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7th July 2010 BRIGHTENING UP THE BARN WITH......................................
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The Cider Barn at the Ross Cider & Perry Co. has taken many guises. Under normal circumstances the huge barn contains barrel upon barrel of fermenting ciders and perries, which are produced at Broome Farm, Peterstow. Every now and then however, the barn is transformed and becomes a beautiful venue for a wedding, a dance hall for a ceilidh, an fantastic arena for their annual cider festival or a wonderful setting in which to stage an opera. At present, the cider barn has become an art gallery.

The walls of the barn were once very bare and it was thought that maybe a mural might brighten it up, but with the ongoing work at the farm, this idea wasn't really practical, so Mike Johnson and his team decided to tap into local talent and invite people to exhibit some of their works which capture the spirit and the beauty of Broome Farm.

The exhibition has been very successful and some of the artists have offered to donate any proceeds of a sale to the farm's chosen charity, which this year is Herefordshire Headway, a charity which helps those who have suffered a brain injury. They also give tremendous support to the families involved.

Due to the success of the exhibition, it is hoped to make it an annual event, giving local artists the opportunity to display some of their drawings, paintings and photography. Some of the works on display in the barn can be seen below. We could not include all of them but there were many other beautiful paintings by friends of the farm and some excellent photography by Phil Long.

Will the real Mike Johnson please stand up? Mike in the cider cellar as portrayed by Jean Howell.

Avril Fuller with her beautiful painting of the cider orchard in blossom.

Mo Webb of the Furze Pig Hedgehog Rescue Centre is also a talented artist.

Ian Mannall signing his painting of a treble clef with an apple on the tail.

A Cuckoo in apple blossom painted by Jackie Mills.

Some of the artists and friends get together to enjoy some delicious Broome Farm cider.
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