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10th August 2010


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Ross-on-Wye Town Carnival took place on Saturday and of course, we were there with the 'Wyenot' cameras. There will be more Carnival news items following in the general news from Ross on Wednesday but I know that most people usually cannot wait to see the photos, so we have run them below - all 4,233 of them!

I decided to cover the event photographically in a rather different way this year. Rather than run the video I shot of the procession passing by in the street, or pages of dozens of individual photos, which can never possibly include everybody, we have covered the whole day with a special 'photomotion' video. The video, which features as many people as possible, is 12 minutes long, made up almost entirely of still photographs and starts before the procession, while the floats were being judged. It goes on to show the procession through town, followed by scenes at the Rope Walk Carnival Field and the Ross Lions' Duck Race.

The only exception to the still photographs in this film is the one very short video clip of part of Bo Peep and the Aston Villa boy as the procession leaves the Ashburton trading estate. This clip happened by accident rather than design. With the intention of filming the crowd around the route, I attached a video camera to Tina's mobility scooter (she was in the procession as Britannia). Unable to fix the camera so that it was pointing forward for technical reasons (I had no bracket), I fixed it pointing backwards. Tina pressed the 'record' switch as instructed, however I had not considered the walkers behind with my 'ingenious' fixing method. As a result, I have about an hour of film of Bo Peep and the Aston Villa boy, who were walking immediately behind her. Next year, I shall ask the Fire Brigade if I can mount the camera on their windscreen.

I hope you enjoy this photographic coverage! If your equipment can take it, watch full screen in 720 resolution (I did not upload the 1080p render as the file size was too large).
Yes. I know there is a typo in the final credits, which I did not notice until too late but I am not going to correct this - there is just too much time involved.

Photomotion: Ross-on-Wye Town Carnival Day 2010.

Carnival Queen, Adele Brooke before the procession.

The Tudorville and District Community Centre float.

The Larks Skittles Team.

Ross Pre-school Playgroup.

Ross Razzmatazz.

The Carnival Princess and attendants.

Stalls on the Rope Walk.

The ducks reach the finishing line in the Ross Lions' Duck Race.
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