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Issue No. 206 - Wednesday, 9th July 2008
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Page 2 [Folk Funk and Rock at the Farm - Much Birch Accident - Phone Boxes - Mordiford Bridge Closed - Exhibition - What's Happening in Ross - Public Notice - Rowing - Weather]
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Presented by Tina Jones

In this week's programme we meet Rita, the winner of the Herefordshire Housing Gardens Competition and we speak to Mel about the Carnival but this week's programme is mainly a Music Weekend Special. I spent the weekend at The Farm and Tina came along on Saturday. We covered some really excellent live music at the event, ranging from blues to heavy rock via folk and funk.

For those who are old enough to remember Mary Hopkin - 'Those Were The Days' - Mary's daughter, Jessie Morgan was at the farm for the weekend and performed two sets. On Friday, she performed solo and on Saturday, she played her rock set with the band 'Flick of the Wrist'.

Jack Baldus' band 'Funkosphere' performed a fantastic set on Saturday evening, which gives a great preview of what is in store at the coming 'Jamstand' festival. I have made this programme somewhat different from the usual by adding some video effects to the music. I hope you like them.

After interviewing Jessie Morgan, Tina and I were caught out by a surprise interview ourselves on Saturday. Roger Lovell and Sophie Wagstaff had secretly planned to interview us for WNTV and we were certainly asks some questions we were not expecting. What's a sex life, Roger? Running Wyenot, we hardly ever even get to go to bed at the same time, let alone any of the hanky panky stuff.

We hope you enjoy the programme. If the rest of this week's news appears very hurried. I have been out most of today - our main news prep day - photographing the Heart of England judges. Tempus has fugited a bit too rapidly for us to cover everything in as much detail as we hoped.

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Fatal Accident at Peterstow

Police are appealing for witnesses following an accident on the A49 at Peterstow on Saturday in which a 67 year old man died. William Edward Lewis of Coleford, Gloucestershire, died after his vehicle was in collision with a tractor on the A49, opposite the Red Lion Inn Peterstow on Saturday morning. All of the emergency services, including the Air Ambulance attended the incident and Mr. Lewis was pronounced dead at the scene.

Three vehicles were involved in the accident: a double-decker bus, a JCB tractor and a VW Golf car. The bus and tractor were heading North on the A49 when the tractor collided with the bus and then the VW Golf, which was heading in the Ross direction.

The driver of the tractor was arrested by police on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving but was later bailed by police whilst further enquiries are completed. The Coroner has been informed of the death and an inquest was expected to be opened and adjourned today (Tuesday, 8th July).

The A49 was closed for several hours on Saturday whilst police crash investigators carried out an examination of the scene and the site was cleared of debris. Police are anxious to hear from any witnesses who have not yet contacted the police who may have seen the collision or who may have seen the vehicles involved immediately prior to the crash. Anyone with information is urged to contact PC Bob Anning of the Roads Policing Team at Hereford Police Station on 08457 444888.

The partner of Bill Lewis, who died on Saturday has since spoken of her 'loving partner', an avid Arsenal fan in a media tribute. Bill was born in Woodcroft near Chepstow, Gwent, where he lived for many years, before moving later in life to the Forest of Dean, latterly in Berry Hill, Coleford. He worked at Brico Metals and Duramin in Lydney, before moving to Rank Xerox in Mitcheldean, where he spent 28 years of his working life.

After the death of his first wife, Bill met his partner Margaret Price, who said of Bill, 'He was a loving partner, father and grandfather, who enjoyed many hobbies including gardening, crosswords and most of all sports. Football was his passion and he was an avid Arsenal fan. This would prove interesting on occasions as I am a Liverpool fan.'

An update on the Prospect Discovery

The substantial and enigmatic masonry structure identified during the course of repairs to the Prospect wall has become the subject of ongoing detailed investigation and recording by 'Border Archaeology', on behalf of Herefordshire Council. The aim being to resolve questions about dating the foundation and finding out about its former use.

Regarded as Roman due to the large amount of pottery of that date recovered during the initial investigation, the building's unusual plan, consisting of a square structure with a circular inner chamber and a large posthole feature in the centre, of the chamber, along with its elevated location overlooking the river suggests either that it was a temple, possibly originating as a native shrine in the late iron age - as suggested by the circular plan of the inner chamber - a 'pharos' (or lighthouse, the only surviving examples in Britain being the two located at Dover) or a watchtower.

No conclusive dating evidence has yet been found however and an alternative explanation has been proposed - that the structure is a medieval dovecote, possibly belonging to the Bishop of Hereford, due to its proximity to the former Bishop's Palace, which fell into disuse after 1356.

If Roman, the discovery would be of especial importance as no structural evidence of Roman occupation has been found within the town, although nearby settlements have been identified ate Weston (Ariconium) and at Coughton. The specific plan of the building is extremely unusual and further research will be carried out to establish parallels with buildings found on other archaeological sites.

Further excavations carried out along the south edge of the Prospect have identified more widespread evidence of occupation, which appeared to predate the masonry building. This consists of the partial footings of a structure that was subsequently truncated by a series of ditches and gullies associated with a later phase of occupation, containing substantial quantities of Roman pottery. Associated with these ditches and gullies were a hearth feature and a series of postholes which appeared to relate to a later structure, also of Roman date.

Taken as a whole, the structural remains identified to date appear to represent several phases of occupation on the site.

Archaeologists at work on the site on Tuesday. Ref: DSC_5846

The posthole in the circular inner chamber. Ref: DSC_5850
'The Halt' Self Catering, Homs Road, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire. Broome Farm B & B and Restaurant, Peterstow.

I would like to say thank you to Roger and Sophie, and to Mike, Phil and to everybody else at Broome Farm, including those who work there and those who attend the events regularly. It was so nice of you to think to interview Tina and I for WNTV on Saturday evening and your comments at the end of the interview renewed my faith in what we are doing here.

To tell you the truth, this past couple of weeks here have been extremely hard, in terms of keeping up with the workload (to put it mildly) that I have very seriously thought about selling 'Wyenot' and getting out of it completely. I even wrote the 'FOR SALE' notice last week but was persuaded by Tina at the last minute not to run it. Whilst preparing the last two issues of 'Wyenot News' and 'WNTV' I have begun work early in the morning and seen the dawn rise before finishing four times during the 14 day period - and that is on top of the running round filming, taking photos and reporting.

Last week's filming of Tina's presentation for the TV programme did not take place until 1:30 am because we just could not prep it enough before that time. It has been totally exhausting! Tina is suffering dreadfully with a bad back, which it would seem nothing short of a skeleton transplant will cure and I have wanted to scream at the phone calls asking me to attend functions and 'events'. The fact is - I have created a monster in 'Wyenot' which is growing so fast that I am struggling to keep up with it.

Age is bringing aches and pains here and there with it for both Tina and myself and we are both totally exhausted. I do want to think about retiring, so I am seriously considering the sale of 'Wyenot'. If I do sell though, I want to make sure that it goes to the right type of business - a company which can and would look after it, and keep it up and running for the benefit of Ross.

Wyenot is a rapidly growing concern with many advertisers and huge potential for much more advertising revenue, which I just do not have the time to fully explore. In the right hands it could become a gold mine and it could be a saving grace for say, one of the local newspapers, or a local tourism organization, neither of which seem to have kept up with the times.

I am not necessarily out to sell today as I definitely do not wish to sell to a 'Mickey Mouse' type organization who might let 'Wyenot' slip. I am planning my future though! So if you would like to make me a serious offer, you are welcome to send in a bid. Offers would have to take into account the eight years of non-stop work I have put into making 'Wyenot' the success that it has become. I do have a reserve figure in mind (which I do not intend to publish).

The sale would include the domain names ',, and' plus the complete web site (everything that is on the web server including the web sized, already published images and the web sized video but not the originals of either. I wish to retain the copyright on those for future generations). I most definitely would not wish to work for any company purchasing the package - not even as a consultant. I would wish to switch off from it completely and take the time to enjoy my other interests before I die. To put out the 'GON FISHIN' sign for good.

Most importantly: I am not desperate to sell, so I will hang in there until I am absolutely certain that whoever takes over will look after 'Wyenot' and that the price is right.

Old Court Farm - Self Catering at Symonds Yat.

Walford, Ross-on-Wye

Quality Childcare from birth to 11 years

Jo Gilmour Ofsted registered Childminder

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James and the Giant Peach
by Jo Gilmour

The Phoenix youth group performed an amazing three night production of 'James and the Giant Peach' last week. The show opened on Thursday to a full house and all of the cast were fantastic.

Emily Netley and Polly Brown were hilarious as the evil aunts. All of the insects were splendidly cast and Ben Morris Jones played the centipede who remembered and recited many amusing poems which were well received by the audience. Ladybird, played by Ela Gilmour, was very glamorous with her feather boa!

With a cast of over 20 and a large production team, this was a brilliant night out at the theatre. Congratulations to everyone involved and to Emma Holloway who directed them all brilliantly.

The cast of James and the Giant Peach


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Goodrich Greenspace Officially Open

Over 250 people turned out on a wet and windy day for the official opening of the Goodrich Greenspace community recreation space in Goodrich village on Saturday. The space was opened by Jean Marshall long term resident of the parish and was officially named the 'Moors Meadow' after the original title on the 1838 tithe map.

Entertainment on offer included Lydbrook Silver Band, songs by the pupils of Goodrich Primary School, a pig roast, tea and cakes, and a bar. Young and old alike looked to be thoroughly enjoying themselves despite the inclement weather. Including marching to the Silver Bands.

The area includes a childrens playground, wild flower meadow, trees, seats, paths and a magnificent bridge designed and built by Dave Owens and the children of Goodrich School. The space is designed to be used by all ages of the community with conveniently placed seats to rest and enjoy wonderful views of the Wye Valley. The project has taken two years to come to fruition and has been funded by several different organizations.

Lance Harbord, Chairman said, 'Thank you to all who worked so hard on the project and who made such a success of the day , we are proud to have opened the space and that everyone has turned out with such a good community spirit to celebrate. We hope everyone will enjoy using the space in the years to come.'

Community marching to the tune of Lydbrook Silver Band.

Children of Goodrich Primary School.

Jean Marshall snipping the ribbon.
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60 Years of the NHS Celebrated in Ross

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate, Sarah Carr met with hospital staff, local health practitioners and hospital volunteers at The Chase Hotel in Ross on Monday, 30th June to join in celebrations to mark the 60th anniversary of the NHS.

Hereford Hospitals NHS Trust and Hereford Primary Care Trust hosted the event with a wide range of exhibition stands ranging from The Stroke Team, Infection Prevention, Adult Protection and Maternity. Mrs Carr was also able to see memorabilia, photographs and anecdotes of the NHS in Herefordshire over the past 60 years including from Ross Community Hospital League of Friends.

After the event Sarah Carr commented, 'I have been delighted to join in the celebrations of our NHS as it turns 60 and to meet so many Herefordshire NHS staff who work incredibly hard to meet the growing needs and expectations of patients. I am sure that with all our support our National Health Service will continue to adapt, evolve and deepen the esteem in which it is held by the British people over the next 60 years.'

Sarah at the Chase Hotel.

An Invitation to All Members of the Brain Family (Ross)

A special reunion is being planned for Saturday, 19th July to which all members of the Brain family from Ross-on-Wye are invited, along with long time family friends.

Paul and Ali Randell are organizing the event which will take place at the Prince of Wales and they are trying to ensure that everybody in the clan knows that they are welcome to attend. If you are a descendant of the same grandfather as Paul Randell, Colin, Guy and Glyn etc. Brain then the invitation is extended to you and all your children and friends of the family.

A disco has been arranged for the evening and some great live music will be performed by Eclipse.

Once the family have had a chance to catch up with each other, probably from around 10pm, Ali says that everybody at the Prince that evening will be welcome to join them in the function room.

For further information about the reunion, please contact Paul or Ali on 01989 564112.

A Playgroup Fun Day

Ross Pre-school Playgroup held their annual fund raising Fun Day at the Larruperz Centre on Saturday. The event was opened by the Mayor, Councillor John Davies and the children had a great time playing on the bouncy castle whilst parents and friends enjoyed the attractions inside.

'As founder of the playgroup, I am delighted to welcome John Davies as Mayor and his wife, Hannah on this our fun day,' said Mrs Joyce Thomas MBE DL, who also attended the event.

The children enjoy the bouncy castle. Also in the picture are Vicki Page, Pauline Williams, Maureen Cowdrey, Joyce Thomas MBE DL, Mayoress Hannah Davies and Mayor, John Davies, Iris Price. Ref: DSC_5803

Rita wins a 1st for her Community Garden

Rita Haggett was pleased to discover on Thursday that she had been awarded first prize in the Herefordshire Housing Community Gardens competition. Rita always works hard, maintaining the communal garden at her home in Nursery Road, which is plainly visible for visitors to Ross as they head for the town centre. Rita was presented with a certificate and £100 worth of gardening vouchers by Helen Greenway of Herefordshire Housing.

Helen Greenway presents Rita with her certificate and prize... Ref: DSC_5768

... and is joined by Margaret Lucas, Chairman of Ross in Bloom by part of her flower display. Ref: DSC_5773

Lion Keith Wilding is President for Second Year

Ross lions Club held their annual Handover ceremony at Ross Conservative club on Sunday and it was unanimously decided that Lion Keith Wilding would remain as President for the second year running.

The Master of Ceremonies, Lion Trevor Smith, led the proceedings and the after lunch speeches were kept to a minimum.

Lion David Ravenscroft spoke on behalf of all the members when he thanked President Lion Keith Wilding for all the good work he had done in the past year. He mentioned how Keith had changed the format of meetings to make them more interesting, introduced new fund raising events and increased the number of members with a membership drive. This was quite an achievement for someone who had only been in the Lions for three years, during which he had enjoyed the full support of the whole membership.

In his speech, Lion Keith started by saying how sorry he was that the club had lost Lion Cyril Sheppard who had gone on to higher service and John Cornwall, who had retired after losing his wife Jean. He was looking forward to the provision of a memorial seat for Cyril down at the Bandstand, where he spent many happy Sunday afternoons listening to the brass bands. The Golden Beech tree had already been planted in the Caroline Symonds Gardens in his memory.

Despite the sad loss of both of these long serving members, it was very pleasing to mention that the numbers in the club had risen from 21 to 26, with more in the pipeline. It had been his pleasure to present two members, Lions Mel Middlecote and Cyril Powell, with their 35 year long service awards and arrangements were being made to give them both Life Membership for all the good they had done for the community.

The club has a new website, thanks to Nick Dale, which was proving very popular and was being accessed hundreds of times each month. He thanked his officers, Lion Don Wood for his work as Treasurer, Bernard Fowkes for his untiring effort as Secretary and Public Relations Officer and he also thanked his Committee Chairman, Mel Middlecote, Andrew Middlecote, Alan Napthine and Jim Hamilton for all the good work they had put in for the club. He was very happy with the fact that eight members had earned 100% attendance awards.

Lion Keith was also pleased to announce that the club had raised 11,700 in the last year and had paid out donations to the tune of 12,800. The Ross Club had won the Zone Games Skittles and Darts competition and some lovely social events had been enjoyed.

Changes in officer's posts included David Ravenscroft becoming the Community Services Chairman, Roger Kinsey-Smith Membership Chairman, Colin Parry Activities Chairman and Mel Middlecote Zone Chairman. Others remained the same as last year. The President then thanked all the wives and partners, and Lion Friends who helped make the club such a success. The ceremony finished with the promise that the club would continue to do all it could for the residents of Ross and the surrounding area.

Lion, Keith Wilding, proud to be President for the second year running

Lots of Fun Activities for Carnival Week

Ross Lions are pulling out all the stops to help raise funds for this year's Carnival and are organizing an Activity Day for Tuesday, 29th July to get youngsters youngsters involved as much as possible before Carnival Day itself. The activities will take place Ross Market Place between 10.30am and 2.30pm, with something to interest all the family.

For the adults there will be all kinds of stalls and for the children there will be a competition, face painting and games; all free. There will even be a free bag of goodies to take away. Please put the 29th July in your diary to remind you to take the kids to the Ross Market Place.

The fun doesn't stop there, however, for on the Wednesday, 30th July the Lions are running a Prize Bingo event at the Prince of Wales in Walford Road. There are lots of great prizes to be won so go along and enjoy the evening whilst raising money for Ross Carnival which provides a brilliant day for the town and its visitors every year. Eyes down is at 7.30pm.

Each Thursday and Saturday throughout July the Lions will have a stand outside Peacocks in Broad Street selling tickets for their annual Duck Race which takes place on the river Wye on Carnival Day. this event is proving more popular each year. Please buy as many tickets as you can. You never know, you may turn out to be the lucky winner of up to £150.

On Carnival Day, Saturday, 2nd August, the Lions are arranging a whole range of activities to entertain everybody. There will be skittles, crazy golf, play your cards right, plus many more as well as activities for children. Of course, the day will draw to a close with the very popular Lions Duck Race. See you there.

The above information plus much more can be found on the Ross Lions website and the town website at or the 'What's On?' page of

Click here for further details on the White Lion Inn.

Dave and Jacqui Newman would like to welcome you to the White Lion 16th Century Riverside Inn. Situated right on the banks of the River Wye at Ross, the White Lion is a picturesque local inn with an interesting history and is noted for its spectacular river views. The White Lion has long been a favourite place to relax by both local people and tourists alike.

The White Lion's extensive and picturesque gardens reach right down to the river's edge and are a wonderful place to enjoy views of the river. It is a great spot to watch the local otters, nesting swans and other wildlife.

Click here for further details on the White Lion Inn.


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