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29th September 2010

.................................................................. part one: AD 2000

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Being already aware of the power of the internet, in May of the year 2000, having given up my job of the past 30 years, I thought it would be a good idea to give the town of Ross-on-Wye a presence on the world wide web - to put the town on the world map. Hardly anybody in Ross had a computer at that time, let alone access to the internet but the internet was already popular in most major countries of the world and around the cities of the UK. I don't know why Ross was so behind but it was, and nobody believed in what I was trying to do - especially Ross Tourist Information Centre. I went ahead and did it anyway though, knowing that one day, the penny would drop locally that the internet was the place virtually everybody would look when booking a holiday or weekend break.

From May to December, I photographed the town. I was a lousy photographer, learning what has since become the thing I am best known for. I spent months walking around the town, taking pictures, rejecting them and thinking how to improve them before taking them again. I soon twigged that it was sunlight which made all the difference. My camera at the time was one of the very first digital cameras, a Kodak, which I still have. By the end of the photographic exercise, it was quite literally held together with elastic bands, from where I dropped it so many times.

I built up the website in between taking the photos - completely from scratch, designing and coding then, what is still the basic layout of 'Wyenot' to this day. On December the 18th, I purchased the domain name '' plus some web server space and uploaded it. I officially launched the website on 2nd January 2001 by sitting at home, drinking a cup of tea and saying to Tina, 'Bugger me! Somebody just emailed me from America about Wyenot,' and the rest is history.

The film below shows the better photos I took in the year 2000. Sorry, I forgot to include the carnival pictures but they are still on Wyenot in the archives. The film also includes video footage of the nasty flood in December of that year. It can be watched full screen in 720p definition and I will cover the rest of the decade over the coming weeks. I hope you enjoy watching.

A Decade in Ross-on-Wye - part one, 2000 and a new millennium.

The Copse Cross Toll Cottage.

High Street and the Rosswyn.

Eddie Deakin's shop in Cantilupe Road.

Eddie Deakin in the doorway of his shop.

Carnival Day.

Brookend Street, flooded in December.
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