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Issue No. 211 - Wednesday, 13th August 2008
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EnviroAbility Says; read and call us to get involved

Changes in the way recycling is going to be delivered to domestic properties brings a new challenge to Dennis and the team at EnviroAbility. We contacted him to ask for his thoughts on the way the changes are going to affect the volunteers and workers that form the heart of EnviroAbility.

Dennis told us, 'First of all we will need to accept that the people who have made this project such a success are going to miss the 'fun' that has accompanied the hard work which has made this project one of the most respected in the world.' Dennis went on to remind us that the project went through two international judging panels to be accepted and recognized as being in the top 27 most exciting projects in the 'world.' He was emphatic that whilst his name was on the award it was actually the energies of a mixture of the volunteers and the public that use the Blue Box scheme that got awarded the 'Beacon Prize for England.'

He recalled the days when he first moved into the area in 1993, to manage a service for people with disabilities in an isolating day centre for 'those people' at one end of the Town. He recalls the funny looks he got when he shared his vision of a future when people would be recognized for their ability to lead by showing that 'doing' can be fun. Now, what was an isolating Disability Centre is a thriving Community base, providing an important venue for all sections of the community. That is now history, however and Dennis added that we need to look at the threats to our current position and develop positive plans for the future.

He said that a very definite danger is that people think that it has been the Blue Boxes that made the difference. It is a worrying time for the volunteers and their carers, as for many this has been their first experience of being recognized because of their contribution, rather than accepted because of their disability. 'We know that our volunteers benefit from having structured opportunities organized for them,' said Dennis. 'It is understandable to hear people are worrying about the withdrawal of opportunities for the disabled, but it is good to hear the recognition of the fact that it is the energy that this group bring to the community that should not be wasted.'

Dennis said that all concerned should be proud of the support that has been offered to ensure a positive future for all those concerned and says that positive offers have been received from all sections of the community. He told us that the public will learn more of those and have the chance to join in over the next few months as the ideas unfold.

'We need to look to the future,' said Dennis, 'but let's not forget that many years ago it was EnviroAbility and it's supported volunteers that led the way to kick start comprehensive kerbside recycling. At the moment we see a gap of opportunities that will exist as recycling moves onto co-mingled, for most domestic households. Obviously we will always be around to help look at backfilling any problems as the service unfolds. But thanks to financial and practical support from Herefordshire Council it is time for EnviroAbility to move on to the new opportunities and the next challenges that allow us to make the most of the energy and enthusiasm of the volunteers.'

Challenge 1. If we have a holistic look at healthy communities, we recognize that without industry we don't have jobs. Which is fine but all agree that industry needs to do their bit for the protection of the environment. To be honest most businesses agree but we recognize that there are limited opportunities for them to get practical support to achieve these objectives. They should be pleased to hear that in a shared initiative with the Council, EnviroAbility intend to bridge that gap and aim at offering a one stop service to help them achieve the shared outcome of a healthier environment. We will work up a comprehensive service starting in the Ross area but envisage working with others to ensure that this opportunity will role out and be available to all of Herefordshire.

Challenge 2. Both the volunteers and the public will miss the groups turning up with a smile and a helping hand in most areas of South Herefordshire. We understand that Textiles will not be able to be managed in the commingled service. We had a student on placement with us from the Bulmer's Foundation who had an interest in textile recycling. She worked up a project that looks practical and really exciting, thanks Emma. It will not only enable people to continue to come to villages to pick up from kerbside but it brings with it loads of opportunities for all sections of the community. It will offer a lot more than the current sell to the public to make money and the rest off to rags. Each item will be seen as a valuable resource and it may actually provide a chance for someone that benefits from sensory activities to seek out and save the buttons for reuse. Again we are looking forward to working with others and we see no reason why this should not spread and be offered to all the residence of Herefordshire.

Challenge 3. If we are going to take up challenge 2 whilst we are on your doorstep why don't we include other items, print cartridges for example. We would love to hear of any other suggestions that could get missed. We make no promises but we are happy to consider your ideas.

Challenge 4. Can we attract the involvement of enough people that want to see things happen? Come on, think out of the box! In care homes for the older population are there a few people that would like to get involved in button recycling? Are you already involved in voluntary work , perhaps because the person has a disability, how about the pair of you getting involved and sharing the contribution.

Dennis's last comment was that we need to recognize what we refer to as thinking out of the box is not a birth right, some people like the idea but it doesn't come natural to them. Dennis said he will be happy to meet individuals, small or large groups to help them work up some ideas, as whilst it may not be a birth right it is some thing we can get better at with practice. He said that he has never met anyone that honestly wants to get involved that he has not enabled. Are you the same, as we need a team of enablers as well?

Councillor John Jarvis, Cabinet member for Environment and Strategic Housing said, 'The announcement by Herefordshire Council last week that the weekly collection is here to stay and a fortnightly collection of CO-mingled recyclables will start in autumn 2009 across the county has meant that the excellent and popular 'blue box scheme' in it's present form is not compatible with the new requirements. We have been determined from the outset that the good work done by EnviroAbility cannot be lost but must be built on. With this in mind we are funding a review of options, in particular regarding commercial waste. A successful pilot in the Ross area will mean we can extend this scheme throughout Herefordshire. Our blog has received many responses to our suggestions, and the helpful articles in the local papers have brought many ideas. This has shown how we can all work together to get the best result for the people of Herefordshire.'


Sarah Carr Discusses Future of Re Box Scheme

Local Liberal Democrat Parliamentary hopeful Sarah Carr and Ross LibDem Councillor Chris Bartrum met with Dennis Humble and Antony Lowther of the multi-award winning Ross based EnviroAbility on Monday, 4th August.

Sarah requested the meeting following the decision of Herefordshire Council to consult on the future of waste collection across Herefordshire and the impact on the popular EnviroAbility 'blue box' recycling scheme. Sarah Carr wanted to hear first hand from EnviroAbility about how the consultation could affect them, how they could continue to be involved in kerbside recycling and to hear of innovative new EnviroAbility projects currently under discussion that would continue to involve the local community, promote the environment and actively involve disadvantaged groups.

Sarah is a passionate supporter of increasing recycling across Herefordshire for both homes and businesses and of the work of EnviroAbility. In 2007, Sarah launched a 'Waste Charter for Herefordshire' in order to encourage Herefordshire Council to build on best practice and offer recycling across the county including recycling collected garden waste rather than it being sent to landfill.

Sarah said, 'EnviroAbility is a fantastic local organization. It is a truly Ross initiative which helps all local people take a role in improving the environment. Local enthusiasm for the 'Blue-box' scheme is clear to see and whatever Herefordshire Council decide to do about recycling to improve the service across the county they must not reduce the service that the people of Ross and surrounding rural areas already participate in. I fully support EnviroAbility in their innovative work and in developing Community Owned projects that provide opportunities for disadvantaged people.'

During the meeting Sarah and Chris received full briefing on and a walking tour of EnviroAbility projects in Ross including the free book-swap-shop in Cantilupe Road and the 'Bring-Site'. Sarah also discussed initiatives such as the ink cartridge recycling service, Ross Shop Mobility and 'Green Nappies' with EnviroAbility staff members.

Spirit of Cricket Summer Camp

John Kyrle High School was the venue for this year’s MCC Spirit of Cricket Challenge three day summer camp, in which over 100 children took part last week.

The MCC is committed to encouraging young people, particularly schoolchildren, to get involved in cricket and with this in mind, the MCC Spirit of Cricket Challenge was developed. The Challenge is a coaching and playing programme designed to introduce cricket to primary schoolchildren, and to encourage them to play the game in the right spirit from the first time they bowl a ball or pick up a bat.

The main aims of the Challenge are to provide primary schoolchildren with a fun introduction to cricket, to facilitate the continuation of cricket coaching within schools, and to encourage children to continue playing the game by representing the school team or joining a local club.

Initially, a qualified MCC Spirit of Cricket coach works with five schools in each of the participating areas - in Herefordshire this year, this has been Ross-based working with children at Ashfield Park, Brampton Abbotts, Bridstow, Lea and St Joseph's Primary School. During these visits, the coach introduces cricket-related skills and activities, and organises mini-games between the children.

A skills tournament was held in July against other local schools involved in the Challenge at Ross Cricket Club - and this added a competition element to proceedings. Brampton Abbotts school ran out winners. During the summer holidays, a three-day fun cricket camp was held. While every effort is made to encourage youngsters who have taken part in the schools’ skills sessions and tournaments to attend, the camps are also open to any other child who wishes to take part (aged 8+). During the three days, the children were encouraged to further develop specific cricket skills and to take part in games and competitions.

With a view to encouraging future cricket development, any child who has taken part in the Challenge will have their membership costs to the local cricket club covered for next season. The camps are staffed by fully-qualified, experienced coaches, and, on the final day, a professional player joins the fun.

'We were delighted to meet James Brinkley (ex-Durham, Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Scotland) to encourage the children, sign autographs and present the prizes,' said Therese Warwick of Ross Cricket Club.

The MCC Spirit of Cricket Challenge has been endorsed by the Minister for Sport, Gerry Sutcliffe MP, who said, 'Involving children and young people in sport is fundamental to the well being and future health of the nation. Grassroots initiatives play a vital role in this, inspiring children to get involved in sport from an early age. The MCC Spirit of Cricket Challenge introduces cricket to those who haven’t played before, giving them the chance to learn more about the game and start developing skills that they can take into the future.'

Ross Cricket Club would particularly like to thank Christiaan Ferreira for co-ordinating the event and give huge thanks too to the MCC staff, the coaches and most of all the children for making it a fun, play hard, play fair experience!

Ref: DSC_6764






Ross-on-Wye Weather Station Readings
Figures for week commencing Monday, 4th August 2008
n Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun.
Sunshine (hours) 0.5 0 3.7 5.2 2.6 0 8.4
Rainfall (mm) 2.2 5.3 0.4 2.4 0.1 9.9 0
Rainfall (inches) .19 .21 .02 .1 .01 .35 0
Maximum Temperature (°C) 20 20 24 23 21 19 21
Maximum Temperature (°F) 68 68 75 73 70 66 70
Minimum Temperature (°C) 12 14 16 15 15 12 13
Minimum Temperature (°F) 54 57 61 59 59 54 55
Soil Temperature at 10cm Depth (°F) 63 63 64 66 64 63 63


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