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Strange things DO happen at the White Lion Inn, Wilton - there is no doubt about that! Tina works there and has told me things she has experienced. I have experienced strange happenings myself - when Tina and I have been looking after the pub during the owners' holidays and have been the only two people in the building. Previous owners of the building, from as far back as I have known it have also experienced strange happenings. Particularly in the Old Gaol restaurant, which is where my own experience of the unexplained occurred, whilst I was up there alone last year.

As to whether 'ghosts' are the souls of dead people though - I seriously doubt it. I am a 'ghost agnostic' and my personal theory is perhaps a little more eccentric/scientific - perhaps not. I believe that we live in the 'multiverse'. In other words, there is not just one universe but an infinite number of them. Time is a man made measurement and definitely not a constant. General relativity proves this. Time is relative to how fast two objects are travelling relative to each other and at the speed of light, time stands still. Before the 'Big Bang', time did not exist. Sometimes, and in certain places, possibly the different dimensions of the 'multiverse' meet. This is how I explain the 'ghostly' unexplained to myself but, having just made myself sound like a complete and utter head-case, I should not go into this further here.

Friday night and into the early hours of Saturday morning found me filming an overnight vigil at the White Lion. I was not involved - just filming what happened. Hereford Paranormal Investigation Group spent the night there with Landlady, Jacqui, her daughter, Rhianne, Tina and I. During the investigation, three major things happened. A knife appeared on a table in the Old Gaol restaurant - very similar to my own experience of cutlery being moved up there, which I had already explained to the team. A red ribbon which had been put away in a shed outside the building soon after Christmas mysteriously appeared on the stairs leading to the old gaol and a group in the cellar were frightened by loud bangs. Unfortunately, none of these things happened whilst I was actually filming. They all happened whilst I was outside, taking a break, so although I believe that they did happen, I cannot personally absolutely rule out more scientific than ghostly explanations.

Below, I have included some photos of the night's events. I will leave the reader to make up his / her own mind as to whether any of what happened on the night is 'paranormal'. I would be interested to hear opinions. Strange things do happen at the White Lion. However. Other than one happening - that of something touching Jacqui's arm - an event I do have on film but have not shown due to lack of time as my network broke down the day after, whether or not anything else did occur during the investigation, I am not entirely convinced either way.

A glass moving experiment by members of the team plus Rhianne and Tina.

In the Old Gaol before the vigil began.

Listening to Tina's experience in the cellar.

Tina describes a pervious experience in the cellar.

The team head back towards the bar from the cellar.

A knife appeared on a table in the Old Gaol whilst nobody was in the room....

...and a ribbon on the stairs.

The glass moving experiment.
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