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Issue No. 211 - Wednesday, 13th August 2008
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'Observing' the First Pressing for This Year's Cider

I had just eaten my lunch in town on Thursday and was walking back to my van when I received a call on my mobile phone from Mike at Broome Farm. They were about to press the first apples of the year for this year's cider and journalist, Matt Carroll from the Sunday Observer was at the farm, about to take part in the cider making process for an article in the national newspaper. Matt did not have his camera with him and needed somebody to take photos to go with his article. I was asked if I would like the job.

I spent a great afternoon at the Farm with Matt as he involved himself in the whole cider making process, from 'panking', which is knocking the apples from the tree with a stick, right through to pressing the apples and tasting the extracted apple juice.

The photos below are four of the photos I took during the course of the afternoon. They are not necessarily those which will be appearing in Matt's Observer article about both the cider farm and Broome Farm B&B - which should appear in next week's 'Observer'.

Gabe Cooke, Matt Carroll and Henry Hewitt collect the first of this year's apples. Ref: DSC_6520

Matt Carroll pours apples into the pulping machine. Ref: DSC_6609

John Edwards and Matt Carroll build up a stack of apple pulp ready to be pressed in the cider press. Ref: DSC_6703

The stack grows larger. Ref: DSC_6732

New Rainbows Unit for Ross

A new Rainbows unit is opening in at the Scout and Guide Hut on Thursday, 11th September, which is good news for parents of girls between the ages of five and seven years.

Rainbows are part of the Girl Guiding movement and have lots of fun, enjoying games, stories, craft activities, trips out and the outdoors.

The group will meet on Thursday evenings between 5.45 and 6.45pm. For further information, please contact Jules on 01989 568941

Inner Wheel Shop opens to support the Air Ambulance

Local public figure, Mrs. Joyce Thomas MBE DL was pleased to open a new shop for the Inner Wheel on Thursday. The shop, which is run by volunteers from the Inner Wheel will be raising funds for both Ross Community Hospital and for the Air Ambulance.

In the photograph, Mrs Thomas can be seen at the opening with volunteers, Inner Wheel President, Barbara Kirkham, Sue Gosling, Sylvia Cole, Irene Farrington and Ardith Erickson.

Ref: DSC_6760


My father was born in Whitchurch, Nr. Monmouth on 18th January, 1900 at the address of Cookes Cottage, Whitchurch. I visited Whitchurch yesterday in an attempt to trace this cottage, but it would appear that cottages change names with new occupiers, hence I was unable to achieve what I had set out to do.

I have written to the Herefordshire Archives in an attempt to perhaps trace this but wonder if you may have any information which could be of help to me. Also, I would like to know from the Baptism records of the church in Whitchurch, whether my father John George Bennett was christened there.

My Grandparents eventually moved on to Dorstone where Grandfather was Station Master until his untimely death in 1913. Any help or advice that you could give to me as to whom I could contact would be very much appreciated.


Dorothy Southwick [nee Bennett] 51 Hazel Way, Snedshill, Telford, Shropshire TF2 9HL Tele - 01952 614269 email -

Ross Horticultural Show

The 73rd Ross Horticultural Show took place at the Larruperz Centre on Saturday and there were a staggering 700 plus exhibits on display.

As well as beautiful floral displays and prize fruit and vegetable exhibits, there were also photographic displays, delicious cakes, jams and preserves and some very well though out miniature gardens.

We spoke to Chairman, Jack Coleman, his wife Ann and co organizer, Bridget about the event for WNTV News and it was a pleasure to see Ross Town Mayor, Councillor John Davies there, who had been invited to present some of the many trophies and prizes to the winners.

Phillip Hart, President, Jack Colman, Chairman, Humphrey Marshall, Vice-Chairman Other Committee members: Ann Colman, Elkie Dennis, Philip Dennis, Janet Dickson, Bridget Forsdike, Ken Howells, Gwyn Hurren-Edwards, Megan Kear, Gerald Kear, Eileen Richards Joyce Salmon, Anne Slater. Unfortunately Treasurer, Richard Marsh is nott in the
photograph. Ref: DSC_6781

Chairman, Jack Coleman show us some of the prize winning blooms. Ref: DSC_6770

Mayor Davies presents Jack Coleman with a rose bowl. Ref: DSC_6778

'Murder Most Foul' in Ross-on-Wye

David and Amanda Ingham of Credenhill, Herefordshire have come up with a unique set of walks around local towns and cities that will get people out and about exploring the area in a fun and involving way.

'Murder most foul has happened in the beautiful market town of Ross-on-Wye. One of Janet Johnson's descendants has been murdered just as he was about to start investigating what had happened to his great great grandmother's valuable collection of antique clocks. Can you help solve the clues and work out who the murderer is and what weapon was used? Submit your answer and you could win a prize! '

This is just one of many fictitious stories used by David and Amanda when creating their Treasure Trails around local towns! The walks are aimed at getting people out and about exploring the county. They are suitable for all ages and will appeal to both visitors and locals. Each trail leads participants around their chosen location, by following a series of questions based on historical and factual information. It is a quiz and guided tour all rolled into one and requires participants to 'solve the clues to see the sights.'

Fourteen trails have been written across Herefordshire and Worcestershire and a cash prize will be offered to a winner drawn from all correct entries for the year. More Trails are due to be added over the next few weeks. Trails can be downloaded by families and individuals by logging onto the national website

Some are written in a murder mystery format - a 'murder' has been committed and the answer to each clue is a name or a date that must be eliminated from the list of suspects and possible weapons. Others are written around a map of an island and the clues will lead to the location of the buried 'treasure'. Still more follow the format of a Spy Trail. Here, the task is to foil the plot of a master villain and deactivate a device hidden somewhere in the area.

David Ingham OBE, Manager of Treasure Trails Herefordshire & Worcestershire, believes the trails will genuinely enhance not only the visitors' experience of Herefordshire and Worcestershire but also that of local people. 'The Trails are a combination of fun, physical and educational activity which encourages people to see the towns they walk around from a different perspective. They always find more than they are looking for!'

For further information contact: Amanda Ingham, Treasure Trails Herefordshire & Worcestershire 01432 760082 or 07736 305648


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