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Issue No. 201 - Wednesday, 4th June 2008
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Presented by Tina Jones

This programme has been removed to conserve space on the web server but can still be obtained from WNTV NEWS on DVD.

Roman Foundations Discovered in Ross

Archaeologists monitoring the rebuilding of a wall in 'The Prospect', overlooking the Wye at Ross have uncovered stone foundations that date from Roman times.

Herefordshire Council is planning a series of open days for the public to view the excavations, which were discovered during work to safeguard a wall made unstable by tree growth. Ground penetrating radar is to be used to gauge whether there may be further foundations beneath the surface.

County archaeologist, Dr. Keith Ray said, We have for some while suspected that there might be Roman period remains in the centre of Ross, but this find was a complete surprise. Further investigations will provide more clues but one idea is that it was a prospect tower, built to enjoy the fine views. Another is that it could have been used as a watchtower during times of unrest'.

'This is potentially an exciting find for Ross and we are carefully assessing what the foundations are telling us,' added Councillor John Jarvis, cabinet member for the environment. 'At the moment, there is not a lot to see but local members are viewing the find for themselves and as excavations continue to the stage where people can view the foundations, we will arrange open days.

We are looking at whether we can preserve the find and present it as a tourism attraction. This would provide yet another reason for people to want to visit this beautiful ancient riverside town - which was after all one of the birthplaces of tourism in this country'.

Colin Birks, estates manager with Herefordshire Council, who commissioned the work at the public open space for safety reasons said, 'The site is in a tricky location regarding access but we are investigating how we might be able to give people a clear, safe view of the structure during organized open days which will be advertised soon. At the moment it is covered over to protect it from the elements and the site is secure'.

Councillors, Phil Cutter, Jenny Hyde, Anne Gray, John Jarvis, Derek Bedford, Chris Bartrum, John Edwards and Jo Lane meet with Conservation Manager, Bill Bloxham near to the discovery site on Monday. Ref: DSC_5305

Foundations, possibly of Roman origin which have been uncovered at the Prospect.

Foundations, possibly of Roman origin which have been uncovered at the Prospect.

Skip lorry crashes at Walford

A nasty accident occurred at Walford last Wednesday when a skip lorry failed to take the corner at the Walford War Memorial. Fortunately, the driver suffered only minor injuries after being caught out by the slippery road. The lorry was only carrying a light load of plasterboard in his skip, some of which was flung over his cab, removing his orange hazard beacons.

'Had he been carrying something like concrete I wonder how much of his cab would have been left!' said local photographer, Philip Price, who witnessed the accident and took the photos below.

Griff stops for coffee at Symonds Yat East

Well known television personality, Griff Rhys-Jones took a coffee break at Symonds Yat East on Monday before heading for the famous Symonds Yat rapids - but not before being photographed by our friend, Nick Stephens. Griff, known for his roles in 'Alas Smith and Jones' and 'Not the 9 o'clock News' to name but two, had just paddled in from Lydbrook during the filming of a programme called 'One Man and his Dog in a Boat'.

Griff is not the only television personality to have visited Symonds Yat of late. 'One Foot in the Grave' star, Richard Wilson also visited the area on Saturday, stopping for lunch in the Saracen's Head. 'I don't believe it!'



s of
Click here for further details on the White Lion Inn.

Dave and Jacqui Newman would like to welcome you to the White Lion 16th Century Riverside Inn. Situated right on the banks of the River Wye at Ross, the White Lion is a picturesque local inn with an interesting history and is noted for its spectacular river views. The White Lion has long been a favourite place to relax by both local people and tourists alike.

The White Lion's extensive and picturesque gardens reach right down to the river's edge and are a wonderful place to enjoy views of the river. It is a great spot to watch the local otters, nesting swans and other wildlife.

Click here for further details on the White Lion Inn.


Log Fire

Old Gaol Restaurant

Meals served every lunch time
and evening in the bar and restaurant

CAMRA Good Beer Guide 2008

Old Court Farm - Self Catering at Symonds Yat.

Walford, Ross-on-Wye

Quality Childcare from birth to 11 years

Jo Gilmour Ofsted registered Childminder

Please call 01989 564173 or email for vacancies


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