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If you would like to have a letter published on this page of 'Wyenot News', whatever the subject - maybe you are trying to trace a long lost friend or family member - maybe you want to moan about something in Ross or even say that you like something in Ross - whatever the subject, email: alan@wyenot.com.
Genealogists: Please note that I cannot personally get involved, or even the slightest bit interested in genealogy enquiries. I always fall asleep before getting to the end of the first paragraph of genealogy enquiries - even about my own family. All I can do is publish your letter of enquiry and wait for somebody to reply, so please make your enquiry brief.

10th November 2010: Jenkins and Nieves?

Hi Alan,

My name is Janine Wozencroft. My mothers name is Georgina Smith nee: Pearson. She is looking for old school friends from what was then, Ross-on-Wye Secondary Modern School 1960 - 1965. The names are Susan Jenkins and Denise Nieves most likely to have married names now.

Please would they email J.wozencroftwozencroft@btinternet.com.

Many Many thanks,


(If any of our readers know either of these people, perhaps they would be kind enough to point them in the direction of this letter. Thank you. Alan)

27th October 2010: From a local film maker

Hi Alan,

Letter to the editor.

Re: 'Since beginning this 'Week in Moving Pictures' series, I have received lots of 'can you please send me this video, or these photos?' I cannot email the files - they take up gigabytes and amount to quite literally thousands of photographic images. Also, an awful lot of work goes into the photography and production of this programme. If you would like a copy of either the complete video, or the photos of your event, I can put either or both on either a DVD ROM, or copy the files onto your own memory stick at a cost of £20 per disc / file copy - call to collect. For personal use only - not for broadcast or for publication elsewhere.'

Another interesting time-lapse / video sequence this week. Ref. your estimates and charges above. They may seem excessive to some but I think your rate seems rather conservative. I am currently processing some time lapse / video sequences, each set of time lapse images took between 20 minutes and 6 hours to to produce. The batch processing of the these images to prepare them for video assembly another 2 - 3 hours per 10 second video clip and I still have the final video to assemble and edit. Take into account the software and hardware that you have purchased to process and produce the images then these hidden costs + Time + Travel start to soar.

Despite the above many will wonder why you have not used the word FREE in your article :-)

Best regards,


Thank you very much Mike! I am glad you enjoy the weekly video and I am glad that someone out there understands the amount of time and cost involved in the production of these and keeping the rest of 'Wyenot' going.

It's the same with anything on Wyenot. Everybody wants it but very few want to support us financially. Even after 10 years, I am mostly financing Wyenot out of my rapidly depleting pocket and if things carry on this way I will no longer be able to do so and it will disappear.

A couple of years ago, I decided to try making a very small charge (£5.00) for events listed on our 'What's On' page - only for people who do not support us by advertising. The very week I did that, people stopped sending in their 'What's On' events and the page rapidly became completely void of upcoming events. To keep the page going for the sake of the town of Ross, I ended up dropping the charge. The very week I did that, dozens of 'What's On' listings began to arrive again.

The 'What's On' page is one of the most widely visited and used pages on the entire web site. Ross Country Festival and Jamstand for example grew massive as a direct result of being listed free of charge on our 'What's On' page and getting seen by visitors from all over the UK.

People write to me (admittedly, usually when they want something else listed) telling me how successful their previous 'What's On' listings have proved to be for their events.

Ross-on-Wye is a town where most want things but few want to contribute financially. The word 'FREE' must have been drummed into the population during their primary school days, in the same way that my primary school teacher drummed into me (quite rightly) that the letter H, is pronounced 'aitch' and not 'haitch'.

If Wyenot vanishes because I can no longer afford to keep it up, the people of Ross will wonder, 'What happened to that?'

20th October 2010: Ross Beaver Scouts


Some 3 weeks ago, Sam Punn wrote to you regarding the closure of the Ross Beaver (Scouts) Colony. As Secretary of the Scouts Parent Support Group, I too was shocked and saddened by the decision not to grant Jenny a Warrant to continue leading the Colony.

Jenny started working with Scouts back in 1985, starting as a parent helper and gaining a Warrant as a Cub Scout leader in 1986. In 1987, she opened the Beaver colony in Ross where she held the position of Beaver Scout Leader. In 1989 she took on the role as ADC (Assistant District Commissioner) for Beaver Scouts; this enabled her to run District events and trips. Whilst serving as ADC she maintained her position as the Beaver Scout leader. Jenny has also held other posts in the Scouts Association including training roles, membership of the County Executive Committee and District Appointments Secretary. But in Jenny’s own words “With all these roles my one passion has always been being the leader of the Beaver Colony…”

With all that time in Scouts, Jenny will be known to so many in Ross. My own son, like so many others that went before him, loved his time under Jenny’s (and Lisa’s) leadership and it stood him well to move onto Robin Shaw’s Cub Pack and more recently to Scouts. I too have enjoyed the opportunity to learn from Jenny’s immense knowledge of the Scouting movement.

However, due to Jenny’s long time in post as ADC and due to local re-organisation, she was no longer able to hold the post as ADC; many of us felt she would (obviously) be given a Warrant to continue leading ‘her’ Beaver Colony. But the ‘powers-that-be’ decided this was not going to happen.

In her letter Sam says…”Despite outcry from parents of the current boys and numerous attempts to communicate with those responsible for Jenny’s removal we have been left in the dark as to the reasons for it”. Well, unfortunately, the leadership have continued to refuse to explain the decision, even to myself as Secretary of the Group. From my own investigations, I believe that the decision is based on (what appears to be) a failure to comply with what I would describe as petty beaurocracy, Unfortunately, whatever the reason, it is the young children that have been most affected by all of this; in my opinion, that is inexcusable. I know of some that will not go back and some that will now not move onto Cubs; even Scouts membership may be affected.

I have asked the ‘leadership’ to respond to Sam’s letter but they appear to have decided against it. In fact, to date, I have had no response from them. That is a shame. At the moment, formal complaints (my own among them) are still being made to higher Scouts authority and we await the outcome of those complaints. I, like the majority, would love to see Jenny and her daughter Lisa back at the helm. They will be a hard act to follow. I fear the impact to the Ross Scout Group will be greater than some envisaged.

Ian Dewar
Ross Scouts Parent Support Group (Secretary)

5th October 2010: Fibre Optic Broadband

We have not just received one email on this subject, many individuals have written to me this week, asking me to publicize this particular link: www.racetoinfinity.bt.com, so many in fact, with virtually the same text that I am beginning to suspect that people might be unwittingly forwarding a viral advertising campaign organized by British Telecom themselves.

The Association of Ross Traders are also campaigning for people to vote in this on-line poll.

I am not a BT customer myself and I am quite happy to stay that way as my broadband works fine, but please feel free to use the link to vote if you feel that Ross needs to win this particular race to get hooked up with fibre optic broadband.

Re the television advertising campaign where they want people to write in and continue the story of Adam and Jane. How about... A Monty Python style 10 tonne weight falls from the sky and squishes them both.

29th September 2010: 10 Years of Wyenot

Hello Alan,

I would just like to congratulate you on 10 years of Wyenot.com. I know how much effort you have to put into such a big community site.

Well done!

Jeremy Hodges

Thank you, Jeremy for your kind congratulations. I will be making up some more films out of the archive material over the coming weeks, so hope that you, and others, enjoy those when complete. I did start gather old material together this week but got side-tracked.

29th September 2010: Re Mr. Hewlett's Ancestor

Dear Alan,

Re the letter from Mr.Hewlett regarding his ancestor. If he looks at the census records, online if he has internet, 'Find My Past' is the site to use. He should be able to find his grandparents.

Lovely website.


Thank you Barbara for your kind comment and this is useful information for all genealogists.

19th September 2010: Re the Flooded Wye in Time-Lapse

Hi Alan,

I just had to comment on this superb piece of work and pass on my thanks to the creator. As a life long angler, I have spent many hours by rivers across the country in all types of weather and this piece encapsulates the reasons for enduring the occasional bout of suffering. The River Wye is a beautiful river, one I have sadly missed seeing, and I will have to correct this very soon.

The piece of music used is quite haunting but there is no indication of what or who it is. Is it possible to let me know what it is?

Best regards

Chris Mortimer

Thank you for your kind comment Chris! The music is a track which I licensed from AKM Music and is from the film music CD, 'Celtic Spirit' (Possibly 'Celtic Odyssey' - I can't quite remember now).

19th September 2010: Why Remove Ross Beaver Scout Leader?

Dear Editor,

I am writing to you as a parent of a 7 year old boy who, until recently, has been a member of the excellent Ross Beaver Scout colony. This group has been run by mother and daughter, Jenny and Lisa Bundy who have done a fantastic job for many years and who will be known to many Ross parents.

Unfortunately those higher up in the Scout movement in Ross and Herefordshire have recently decided to remove Jenny from the group in a way which can only be described as shambolic and without any reason or regard for correct processes.

Under the leadership of Lisa and Jenny this group has, for years, provided a wonderful programme of activities, adventure and fun for boys in Ross aged 6-8 and I am sure many local people will be horrified to hear of their removal from it.

Despite outcry from parents of the current boys and numerous attempts to communicate with those responsible for Jenny's removal we have been left in the dark as to the reasons for it and I, and others, have been left with the impression that the local scouting movement is very far removed from its core aims of instilling in the boys a sense of responsibility and good teamwork.

My reason for writing this letter is to bring this situation to people's attention and to ask that those who have the power, reconsider this ridiculous decision and return two much loved leaders to the Ross Beaver Scout colony,

Best wishes,

Sam Punn

7th September 2010: Early 1900s Church Ministers?


My great grandfather, John Charles Hewlett, married to Harriet Price, lived and raised a family in Ross-on-Wye in the late 1800's. They moved to Tonyrefail, Wales in the early 1900's. I am told he was a minister while in Ross and I would like to verify this.

Do you know if there is any record of the names of the minsters who served in the church (churches) around that time? If you could provide any information that would help me trace my ancestry further it would be greatly appreciated.


John C. Hewlettn

3rd September 2010: Do You Know of 'Pilgrim's Progress' Tours?

Back in 1985 my husband and I visited Ross-on-Wye as part of a scheme run, or sponsored, by the Church of England, to help older (ancient!) parishes make a bit of tourist money. Each member of our tour group stayed with a private family (we stayed with Jane and Bill Watson; our tour leader was John Capewell, all of whom have probably long gone to greater things) and had a combination of a group tour, and a private guide to take us to all the secret places, such as the Crooked Church and Pen How.

I think this tour "company" was called Pilgrim's Progress, or something of the sort, but I can't locate any information on it. I have all sorts of photos, names of people in Ross-on-Wye, etc., but I obviously didn't save anything from the company itself. We heard from them for several years after our trip, but either they decided we weren't coming back, or they went out of business.

I know all of this is very vague, but we are finally in a position to return to the UK, and would like to do this again. If there is anyone around from 20-odd years ago who remembers this little project, I really would appreciate any information you could give me.

Many Thanks!

Dani Rice, in Bradshaw, MD

1st September 2010: A Vintage Thank You

Hi Alan,

Many thanks for your coverage of our Classic Vehicle Road Run on Monday last, I know many think you seemingly "do it for the love of it", but it still takes a lot of effort, and our group really appreciated you being there and filming. I've seen the coverage you gave us on "WYENOT .COM" today, and was most impressed.


Colin Davies

It's a pleasure Colin and thank you for supporting us! Alan

18th August 2010: Jamstand

Dear Sir,

After the Jamstand was canceled last Saturday I was approached by Jack to host a one night event in The Conservatory beside The Hope and Anchor, to cater to the people that had not heard the news of it being canceled and to accommodate some of the bands that were suppose to be playing over the weekend.

I must say that the way that Jack and co organized the venue (very quickly) into an area to accommodate the bands was very professional and efficient. The night was a great success with a massive turn out to listen to the bands that appeared on the night. I applaud a group of young people that are trying to keep live music alive when times are hard all round. I wish Jack and co every success for the Jam stand in October.


Debbie McNally
The Hope and Anchor

There is coverage of this event here.

18th August 2010: Two letters re videos

Dear Wyenot

This is a quick note just to thank you for your great videos and pictures, my daughter has moved to Ross and seeing your videos and pictures make me feel better about her moving away, also it has got me looking at houses in the area. Who knows, in a short while I too may be a "Rossonion".

Many thanks,

Mark Booton.

Dear Wyenot News,

My wife and I have just returned from our third holiday staying at Benhall Farm. Your website has been very useful indeed, it has also been interesting to see Ross-on -Wye, through the videos, at different times of the year. It is amazing the amount of water that came through the river during the floods. We were standing on Wilton bridge trying to imagine the high water line.

Are you able to tell me the music used in the flood video?

Keep up the fantastic work as we look forward to coming back.

Paul Billman
Fakenham Norfolk

Thank you both very much for the feedback. I wish your daughter all the best with her move to Ross Mark, and hope that you will be joining her soon. I'm glad you enjoy the videos and pictures.

I hope that you enjoyed your stay at Benhall Farm Paul and that you also have been enjoying the videos. The Wye is lacking in water at the moment and in fact, I am waiting for it to get deeper again to finish off another video covering Ross to Symonds Yat by river.

The music I used in the flood video is not available in the shops, I'm afraid. I have to buy special music for the videos, along with a license for the performing rights so that I can broadcast it. This is a lot more expensive than buying a CD but for info, it is a track from AKM music, from a film genre CD called Celtic Spirit. You may also hear it, along with other music on my videos in use during TV documentaries and film as many major TV companies use the same source.

I have already paid for internet and DVD broadcast but if any of my material is broadcast on TV, I have to fill in a cue sheet stating exact tracks used and duration in seconds, as a part of the license agreement and the artist then receives a royalty from the TV company, every time the film is shown.

1st August 2010: Thank You from Ross-in-Bloom

Dear Alan,

On behalf of myself and my team in Ross-in-Bloom, I am writing to thank you for all your help this summer in preparing Ross for the annual visit of the Heart of England in Bloom Judges. Could you please pass on our thanks to Tina who helped you with the preparations for the event, as well as all the hard work you both do throughout the year to help us with publicity? We could not do it all without your help.

As you are aware, the judges visited Ross on Tuesday, 20th July and seemed very impressed with what they found. At one time they were overheard to say that it was probably the cleanest and tidiest town they had visited this year. They were very impressed with the friendliness of the people in town as well as the efforts put in to make it bright and colourful. They also enjoyed meeting representatives of groups in the town as they were going around various areas.

The judges were particularly delighted with the Pigs Alley project (which was originally part funded by the Town Council and the Police) and the plans for the 'Walk of the Arts of Ross.' They were also pleased to be able to join in with the presentation of the major Community Spirit Award to Councillor Gordon Lucas for all his hard work throughout the town - not just for the visit but all year round in every aspect of the town's life. Next year we hope to show them the completed Pigs Alley as well as the completed 'Walk' if we can find some sponsorship to get sufficient copies printed for all the hotels etc.

I will be travelling with a member of my committee to Newcastle-under-Lyme on 16th September for the results. We have high hopes for a Gold award this year, but it doesn't really matter what we get. We are just very pleased with the way the town has rallied together this year. We all know that everyone has done their very best to promote their town and this is all that really matters. As they say, any publicity is good publicity to promote the town and to keep the economy buoyant, which is what we all work for.

Thank you very much again.

Margaret Lucas
Chairman, Ross-in-Bloom.

My apologies for not running this last week when it arrived. It came by post rather than email and just checking the computer rather than my desk, I missed it when compiling the news pages. Covering the splended work put in by the Ross in Bloom team is always a pleasure! All involved do a teriffic amount to keep Ross looking attractive.

6th August 2010: Jamstand

'Dear Wyenot, Ross Gazette and Herefordshire Council

In relation the council banning the Jamstand event due to Jack Baldus not applying for a license, this is sheer rubbish!

If you go down to the site I have counted five blue "Premises License" dotted around, signed and laminated by the council !

This is either a admin slip up by the council and they do not want to admit the mistake after it going in the papers and radio, or they just do not want it to go ahead full stop, due to a few minority residents complaining about noise levels. These are the same "fat cats" who have ties in the council that complain that nothing ever happens in Ross!. This is the one event the younger generation of Ross and the surrounding area look forward to each year since the festival was set up.

For us to penalized and the event organiser made out to be extremely incompetent by the Council and Ross Gazette is unacceptable when the right thing has been done. The police have already given an aggressive message to Jack to pass on to us, that anyone on the public grounds between the 13th-14th will be arrested for breaching the peace. Does this apply to anyone just walking by as well, people walking dogs etc?

I believe the event needs to go ahead as nothing has been done incorrectly and also an apology made to Jack by the council and media after being villianised by both. This is a very large event and for it to be banned for no valid reason will cause a backlash. I am one of many that would be happy to stage a protest at this decision.

Josh Hancox


We are simply publishing information about the event, which has, until receipt of this letter been provided by 'Herefordshire Council' only. We very much support Jamstand as an event, and indeed have promoted it right from the event's early days back in August 2007.

We are sad at the current situation, however it has come about (we do not have this information) and others, including the Jamstand organizers and the police are very welcome to send in their point of view for publication here.

Regarding any 'protest', we are not in favour of this and shall not take any side or become involved. We will just report any news as usual.

7th July 2010: More re Rod Stewart performing in Ross

Hi Alan,

With great interest I read the letters referring to the Jazz Club in Ross. What a wonderful era it was, with so many great memories and all happening in the little market town of Ross-on-Wye! No glamerous surroundings, just the old skittle alley but what music!

I can't remember Rod Stewart being there but I did see Alan Price, Chris Farlow, Zoot Money, John Mayall and I think the Bonzo Dog Do Dah Band and Arthur Alexander. There were so many others but 'senior moments' prevent me from remembering them all!

It was a real priviledge to be part of this unique music experience.

Mo Webb ( nee Barnwell )

2nd July 2010: Re Rod Stewart performing in Ross

I recently saw the letter on your site from Christopher Cash of Tasmania concerning the Jazz Club and the New Inn in Ross and whilst I don't remember hearing about Rod Stewart appearing there I do recall seeing a couple of other people who would be of interest to music fans of a certain age.

One would be Alan Price who had recently left the Animals at the time ( I guess around 1965 ) and played a storming set I recall. The other is someone who fans of soul music would find more interesting and that was Arthur Alexander, the American songwriter and fine singer in the 'southern soul' style. He would have been brought to the UK on the back of the success of several of his songs which were covered by many of the British beat and blues groups at the time, notably 'A shot of Rhythm and Blues', which was used a lot and became a hit for Johnny Kidd and the Pirates and also 'You'd better move on', which was included on the Rolling Stones first EP. Best known of all these days was 'Anna', which found its way onto the Beatles first album via a very respectful Lennon vocal.

I remember being very excited at getting the chance to see a real American soul singer play and sing live in my home town and was not disappointed in the least. As I recall the decor and set up in the back of the New Inn was pretty basic and I often wondered what Arthur must have thought about it all but come to think of it he had probably played in a lot worse places and treated a lot worse too in his home country.

I have not been able to find out much about his visit to the UK in the mid 60's or whether he ever came back again so would be interested to hear from anyone that knows any more on the subject. Biographical information about him on the web is pretty brief but like many black musicians at the time he does not seem to have gained financially from the success that others got from his songs and due partly to mental and physical health problems he faded out of the music scene for many years before making a brief comeback in the early 90's and then dying from a heart attack in 1993. Sad to realise that he deserved far greater success than he ever achieved but nice to think that a group of people in Ross-on-Wye were some of the few in the UK who got the chance to see a talented and original musician at work.

David Lewis

2nd July 2010: Ross Station Masters?

Hi Alan,

I wonder if you, or any of your readers, could assist me in compiling a list of Station Masters of the Ross On Wye Stations (I understand there were two, at one time) ? In particular, it is the persons who held the post from the beginning of the 20th century until closure by Dr Beaching.

Many Thanks,

Keith Brown

23rd June 2010: Does anybody remember Rod Stewart performing in Ross?


I have just arrived back in Tasmania from a very good trip back to the U.K.. The weather here is cold as we are approaching our 2 coldest winter months of July and August.

I really enjoyed my visit and spent time visiting relatives in Birmingham and in North Wales, with of course a few days in Ross-on-Wye and the surrounding areas. As a schoolboy I attended the secondary modern school (now John Kyrle) so the town brings many happy memories for me.

Many of the features of the the town have not changed, but I was surprised to see that the old 'Roxy cinema' is no longer as that was a real meeting place for us young ones.

One mystery does remain as, in 1966 (I had started work by then at ICI fibres in Gloucester) I remember a work mate letting me know a friend of his who was an upcoming singer was going to be appearing at the Ross jazz club and encouraged me to go along, the singer turned out to be Rod Stewart. The jazz club was situated behind the Eagle inn (was the New Inn ) in those days. I would be interested to see if any of your readers were at that show, or if any well known artists appeared there, at other times.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Christopher Cash

Chris Cash from Tasmania, who called in to see us during his brief visit to Ross.

9th June 2010: Looking for the Cardinal family

My department receives many enquiries from people looking for 'lost relatives'. I am looking for members of the Cardinal family. Olive Cardinal was the manageress of The Kings Head Hotel in Ross-on-Wye for 12 years in the 1950s and she had a daughter Rosemary Helen Cardinal date of birth 04/03/1929 who also worked at the hotel. The family name was Abrahall and Rosemary was educated at Ross Grammar School.

I wonder if any of your readers are able to help.

Georgina Gillard
Social Worker
Cornwall Council

If you are a member of the Cardinal family and would like to get in touch, please email us and we will put you in touch with Georgina at Cornwall Council. If you know the Cardinal family, please point them in the direction of this letter and ask them to contact us, if they wish to.

2nd June 2010: Thank You from newly elected Town Councillor Caroline Utting

Dear Alan,

I am delighted to have been elected by the residents of Ross West to represent them on the Town Council and will do my very best for them and the town of Ross. During the election campaign I received huge support from many people and I would like to thank them all especially those who spent many hours delivering leaflets, phoning and knocking on doors on my behalf. Their contribution to my success was huge and I am deeply grateful to them.

It is my hope that in the next few weeks The Ross Town Plan will be adopted by the Town Council and that we can begin to implement its recommendations as they will bring many benefits to the people of Ross. Copies of The Plan can be found at Swan House, the Ross Library and The Corn Exchange or directly from me on 01989 565685. I will also be continuing as secretary to the Association of Ross Traders whose work to promote the town is so important and so much fun. The next event we are involved with is an Italian Food Market which will be in Ross on Friday 11th June which should be a very tasty day.

Lastly I would like to wish the other two candidates, Margaret Lucas and John Gasston, the very best as I know they will both continue to work hard in the community and for the good of the town.

Yours sincerely,

Caroline Utting

26th May 2010: Thank You

Dear Mister Wood,

As my family is going to visit Herefordshire/Ross on Wye and other places, I was looking for information on the internet. I found your site, films and information about local shops and activities. May I use the expression "smashing!"? Thanks a lot for the information!

Jan De Leenheer

Thank you Jan and we are pleased you enjoyed your 'Wyenot' experience. We hope you enjoy your visit to Ross-on-Wye.

12th May 2010: Can you help Ebony get to Tanzania?

Dear Alan,

My name is Ebony Hodges, I am 14 years old and attend St. Mary's R.C. High School in Hereford. In 2011 I hope to take part in a world challenge expedition to Tanzania for a good and enjoyable experience. On Sunday I took part in a sponsored fun run in Reading and managed 5km. On Saturday, 15th May I am going to do bag packing in Morrison's supermarket, Hereford. I am also looking for other ideas to raise the £3,000 I need to complete the expedition. My school is linked with a primary school in Tanzania who we are hoping to visit. I will be keeping a diary with photographs of my trip to show everyone.

The party is made up of 20 pupils from years 9 and 10. Part of the challenge is to raise all the necessary funding ourselves. If you can help me with any ideas for fund-raising I will be very grateful for any suggestions. You can contact me on 078 541 767300.

Please, if you could put this on Wyenot, I would be very grateful.

Ebony Hodges,

Thank you for your letter, Ebony. We will do all we can to help you with your planned adventure. If you want publicity for future fund raising efforts towards your trip to Tanzania, just let us know. Maybe other people will also come up with ideas to help you. I do hope so! Alan

Ebony Hodges, Ross-on-Wye with her World Challenge certificate.

12th May 2010: Do you know these local families?

A couple of years ago I posted a notice in your magazine for family relatives of the Henry Penney Newman line, and was very successful! Thank you very much. I am now trying to trace on this particular family some other relatives which I have shown below:-

Christopher Morgan – born 1946, son of Hugh Morgan (wife not know at this moment), born 1918, and grandparents: William Morgan and Louie Lucretia (nee Newman). Also ,,,,,,, Bernard, Anthony, Desmond, Beryl (other brother Ronald deceased), children of Winifred Ivy Newman and Jack Phillips, grandparents: Henry James Penney Newman (Jnr) and Lucretia Lucy Le Grys, who owned the Temperance Hotel in Symonds Yat in 1901, now called the Forest View Hotel in Symonds Yat. If you could possibly post my request in your family history column I would be extremely grateful. I can also supply other detailed information on the ancestors of these families. The other relatives (first/second cousins?), being the 3 Newman brothers who own (have owned) farms in the local area.

Thank you very much indeed.

Kind regards

Alison Tessier

If you are able to help Alison, please email Alan@wyenot.com and we will put you in touch. (Please do not email me any family histories though - just a note to say that you can help. Thank you.)

28th April 2010: Sitting Ducks

Dear Alan,

These two mallard ducks appear to have taken up permanent residence in our garden for the last five days. Both are very comfortable. We are waitng for the ducklings to arrive!

Thank you Gordon.

If you have any unusual wildlife sharing your garden which you would like to share with readers, please send the photos in.

Nice green grass to graze on by Gordon Amand.

Guess who arrived at my back door.

19th April 2010: A Great Ross Condé Twinning Weekend

Hi Alan and Tina,

Ross-on-Wye and Conde-Sur-Noireau have just enjoyed this years twinning visit. We are now in our 32nd year of official twinning and it was the largest visit to date as 116 people arrived from Conde with a local football team aged 14/15 year olds.

Alwyn and I have been involved with the twinning for 30 years, and we have been staying with Louis and Marie Therese Laumonier for well over 20 years. Each couple has two daughters and each husband worked in the Fire Service. We have all watched our children grow up over the years and we were invited to and attended both their daughters’ weddings.

We are all now enjoying seeing our grandchildren becoming involved with the twinning as well. This year, Louis and Marie Therese stayed with us and Natacha (their daughter), her husband Thierry and children Maxence and Ambrolise stayed with our daughter Wendy and her family. The children all get on very well together and enjoy staying with Natacha and her family when we visit Conde.

Now that Louis has retired from the Fire Service, together with his son-in–law, he coaches the football team. His grandson plays for in Conde and decided to bring the whole football team to Ross-on-Wye to play against Wendy’s and Rod’s son's (Kieran) football team Ross Junior Colts. It certainly gave us a few headaches to start with but with the help of parents of the footballers and friends of the twinning committee members we managed to find accommodation for all who came.

On Saturday morning the French footballers and their host footballers were all invited to Ross Cricket Club, where Therese Warwick and her team had organized a Cricket taster for all the children, followed by Barbecue reception.

The two football teams played each other during the afternoon and were very evenly matched, at half time the score was 2-2 but in the second half Conde scored the winning goal. Ross did score another goal but it was unfortunately was offside and the final score was Conde 3 and Ross 2. It was a very good game.

A trophy was presented to the winning team, and also a Man of the Match player was chosen from each team by the opposite team and trophy presented. Man of the match for The Ross team was Dexter Churchus and Man of the Match for the Conde team was Maxence Legendre. There was an official presentation of the trophies by the Mayors of the towns at the Dinner on Saturday evening.

On Sunday although a Treasure Hunt, Pentanque and an English afternoon tea had been organized, Ross Junior Colts had a League football match to play and nearly all of the French players including both Coaches watched and supported the Ross boys, who I am delighted to say won 3 – 0 against Belmont of Hereford.

Sue Kirby

Thank you Sue. It was a good weekend and I enjoyed covering the various events. Our coverage of the weekend can be seen here.

And from France:

What a wonderful film and photos on Wyenot, I cried when I saw it !! it was very good to see that film and photos souvenir. Bravo to the photographer, please thanks Alan Wood for his job. lots of hugs to you all


It's a pleasure, Sylviane. I am pleased that you enjoyed your visit!

13th April 2010: BARKING (not mad) FILM

Hi Alan

I have just seen your 1960s footage on 'Wyenot'. Absolutely amazing - especially to see the vehicles of that era, (long live black & white). Isn't it a pity that the rest of us didn't think those days were important enough to film. You must be very proud you did. And the music was brilliant, just as if it were meant to be.

Keep up the good work.

Colin Davies

Thank you Colin. That series of films generated a surprising amount of interest and feedback when I uploaded them to Vimeo. I did so as a personal thing but they were enjoyed by many who don't know our family from Adam. Although I did the editing and producing, it was my father who shot the film (other than my odd, 'Can I have a go?' with his camera). I am currently filming the few surviving people in them, 'remembering those days' for a documentary type look back at our family and Barking during the 1960s.

You are absolutely right about the vehicles. And so few of them. Barking is a Greater London town and the streets in that film are packed with cars these days. I struggle to remember what I did an hour ago but can remember every single incident in those cine sequences being filmed. My personal favourite clips are the ship on the River Thames going under Tower Bridge and my little brother, Robert dancing with Carol - the girl next door. It was also nice to see my Dad's brother 'Reggie' who was 'Mongoloid'. Yes - that was the term we knew what is now called 'Down's Syndrome' as back then. It made no difference. He was a lovely uncle. Like Peter Pan - the boy who never grew up.

I have edited more of the footage since I ran the initial article, and the films edited so far can be seen in order below.


13th April 2010: LOCAL WILDLIFE

Hi Alan,

We are all familiar with the urban fox, now it's the urban partridge. The two photo's attached were taken in my garden on 05/04/2010 (good job the windows were clean).

Dennis Morgan.

Nice one Dennis! Oddly enough, I have seen three foxes this week - all of them 'urban' - none of them when I had a camera handy. One was after a rabbit just off the M1 when I overshot the M42 turn and had to leave the motorway at the next exit for a U turn late at night. There were only two vehicles about - mine and a police car. The policeman was sat in his car with his engine off, watching the fox. My van entering the scene gave the rabbit his chance to escape. My extra four miles that night was worth it.


Urban partridges by Dennis Morgan.



I am a former pupil of Ross County secondary school, attended between 1961 and 1965. Along with my family, I emigrated to Australia in 1967 and live in the state of Tasmania.

I am planning a visit to the UK in May, and will be spending a few days in Ross-on-Wye visiting the many places I remember from my younger days. I am particularly keen to meet up with any old school friends that may remember me as, over the years I have lost complete contact. I am also seeking the whereabouts of any member of the 'Hooper' family who lived in Gorsley, the same spot as me.

I am really looking forward to the trip and hoping that this message generates a response.

Thank you.

Christopher Cash
39 Riverside Drive


Dear Sirs,

Many local businesses will be disappointed to learn that their advertising boards which were placed around Ross Rugby’s new pitch at Greytree, at considerable expense, have been mindlessly trashed by vandals. About 15 boards have been kicked in or simply snapped in half.

This happened last week, right in front of many homes, and it would be good if any witnesses who saw anything could report what they saw to the police.

Yours faithfully,

Andrew Meek

The advertising boards vandalised during the week.

24th February 2010: PHILLIPS FAMILY?

Dear Alan,

I enjoyed the Wyenot website while Googling my ancestors, the PHILLIPS from Ross. I am interested to find more about my three times great grandfather Thomas PHILLIPS, who was born around 1810 at Ross and who became a Plumber/Glazier/Painter in South London, where I was born a lot later!


Perth, Western Australia

If any reader has information which might help Shirley, please email me and I will put you in touch. Alan

24th February 2010: VIDEOS

Hi Alan,

I just wanted to say that I have watched all the films on Wyenot and they are quite exceptional and very very enjoyable, as well as inspiring us to come and spend some time looking around the area.

We will be there in March finding all these places for ourselves. Choice of music for each film very well matched and added to the atmospheric tone. Can't wait to sip the local cider too! You are very talented.

Thank you,

Colin in Cornwall

24th February 2010: ANSWERED QUERIES

Just a brief note on answered queries:

By far the majority of times, when I publish a general enquiry or genealogy enquiry sent in by a reader, I receive many replies but they are more of a 'putting people in touch' nature than letters for publishing and so, not being involved myself, I put the parties involved in touch and forget about it.

Because the medium of Wyenot is more permanent and far reaching than a letter in the local newspaper, the letter does not end up wrapped around somebody's fish and chips and often, people read enquiry letters months after they have been already solved.

Rather than take solved queries down, which I am loath to do because they help other enquirers at a later date, I tend to just put a note at the end of the original letter. Often, people do not seem to read this bit and continue to write in offering help. This is pointless and just causes me more work.

I could of course, just put the sender's contact details with their letter but I am loath to do this because, last time I did that was on the occasion of lost family connections and once the issue was resolved, a Herefordshire newspaper picked up the story and ran a full page article about the big reunion, sending a photographer along and failing to mention that it was us who had made this reunion possible. There are a lot of people out their just waiting to jump on the bandwagon and take the credit.

This is one problem which, at the moment, I have no answer to. For the moment, I will continue to just add a 'solved' note at the bottom but if any reader can think of a better solution, I would be pleased to hear from you.

3rd February 2010: CAMPING AT THE WHITE LION

Dear Sirs,

I write in response to the article in Bridstow News, Volume 8 concerning the section of riverbank at the rear of the White Lion in Wilton and the negative views expressed by some local residents.

I have to say that during the considerable amount of time that I have spent enjoying this stretch of the river I have never witnessed anyone using the footpath being in any way inconvenienced by any activities occurring on this land. This land appears to be rigidly policed by the landlords and their staff so as to prevent any such inconvenience. I have regularly seen the landlord maintaining the riverbank to a very high standard even after flooding which is more than I can say for many other areas of the riverbank, in particular the unofficial campsite on the opposite bank where unscrupulous campers appear to be allowed to pitch their tents, unchallenged, leaving a deluge of litter and human excrement in their wake.

If the parish council wishes the landlords to maintain the land but not be allowed to use it perhaps they should consider a contribution towards its upkeep, or even consider purchasing the land! But then, of course, we would expect them to maintain it to its present standard!

Having myself been the victim of the effects of the current economic climate I applaud the landlords of the White Lion for their efforts to bring visitors to the town and create revenue for our remaining small businesses and the parish council and other negatives would do well to follow their example rather than channelling their energies into driving people away.

Yours sincerely

Andrew G. Morgan


Dear Sir,

I have emailed (early last year) the local church at Ross-on-Wye to ask if 'old' headstones for 1816 still stand and would engraving be visible, but I have heard nothing - so I take it they are not interested in someone from New Zealand.

Please, if you know anyone who is a Genealogist and is interested in the headstones of Ross I would appreciate you giving them my email address as I am travelling with a group and I have asked that we go through Ross on 1st July 2010 so I could see the head stones and take a photo for my Family History. My four times great grandparents (Andrews) are buried there.

Thank you I appreciate your kindness.


Betty Lark
Richmond, Nelson, NZ

SOLVED on 5th Feb: Thank you to all who have replied to this letter. I will put all parties in touch later today. Alan


Dear Wyenot News,

In response to the letter published on 19th January regarding the breast screening unit not being able to be sited in Morrison's car park, I would just like to add that when I enquired as to the reason why this had happened I was informed that it was only a temporary measure due to building work at the supermarket. This seems to have been confirmed in an article in the Hereford Times today.

My feeling is that if this is a service that could potentially save my life or that of others in the future then travelling to Hereford by whatever means then I will do it for as long as need be.

Keep up the good work.

Mrs Thompson.


Dear Wyenot News,

How much does our local supermarket value its customers?

When I rang the breast screening unit to rearrange an appointment for my wife, I asked why she had to travel to Hereford to have this done when the mobile unit has visited Ross previously. The reply was that the supermarket that they were using had declined permission for them to park there.

I understand that this unit takes up about six or seven parking spaces on the car park, and that people visiting the unit will also take up spaces which could be used by other customers and that the ladies visiting the unit might drive off without going into the store and spending money.

So ladies, the next time you are at the till paying for your weekly shopping, ask yourself, 'Am I really a valued customer or am I just a source of profit for this supermarket who is not worried about my well being, just how much money I am going to spend to boost their profits?'

Why does this unit have to use the supermarket? Why is there not an available source of electricity elsewhere in the town? Why not arrange for the swimming pool car park to have a supply of electricity available? Or would this mean a loss of money for the council from the lost parking spaces? There is a large, free car park in Wilton Road which would not result in a loss of revenue to the council but would possibly mean that a source of electricity would have to be installed which would mean Herefordshire Council spending some money in Ross, so this is probably a non starter.

What is the point of a mobile unit if it can't be mobile?

What was a fifteen minute visit to this unit has now become a two hour journey to Hereford to ironically visit the same supermarket chain. They obviously value their customers and potential customers more highly. So, this can't be company policy and must be down to the individual manager.

As this is the year of elections, please don't publish my name as I don't want to be accused of trying to score points with the electors by supporting any cause that comes along.


Name and address supplied.


Dear Wyenot News,

Readers may be aware of the 10:10 campaign, a grass-roots movement which seeks to persuade individuals and organisations to tackle climate change by committing to reduce their carbon emissions by 10% during 2010. At this week's Town Council meeting I proposed a resolution reading:

Ross on Wye Town Council applauds the 10:10 campaign and resolves to support it by cutting the carbon emissions for which the Council is directly responsible by at least 10% during 2010. We further commit to encourage individuals and organisations within Ross to join the 10:10 campaign.

I write to express my disappointment that five Town Councillors (Bramer, Cutter, Hyde, Lucas and Ravenscroft) combined to argue against the immediate adoption of the resolution, on the grounds that that could not see how such savings could be made. They instead out-voted the others present to request that I research in detail how such savings could be made. Several examples of possible savings were suggested by the opponents of the resolution, all of which were depicted as difficult, expensive or inconvenient.

The Town Council is currently awaiting the results of an energy survey, but a quick look at the accounts shows that we spend about £1000 on heating the Corn Exchange and about £1000 on floodlighting St Mary's church each year. These energy bills represent almost all the Council's carbon footprint. I explained to the meeting that insulating the Corn Exchange and replacing the St Mary's bulbs with LED equivalents would yield much more than 10% carbon savings but to no avail.

The message this obstinacy sends out to the people of Ross is not helpful. It tells them that some of their Councillors believe saving energy is difficult, expensive, awkward and of low priority. This damaging message is exactly contrary to the empowering message of the 10:10 campaign. The 10:10 website explains how small changes in lifestyle, such as avoiding waste or buying locally produced food, can make a big difference to carbon emissions (http://www.1010uk.org/). Saving energy can also save you money of course.

The opponent's message also ignores the Town Council's own recent experience with the Christmas lights. All the feedback on the 2009 lights in Ross has been positive, with several people commenting that these were the best lights Ross had ever had. Yet they used 80% less electricity than the previous lights. This shows that saving energy can be an opportunity to do things better, not a reason to bury heads in sand.

So far 53,776 people, 2,033 Businesses, 1,046 schools, universities and colleges plus 1,422 other organisations have signed up for 10:10. I am disappointed the Ross-on-Wye Town Council cannot join up this month but hope that good sense and a twenty-first century attitude will prevail at the February meeting to vote the resolution through.

Yours faithfully

Cllr Jane Roberts

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