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20th October 2010


For the past seven months, the White Lion Inn at Wilton had become a place of conspiracy. A place where secret meetings, telephone calls and conversations have taken place and, shock! Horror! money taken from the till.

Despite how suspicious all this may sound, however, the goings on were not in the least bit sinister. You see, Landlord, Dave Newman will be 50 on 28th October and despite his protests of 'I don't want a fuss,' plans for a surprise party got underway and Dave's birthday was well and truly celebrated last Saturday evening. The party was arranged early as Jacqui is taking Dave on holiday for his actual birthday and apart from that, Dave would have verily twigged what was going on.

Dave had been led to believe that White Lion regular, Sue was holding a surprise 50th birthday party for her friend Andrea. All rooms were booked out for Andrea's family. In view of the number of expected guests, Dave made a note in the diary that normal food service would not be taking place that evening. Later on in the plan, Sue 'paid' Dave a £200 deposit for Andrea's party and you can only imagine the kerrching! in his eyes as he readily accepted the cash, which he found out later Jacqui had taken from his own till!.

When Dave was told the party was actually for him, he was more than surprised. The shock of how much his party had cost him sent him reeling. Jacqui pointed out however, that the pain of spending that much money was far less than the pain he would feel at reaching 50.

It was a lovely evening with lots of Dave's family and friends old and new turning up to help him celebrate. Near the end of the evening, Dave had yet another surprise. All of a sudden, another White Lion local, Andy Morgan announced, 'Dave Newman, this is your life!' and lots of laughter (from the guests' point of view) and embarrassment (from Dave's point of view) ensued.

We are pleased to say that Dave really did enjoy his party and Jacqui deserves to be congratulated for keeping the party one of the best kept secrets since.... well EVER! Happy birthday Dave. May you enjoy many more to come.

Part of 'Dave Newman, This is Your Life' can be seen in this week's 'The Week in Moving Pictures..

Dave cringes as his very first hair brush is produced during 'This is Your Life.'

Dave and Jacqui on their wedding day.

Dave's birthday cake took the form of a cash register.
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