanwhile, 10 miles away in Coleford, Meet the Swallows, Ross Pre-school Shop, Rugby, Various other articles.
  • 24th May 2006 - Issue No. 97 - Ross Rugby Club Presentations, Crafts and Charities Markets, Thank You, Ross Juniors' Tournament, Weston Birds of Prey, Letters, Prince of Wales, No Free Photo, Bounce-a-Thon, Ross FC Presentation, Happy Birthday, Topical Photography, 1970s Friends.
  • 17th May 2006 - Issue No. 96 - Carnival Princess, Mayor Making on WNTV, Llangrove Church, White Lion Vacancies, August Festival, Teddy Bears' Picnic, The London Snickers, Kate Long, Topical Photography, Musical Moment - Letters, Bernard Taglivini, Money Box, Best Cans, Ross Rockets, Cricket, Cricket Pavilion.
  • 10th May 2006 - Issue No. 95 - Tarrant's Way Visits Ross-on-Wye, Congratulations Alan and Jennifer, Ross Mayor Making, Fifth Grammar School Reunion, A Mother's Pride, Wilton Ducks, Topical Photography, Letters, 25 Years Ago.
  • 3rd May 2006 - Issue No. 94 - Ceilidh for Breast Cancer, Celebrating the Queen's Birthay, Index to WNTV, The Sun King, Football Champs, Thank You - Off to Buckingham Palace, Macmillan, Topical Photography, Visitors, Garden Centre, Grammar School Reunion, Broome Farm, Letters, Rugby, Wyenot News Office.
  • 26th April 2006 - Issue No. 93 - Celebrating St. George's Day, Mayor's Golf Day, Letters, Nature to Music, Happy Retirement Peter!, In Memory of Jim Jones, Topical Photography, Rugby.
  • 19th April 2006 - Issue No. 92 - Great Crested Newt, Churches Together for Easter, A Bird in the Hand, Well Done Ross RFC, Digital Listening Post, Ross Town Band, Locks off for Macmillan, Rare Baroque Passion, Photographic Society Exhibition, Topical Photography, Ryefield Centre Computer Courses, 150 Years at Llangrove Church, Letters, Opinion, Archive Ross-on-Wye, Nature Watch, Rugby.
  • 12th April 2006 - Issue No. 91 - New Look Ross Gazette, Rugby (Air Ambulance), Will Catcheside Award, Orphan Lambs at Mohair Centre, Walford Smoothies, Easter Bonnets, Pre-school Coffee Morning, Tree of Remembrance, Topical Photography, Ross Lions Quiz, Nature Watch.
  • 4th April 2006 - Issue No. 90 - New Whitchurch Bell Tower, Spring at Gorsley Goffs, Walking Away From Rehau, Wild Easter Fun - Wendy, Hydrogen Monoxide and the L' Oréal Principle, Visitor Figures, Whitchurch Easter Bazaar - Strange but true, First Responders, Nature Watch, Whitchurch ITC Suite, Topical Photography, Archive Ross, Heritage, Onion Fayre, Rugby.
  • 29th March 2006 - Issue No. 89 - Weston School 1908 to 1913, Hydrogen Monoxide Cause for Concern, 161 Years of Birthday Celebrations, WWII at Gorsley Goffs, Bare Bones Triumph, Topical Photography, Nature Watch, Rugby.
  • 22nd March 2006 - Issue No. 88 - Successful Mayor's Charity Ball, Happy 65th Birthday - John!, Lions Race Night, Size Matters at the Ross Gazette, A Year at the White Lion, St. Josephs, Have Your Say, Charity Markets, Herefordshire's Heritage, Everyday Vocabulary, Rugby.
  • 15th March 2006 - Issue No. 87 - Roman Brooch Found Locally, Matt Beddard Aerobathon, Work Experience at the Tower of London, Oops - Disabled Parking in Ross - Bridstow Rugby Shirts - World Book Day, Cabinet Member Visits JKHS, Young Enterprise, Winter Retires - Happy Birthday, Girls' Rugby, Rugby.
  • 7th March 2006 - Issue No. 86 - Publication Day Change, Jobcentre Plus, Skipping and Hula Hooping, Aztecs, Viewer Statistics, Video Experiment, A Look at Betzdorf, Sue Ryder Volunteers, The Arts, Topical Photography on World Book Day, Nature Watch, Business Support, Community Forums, Pre-school Mums and Kids, Elephants, River Tales, Rugby.
  • 28th February 2006 - Issue No. 85 - Three Peaks Challenge, The New Look Y-Zone, Star Lab at School, Herefordshire Pond & Newt project, Video Experiment Continued, Topical Photography, Old People's Voice, Tina, Hydrotherapy for your Dog, Microsoft Help Please?, X-entricity Monmouth Production, Nature Watch, Elephant Day, Rugby
  • 21st February 2006 - Issue No. 84 - Hope & Anchor Caving Expedition, Hanover Housing in Bloom, Betzdorf Visit, Janey Lee Grace, Invitation to Tina's Leaving Party, Sea Cadets help Acorns, Video Experiment, Readers' Photographs, Topical Photography (lots of it), Elephant Day - Rugby.
  • 14th February 2006 - Issue No. 83 Live BBC Interview, Latest Ross-on-Wye Otter Photographs, Men and Motors (Wyedean Rally), Ross-on-Wye Kingfishers, X-centricity Oscars, Dandelion Killers - Letters and Readers Photographs, Heritage Centre Elephants III, Rugby
  • 7th February 2006 - Issue No. 82 Ross Pre-school Playgroup, The Otters, Sleeping Beauty, Golf Unites for Acorns, January Visitor Figures, Cycling for MS, Walford Scouts at Leadership Trust, Big Schools Birdwatch, Important Notice, Samaritans, Topical Photography, Nature Watch, Ross Boys trained by WBA, Heritage Centre Exhibition II, Howle Hill Football.
  • 31st January 2006 - Issue No. 81 The Elusive Ross-on-Wye Otters, Sixth Form Success, Men and Motors, Symonds Yat and Wye Valley Tourism Network, Heritage Centre Trunk Call, February Half Term, Topical Photography, Nature Watch, Readers' Letters, Readers' Photos, Rugby.
  • 24th January 2006 - Issue No. 80 Mrs. Joyce Thomas MBE DL, Advice at Age Concern, Printing Workshop, JKHS Adult Learning Centre, Meet Eric, Topical Photography, Nature Watch, Readers' Photos, Rugby, Oops!
  • 17th January 2006 - Issue No. 79 Bill Harris, Champion Vanessa, Ross Country Music, Ross Live 2006, Eerie Views, Letters, Can you help Macmillan, Topical Photography, Whilst it is quiet, Bethan Dawes, Rugby.
  • 10th January 2006 - Issue No. 78 Ronald and Win, Viewer Figures, Caroline Carr, William Harris, Topical Photography, Heritage Centre, Readers' Photographs, Letters, Rugby.
  • 3rd January 2006 - Issue No. 77 Ross Ringing in the New Year, A View from Space, Planet of the Apes, New Year's Day Fun Run, Topical Photography.
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The 2005 Editions of Wyenot News
  • 28th December 2005 - Issue Number 76 Christmas Lunch at the Ryefield Centre, That Was 2005, Ross Soldier in Pakistan, Boxing Day Rugby, More Folk 'n' Jazz at the Hope, Ross Majorettes, Topical Photography, Letters.
  • 20th December 2005 - Issue Number 75 Snowy Rose Racism Harms Catford, Christmas Carnival, The John Kyrle High School Page, Shopmobility, Christmas at School - Rugby, More Christmas Topical Photography, The Ross-in-Bling Awards 2005.
  • 13th December 2005 - Issue No. 74 Bernard Matthews, Christmas Carols in the Maltings, Goodrich Music, Santa in the Maltings, Ross Town Band Memorial, Rotary Club Senior Citizens' Christmas Party, Happy Birthday Daniel, Topical Photography, Ross Action Committee, Violette Szabo Calendar 2006, The Ross-in-Bling Awards 2005, Nature Watch, Rugby.
  • 6th December 2005 - Issue No. 73 Advent Market, Christmas Lights, Community Forums, Roaming Robots, Upton Bishop Christmas Fayre, The Year So Far, Novice Practitioner, Dedicating the Crib in Hereford Cathedral, A Night at the Races, Letters, Topical Photography, The Ross-in-Bling Awards 2005.
  • 29th November 2005 - Issue No. 72 Wye Street Fire, Glynn Retires, Community Forums, The Wyenot News Potters Bar Reunion Party 2005, New Rock Foundation, Topical Photography, Belly Dancers for Children in Need, Advent Market, Stars and Stripes at Much Birch, Ross Ladies Football, Rugby, More Topical Photography.
  • 22nd November 2005 - Issue No. 71 Lance Corporal Steven Sherwood, Gorsley Goffs, The Wyenot News Hall of Fame - Paul Randell and the Zebras, Potters Bar Reunion 2005, Children In Need Day - Rugby, Nature Watch, Bears for Burundi, Archive Ross-on-Wye, Flood.
  • 15th November 2005 - Issue No. 70 Remembrance Sunday, Recognition for Soldier, Sir Peter de la Billiere at JKHS, Report from Kampala, Breast Cancer Charity Day, Fish out of Water, High Water in Ross, Life, The Universe, Potters Bar Invitiation, Eva's 100th Birthday, Lea and Goodrich Schools.
  • 8th November 2005 - Issue No. 69 Hope & Anchor Fireworks, Ross Lions Fireworks, Eddie Deakin, Potters Bar 2005, Pre-school Mugs, Happy Birthday Amy, Lottery Jump Start, Chief Constable, Topical Photography, Stats, Bowls, Readers' Letters, Readers Photographs.
  • 1st November 2005 - Issue No. 68 Alton Road and Waterside Flood, Potters Bar Invitation 2005, Wild Play in Tudorville, The Devil's Name Is Dave, EnviroAbility Volunteer, Mobile Museum, Painting Fungi, Ambulance Station, Blues at Goodrich, Sons of the Delta, Shopmobility, Nature Watch.
  • 25th October 2005 - Issue No. 67 Sea Cadets Light Beacon, Pink for Cancer Care, Business As Usual at the Hope, Archbishop at St. Frances, Ross-on-Wye Celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar, What's in an Acronym?, Ugandan Help from Whitchurch Primary, Rugby, Nature Watch, Heritage Centre at Half Term, A Look Inside Rudhall Manor.
  • 18th October 2005 - Issue No. 66 Fundraising for Sue and Dave, In the Pink, Postman James, Thank You, Girls Football, After Match Drink, Bishopswood Bowls, Reaching the parts, Gorsley Skipping, Football Kit, Letters, Rugby, Reader's Aerial Photos, Ross Macmillan.
  • 11th October 2005 - Issue No. 65 The Motoring World Mourns Michael Park, Ross Phoenix Majorettes Represent England, JKHS Open Evening, Gorsley Goffs, Letters, NADFAS 10th Anniversary, EnviroAbility Looking for Volunteers, Topical Photography, Environmentally Friendly Farm, Happy 75th, Heritage Centre.
  • 4th October 2005 - Issue No. 64 Happy 100th Anne, The French Market, Creating the Climate for Change, The Curious Savage, Michael Park Funeral, Success for Local Business, RiB, Figures, Eclipse, Letters, Mechanical Organ Museum, MacMillan Coffee Mornings, Topical Photography - Smiles Foundation Roadshow, A Picture Tells a Thousand Words.
  • 27th September 2005 - Issue No. 63 Flavours of Herefordshire Award, RiB Presentation, Pram Pushers' Pub Crawl, Bridstow Crossing, Keeping up with the Joneses, JKHS Trainee Teachers, 1,000th Child, Ross Live!, Topical Photography, Nature Watch, Cutting through the Poop.
  • 20th September 2005 - Issue No. 62 Strange Miscellanies h. Art, Welcome Back Linton Village Fete, Sarah Jones Tour, Photos on CD?, Topical Photography First Day at School, National Sheepdog Trials in Ross, MOD Exercise 'Fast Moving', RNLI Salty Dog Walk, Tony Griffiths 50, Nature Watch, Civic Sunday and New Mayoral Chain, Ross Rugby High Score, Article - Things that go Bump in the Night?
  • 13th September 2005- Issue No. 61 - More RiB Awards, Chamber Concert at Hom Church, NFU Road Show, An October Solar Eclipse, New 'A to Z' of Wyenot.com, Moving Up to JKHS, Topical Photography, Found in Broad Street, Birthday & Wedding, Nature Watch, Viewer sent in, Archive Ross-on-Wye, Found in Broad Street.
  • 6th September 2005 - Issue No. 60 - Mamma Mia - What a Show, Ross Wins Gold, Trikers and Bikers, Llangrove Flower Show, Take Your Dog to Work Day, Visitors, Naming the Thieves, Out of This World, Topical Photography, Nature Watch, Mamma Mia - The Day's Events, Mamma Mia - The 'Abba' Performance.
  • 31st August 2005 - Issue No. 59 - Rock-on-Wye, 'Scribendi', More Rock-on-Wye, Letters, August Arts Day, Successful Ross Regatta, JKHS GCSE Results, Lucky Debbie, Mamma-Mia at Upton Bishop, Warm Welcome for Charlie, The Lea Show, A Vintage Birthday Bash, The 'Great British Market', Whitminster Reptiles, Topical Photography, Ross in Bloom Results.
  • 23rd August 2005 - Issue No. 58 - Rock-on-Wye, JKHS A-Levels, Building a Uganda School, Happy Retirement René, Goodrich Cricket, PGL Remembering Peter Lawrence, Lucky Lorraine, Christo and Ave, Newent Onion Fayre, Nissan 300ZX Owners' Meeting, Letters, Topical Photography, Nature Watch, Archive Ross-on-Wye.
  • 16th August 2005 - Issue No. 57 - An Evening of Bach and Mozart at St. Mary's, Vivaldi and Purcell, Herefordshire Council Community Forums, 50th Birthday, Diamond Wedding, Spam, Arts Day, Letters, For Sale, Violette Szabo Museum, Topical Photography.
  • 9th August 2005 - Issue No. 56 Ross Town Carnival, Ross in Bloom Results, Friday Night at Monmouth Festival, Letters, Wyenot News/Majorettes, Swimming with Sharks, Duck Race, Youth Workshop, Odd Object Competition, Topical Photography in the Library, Riverside Music for the Holiday, Presentation to Sea Cadets, Back in the '60s.
  • 2nd August 2005 - Issue No. 55 Living History in Ross-on-Wye, July Visitors, Carnival Day Preview, Ross Businesses in Bloom, Quakers' Open Day, Buggy Route, 18th Birthday, Wedding, Better Beef and Lamb, Granton House, Letters, Topical Photography, Nature Watch, Archive Ross-on-Wye.
  • 26th July 2005 - Issue No. 54 The Day of Judgement is Nigh for Ross in Bloom, New Photo Gallery, A Red Arrows Flypast for Mum and Dad, And John said, 'Let there be rock and roll!', Bursar of the Year Finalist, Graduations at Ashfield Park, Topical Photography, Ross RFC, Nature Watch, Archive Ross-on-Wye.
  • 19th July 2005 - Issue No. 53 Whitchurch Carnival, Majorettes Advertising Raffle, Reading Voyage, Walford School Story Competition, The Playtex Moonwalk, Potters Bar 2005, Support from Australia, Chestnuts' Table Sale, Goodrich Summer Singsong, Topical Photography, Ross-on-Wye from an Unusual Angle, Nature Watch.
  • 12th July 2005 - Issue No. 52 35 Years of Pre-school Playgroup, Fund Raising Strawberry Tea, Ashfield Park Fete, Border Counties Vintage, Missed Photo Opportunity, Whitchurch Primary School, Proud of Ross-on-Wye, Ross Fire Brigade Open Day, Biblins Benches Commission, Topical Photography, Ross-in-Bloom, Heritage Centre, Letters, Archive Ross-on-Wye.
  • 5th July 2005 - Issue No. 51 Majorettes British Champs, Circle of Hope, Topical Photography, Festival Madness, Gorseley Goffs Fete, Ross Junior Football Tournament, Visitor Figures, Students Go Bananas, Gorseley Goffs Girls Football, Nature Watch - Lightning, Photos from Unusual Angles, Archive Ross-on-Wye.
  • 28th June 2005 - Issue No. 50 Bridstow Primary School Fete, A Strawberry Tea, Sea Cadets, Nappy Mountain, Big Arts Day at Bridstow, Sponsored Wheelie at Fownhope, Ross Rebels Football, Topical Photography, Midsummer Moon Nature Watch.
  • 21st June 2005 - Issue No. 49 Schools' Carnival, Linton Festival, Bishopswood Flower Show, JKHS Summer Ball, Y-Zone, Lea Primary School, Real Nappies, Topical Photography, Nature Watch, A Tribute to Mum - Norma Evelyn Wood.
  • 7th June 2005 - Issue No. 48 Moon Walk, Unintentional Festival, Wye Valley Transport Group, Town Barbers, May Stats.
  • 1st June 2005 - Issue No. 47 Arts Day, Bandstand, Nigel Griffiths, Farewell Jacqui, Around the Schools, Sellack Butterflies, Topical Photography, Archive Ross, JKHS Reunion Ball.
  • 24th May 2005 - Issue No. 46 Wok and Roll, Amy's Award, Ready Steady Win, Pub & Club, Rugby Awards, Ross in Bloom, Nature Watch, Lea School and Gorseley Pre-school, Photographic Memories, Topical Photography, Archive Ross-on-Wye.
  • 17th May 2005 - Issue No. 45 Jacqueline Danter, JKHS Leavers' Ball, Chain Reaction, Grammar School Reunion, Mile of Pennies, Lucas Motorcycles, Nature Watch, Archive Ross-on-Wye, Heritage Centre.
  • 10th May 2005 - Issue No. 44 Mayor Making, Upton Bishop Pets Service, VE Day, Barrs Court Walk, Ross Under 10s, Rugby President's game, Nature Watch, Topical Photography.
  • 3rd May 2005 - Issue No. 43 Wardour Garrison at Goodrich Castle, Ashfield Park School, Gloucester Police Choir at JKHS, Westons Cider 125th Anniversary, Admiral Lord Nelson, Political Candidates, Topical Photography, Nature Watch, Archive Ross-on-Wye, Web Site Stats.
  • 26th April 2005 - Issue No. 42 JKHS Jubilee Ball, Whitchurch Whizzkids, Mayor's Golf Day, St. George's Day 2005, Ross Motor Sports, Ross in Bloom.
  • 19th April 2005 - Issue No. 41 Enda Brady / John Chinn live TV interview, St. Weonard's Primary School, AGA Open Day, Topical Photography, Terry Nation's 'Survivors' article, Nature Watch.
  • 12th April 2005 - Issue No. 40 Ross Motor Spots Award, Cinderbury Ironage Experience, Council Forums, Heritage Centre, Bandstand, Cricket, Rugby, Nature Watch, Archive.
  • 5th April 2005 - Issue No. 39 Vikram Solanki at Ross Cricket Club, Phil Price Photographer, Larruperz Centre exhibition, Topical Photography, Nature Watch, Archive.
  • 29th March 2005 - Issue No. 38 Goblin Next Door, Success story, John Williams Retirement, Photographic Society, Inner Wheel, Breathe Easy, Brian Moses, Topical Photography, Nature Watch, Archive.
  • 22nd March 2005 - Issue No. 37 Whitchurch Primary School Bazaar, Birthdays, Heritage Centre News, JKHS A-Level PE, Topical Photography, Nature Watch, Sport, Letters.
  • 15th March 2005 - Issue No. 36 Dennis Humble, Lea School Ready Steady Win, Ferraris and Morgans, Topical Photography - Red Nose Day, Toy Library, Heritage Centre.
  • 8th March 2005 - Issue No. 35 Ross Action Committee, Abbotsfield Tree of Remembrance, Visitors, Rena Russell, Festival, Topical Photography, Archive.
  • 1st March 2005 - Issue No. 34 Wilton Castle, NHS 'Think Clean Day', TIC, Rotary Club, Sons of the Delta, Topical Photography, Nature Watch, Archive.
  • 22nd February - Issue No. 33 HRH Duke of Kent, Aston District Gangshow, Topical Photography, Nature Watch, Readers' Photography, Archive, Letters.
  • 15th February 2005 - Issue No. 32 Cross-country Champs, JKHS Masterclass, Chris Robertson, Topical Photography, Nature Watch, Archive Ross, Letters, Rugby.
  • 8th February 2005 - Issue No. 31 Fancy dress at JKHS, Heritage Centre in February, Doug Eaton, Topical Photography, Nature Watch, Archive Ross.
  • 1st February 2005 - Issue No. 30 Guys and Dolls at JKHS, Nature Watch, Archive Ross, Skittles, Visitors.
  • 25th January 2005 - Issue No. 29 Tsunami Fund-raisers, ReBox anniversary, Horse & Jockey, Rugby, Topical Photography, Archive Ross, Nature Watch.
  • 18th January 2005 - Issue No. 28 Angie Osborne Safe, Art Cases, RiB 2005, Nature Watch - Waxwings, Topical Photography, Archive Ross.
  • 11th January 2005 - Issue No. 27 Rosswyn Fire Update, Helen Faulkner, Angie Osborne, Topical Photography, Archive RossFootball, Letters.
  • 4th January 2005 - Issue No. 26 - New Year's Eve in Ross-on-Wye, Fun Run, 2004 Review of Wyenot.com.
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