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20th August 2010

THE WYE VALLEY NIGHT SKY.......................

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'The Wye Valley Night Sky' is the the latest film for Wyenot and I hope, portrays another aspect the Area of Outstanding Local Beauty in which Ross-on-Wye is located - the night sky filmed from local locations.

The five minute moving time-lapse film is result of hour upon hour of standing in dark fields, on high places and visiting places like Arthur's Stone, mostly alone but sometimes with Tina, sometimes with other friends, time and time again to get the shots required. I shot the first scene for this film in August 2009, so it has been a year in the collecting as opportunities have arisen. Shooting the night sky is an extremely weather dependent task in this part of the world and, although I intend to build on this film and cover more places for next year, I am not holding up much hope for the rest of this summer, so have put together the scenes so far and will continue to film when conditions allow.

I hope that some will enjoy it - if your computer can handle it, try watching full screen at 1440 x 1080p definition. Filming locations include Brampton Abbotts, Foy Bridge, Wilton, Symonds Yat Rock, King Arthur's Cave and Arthur's Stone.

The Wye Valley at night.

Arthur's Stone - a scene from the film.
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