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Issue No. 205 - Wednesday, 2nd July 2008
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Presented by Tina Jones

This week we discover that there is a shortage of perry pears due to last year's flooding. We cover a fund raising party / concert for the students and staff at John Kyrle to visit Uganda and support the Kisiki College. The Mayor and Dolly open Bridstow Fete and we meet the Guides, on their Walking Day. Liberty Street Jazz give a lunchtime performance at Orles Barn and we visit a great Technology and Art exhibition at John Kyrle High School.

Apologies for filming Tina's presentation in the 'Wyenot Office' rather than the usual place this week. With the Art and Technology exhibition taking place during the evening of our final production day, we were too far behind time to set the equipment up and film it properly. We did not, in fact, get around to filming Tina's part until 1:30 am on Wednesday morning and it was fully daylight (4.00 am) before we finished this week's issue of 'Wyenot News'.

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The Banned Party for Uganda

Wyenot News recently received an invitation from John Kyrle High School student, Harvey Powell to attend a party out at Deep Dean. The party took place on Saturday and was attended by approximately 150 people who wanted to help to raise funds for the annual trip to Kisiki College in Uganda.

Some great live entertainment was performed throughout the day, the main act being the staff / student rock group, The Banned who play w hole range of popular rock covers. We have since been informed that approximately £540 was raised at the event to help the school's staff and pupils on their way.

Thanks for inviting us, Harvey. We really enjoyed ourselves and it was great to see some of the senior members of the school letting their hair down.

The Banned are very entertaining with a great range of covers. Ref: DSC_5205

Dave Chatwin enjoys a dance with two young ladies. Ref: DSC_5200

The Banned. Ref: DSC_5209

Guitarist Tony Morris. Ref: DSC_5222

Bassist, Brent Vinall. Ref: DSC_5224

Chris Elias chops up some wood for the fires. Ref: DSC_5179

Keeping a good, steady beat. Ref: DSC_5228
The White House Guest House, Ross-on-Wye. Anchor Lodge Bed & Breakfast, Ross-on-Wye.
The Sun Shines for Bridstow School Summer Fair

Unlike last year, when the rain forced most of the side-shows indoors, the sun shone for Bridstow School's Summer Fair on Saturday and the grounds were packed with a great variety of stalls. People were queuing up at the gates to get in and enjoy the fun.

Ross Town Mayor, Councillor John Davies opened the fair and Dolly Parton, aka John Price stood at the gate collecting money in a bid to boost the funds being raised towards a new outdoor classroom for the school. Rose Kibble and her team did an excellent job of organizing a really fun afternoon for everybody.

Wyenot News spoke to head teacher Paul Sockett, and the Mayor about Saturday's event and you can see coverage of this in this week's WNTV News Programme.

Rose Kibble, Mayor Davies, Mayoress Davies, Billy Davies and Paul Sockett. Ref: DSC_5695

Dolly, (John) Mayor Dvies and Paul Sockett talk to Tina for WNTV News. Ref: DSC_5696

congratulations on your win Mr. Mayor. Ref: DSC_5697

The Mayor and his family enjoying the fun at Bridstow Summer Fair on Saturday. Ref: DSC_5702

Council asks MP to withdraw inaccurate statement
on road flood repairs

Herefordshire Council has moved to correct misinformation distributed in a press release from a local MP.

Paul Keetch MP failed to consult Herefordshire Council before he issued a press release hitting out at the council for 'not applying' for funding from the government to repair roads damaged after last summer's flooding.

The council did in fact submit a claim under the government's Belwin Scheme to meet the cost of repairs, as this offered the best route for funding. The council was successful and was awarded 2 million, and this paid for the completion of all repair work to Herefordshire roads damaged by floods.

The council also corrected the MP's suggestion that the flood repair funding issue had overstretched council funding. Despite added pressure on social service budgets and continued government under funding in education, Herefordshire Council ended its previous financial year under budget for the fifth year running. This was achieved through prudent financial management. In addition, the council has also submitted a claim, under a recently announced funding stream called the Restoration Fund, to help fund general flood alleviation work.

Said Councillor Brian Wilcox, the council's cabinet member of highways and transportation: 'If Paul Keetch MP had contacted the council to check whether we had claimed for flood damage for our road network, we could have saved him the embarrassment of firing off a press release that showed he was out of his depth on the issue. We ask that the MP withdraw his inaccurate press release immediately'.


Broome Farm is holding another three day event this weekend, beginning on Friday evening with Jessie Morgan who sings a great range of folk / rock music. On Saturday, Jessie will join Flick of the Wrist who first went out as a Queen tribute band, but now play a whole range of your favourite covers music. On Sunday, there will be a Farmer's and Crafts Market and live music will be performed throughout.

The last event we attended was fantastic and we are really looking forward to this weekend. Why not go along and enjoy some delicious cider and food whilst listening and / or dancing to some great live music?

Enjoying last year's Broome Farm Cider festival.
Click here for further details on the White Lion Inn.

Dave and Jacqui Newman would like to welcome you to the White Lion 16th Century Riverside Inn. Situated right on the banks of the River Wye at Ross, the White Lion is a picturesque local inn with an interesting history and is noted for its spectacular river views. The White Lion has long been a favourite place to relax by both local people and tourists alike.

The White Lion's extensive and picturesque gardens reach right down to the river's edge and are a wonderful place to enjoy views of the river. It is a great spot to watch the local otters, nesting swans and other wildlife.

Click here for further details on the White Lion Inn.


Log Fire

Old Gaol Restaurant

Meals served every lunch time
and evening in the bar and restaurant

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