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9th June 2010 A COLOURFUL FIRST GARWAY FOLK FESTIVAL....................
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Located just a few miles from Ross-on-Wye, Garway is a sparsely populated and an historic region of Herefordshire once known (and still sometimes referred to locally) as 'Archenfield', which was a kind of buffer state between the Saxons and the Celts. With beautiful views from the easily climbable Garway Hill, it is an ideal spot for a folk festival to take place. That is exactly what happened over the weekend when the first Garway Folk Festival took place.

Needless to say, the event was a huge success, attracting visitors and performers from all around the country. The mainly sunny weather over the course of the event was a bonus and several hundred people enjoyed the atmosphere of the traditional folk music, dance and performances and parades outside and within the main stage area.


Excerpts from the first Garway Folk Festival.

Although we would like to have spent more time at the festival it was a busy weekend for local events and so we were only able to get to Garway twice during the festival. As a result, the short film below only shows excepts of what took place over the weekend. The film edit includes clips from folk duo, 'Dave Totterdell and Hillary Pavey' and the first group to appear in the marquee, 'Them Boonies' plus various clips filmed around the grounds. A lot more took place than this and next year, we hope to be able to cover more of the event.

Dancing outside the Garway Moon Inn.

A colourful parade on Saturday afternoon.


'Them Boonies' on Friday evening.

Inside the marquee.

Jim and Becki Neale.

The camp site on Friday evening.
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