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1st December 2010


Filming this week's 'Moods of the River Wye' was a bitterly cold experience but one I would definitely not have missed. The snow flurry sequence was shot over a period of about an hour from the Rowing Club on Friday afternoon but the really cold scenes - ice forming on the river - soon after dawn on Sunday and into the morning. The panoramic scene, which I split in two (the first half at the start of the film) was shot over a period of two hours, beginning at midday on Sunday.

Winter is attracting more wildlife back to the Wilton area and on Sunday at around 2.30pm, I thought I would shoot one more ice sequence and head for home. Whilst filming it, two kingfishers in battle over territory approached. I tried to catch them with the camera but they were too quick for me and flew under Wilton Bridge. It was then that I thought I saw a baby otter. I have filmed otters a few times in the past at the Wilton location but this otter turned out to be a mink. Not having fully set up the camera, I followed it as best I could as it ran along the bank but when it stopped I was able to set up right in front of it. The creature virtually posed for me, for about two minutes and I managed about 100 usable frames.

I was aware that there had been mink on this part of the Wye in the past but had never seen one and had imagined that the otters had driven them away. Mink on the Wye at Ross are quite bad news really as I believe they will eat virtually anything.

For the first time in some months, I also caught a heron fishing at Wilton. I think winter, or more likely, the lack of canoe traffic, is attracting the wildlife back to Ross. I hope you enjoy this week's 'Moods of the River Wye' and I will look out for more mink (and otters) over the coming months.

'The Week in Moving Pictures' including 'Moods of the River Wye' and the mink.

A frosty River Wye panorama.

A snow flurry on Friday.

By Sunday, the river is beginning to freeze.

At first sighting I thought this was one of the River Wye baby otters.

The mink is not frightened by either me or the camera.

It almost poses.

Looking directly at me.

Looking for food in the frost.

A heron catching fish at Wilton.
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