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20th January 2010

HIGH WATER AFTER MELTDOWN......................

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In nuclear terms, the long, cold winter in Ross had a half-life of about 7 days. These photos of after the meltdown are really just for our 'Wyenot' record of River Wye levels. The views were taken Sunday lunchtime at high water, from Wilton and from the Prospect. At around midnight, temperatures dropped again to around zero Celsius and in Homs Road, as the flood water flowed from the drain, it was freezing, making the road surface extremely difficult to negotiate.

The webcams have been working overtime during the snow and then the flood and this has prompted yet another stream of letters telling me that the clock on the camera located at the White Lion is wrong. I am aware of this - it is an am / pm thing - the router is running 12 hours (and a few minutes) fast.

I will try to get this sorted but sorting it requires a combination of several important factors, all of which which have to occur simultaneously, starting a chain reaction. Firstly, I need to be at the White Lion. Then, I need to remember that the web cam clock is running fast and finally, somebody needs to be there with access to the room in which the web cam is located. My memory being what it is, the chances of all of these events occurring at one time are about as remote as the chances of a planet forming close enough to a yellow dwarf star, and with a moon orbiting it at just the right distance to create tides in the planet's oceans, allowing carbon based life forms to evolve in those oceans and find their way onto land, then evolve further - enough to fly to and investigate the moon which brought about their existence................... It could happen - but starting the sequence would require divine intervention.

Wilton Bridge.

Looking towards Ross from Wilton.

Fast water under Wilton Bridge.

Looking towards Wilton from the Prospect.

The Horseshoe Bend is filled in.

A Prospect Panorama.

At night, the floodwater exits the drains in Homs Road like a fountain.
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