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Issue No. 202 - Wednesday, 11th June 2008
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Cider and Blues Night a Great Success

A brilliant Blues night took place at Broome Farm, Peterstow on Friday, the evening beginning with some great entertainment by Mark Markey and Nick Jones. Due to having to fit three acts into the evening, the duo's performance unfortunately took place before the bulk of the audience had arrived. With it being a Friday evening, many were late arriving home after work. All that saw them thought they were great! Mark and Nick will be appearing again in the future - at a later time.

'The Toby Lovell Experience' took the stage after mark and Nick and what an outstanding performance they gave! Toby's band was a four piece outfit featuring Pete on guitar, who played some excellent lead, Becky on drums, well known and talented bassist Liam Lee-Hynes and of course, Toby Lovell himself with his great bluesy voice and harmonica playing. What made their performance so special was the fact that the four only managed to fit in one rehearsal together as a band before they performed. Wow!

The headlining act of the evening was internationally renowned American blues artist Kent Duchaine, whose energy and enthusiasm for his art seems boundless and a great evening was enjoyed by all - not leat, the WNTV cameraman. You can, of course watch some of this event in this week's WNTV News programme.

Mark Markey and Nick Jones gave a great performance. Ref: DSC_5067

The Toby Lovell Experience. Ref: DSC_5346

Toby Lovell sings the blues. Ref: DSC_5068

Pete plays some excellent lead guitar. Ref: DSC_5073

Becky keeps the beat. Ref: DSC_5075

Liam Lee-Hynes on bass. Ref: DSC_5081

Kent Duchaine poses for a photograph with his girlfriend Sarah. Ref: DSC_5354

Kent Duchaine gives a great performance. Ref: DSC_5067

Ref: DSC_5096

Blues fans enjoying a great night out at the farm. Ref: DSC_5103



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Telephone: 01989 564041
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Rose Cottage Tea Garden, Symonds Yat.


Crufter Cruiser electric guitar.

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Letters - Dubberly

Hello, there!

I am writing from Texas. I have traced my husband's ancestry back to Ross on Wye, Hereforeshire, England. John Dubberly (Duberly) was born in 1672. He died in Accomak, Virginia (USA) in 1734. We have reason to believe that my husband, Sam A. Dubberly, is a descendant of this line of the Dubberly family.

Could you tell us if any individuals with the family name of Dubberly (Duberly or Dubberley) or a variation of the spelling, remain in Ross on Wye? We have hopes of some day, traveling to Ross on Wye and visiting this area where we believe my husband's ancestral line had its start.

Any information you can give us, including names and/or addresses, would be greatly appreciated. Maybe your local newspaper can request information from individuals with the family name to contact us (list Dubberly family from Ross in the subject line). Meanwhile, we will continue to research the Dubberly family name.

Thank you!

Irene Dubberly
Texas, USA

If you know of any local connections with the Dubberly family in Texas and would like to contact Irene, she can be contacted directly at:

Here at Wyenot News, I receive literally thousands of family research requests every year. I am afraid however that I do not have the time to research genealogy for people personally.

Most of the genealogy research requests I receive are totally unreadable because they are not straight and to the point like the one above. They tend to start out with a list of names of family mebmers, their hobbies and what they ate for breakfast dating back to some time around 2000 BC and go on by expecting me to automatically know off the top of my head, what their third cousin six times removed does on Sunday afternoons.

'Wyenot News' is linked to from a great many genealogy type web sites. I did not ask for these links. They are purely an assumption on the part of their creators that I am the slightest bit interested in local genealogy.

However. If you do like tracing your family on the internet and end up here, I am always willing to publish short, readable enquiries such as the one above - for other people to answer.


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