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Issue No. 185 - Wednesday, 13th February 2008
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Jamstand 2008
26th July
Celebrating the Chinese New Year

The children and staff of Ross Pre-school Playgroup are seen all dressed up to celebrate the Chinese New Year, the year of the Rat. This activity is helping the children to gain awareness of different cultures and beliefs.

The children made dragons, painted and coloured Chinese pictures and stencils and they also enjoyed role play in the especially constructed Chinese restaurant.

With the help of the staff they cooked noodles, they then learned to count from 1 to 5 in Chinese and tried Chinese handwriting.

At the end of their week of Chinese celebrations and activities a Chinese takeaway was delivered from the New Golden Horse and many of the children had their first experience of chopsticks. Needless to say a happy and sometimes messy time was had by all.

Chinese New Year at Ross Pre-school Playgroup.

Letters - December House

There has been an enquiry at Ross Heritage Centre regarding the history of the building in Ross called December House. In the past this was the magistrates court. However it is understood that it used to be called Copse Cross House or something to that ilk.

Is there anyone who can help with some more history of the building, other than that which is in the History of Magistrates Courts book? I would be very grateful if anyone can come up with any little snippets that I can pass on to my enquirer.

Mary Sinclair Powell

The same request was also sent in directly to 'Wyenot News' by the same enquirer, so if you are able to help, please email me and I will pass the info back via Mary.

The White Lion Inn, Wilton.
Morris Bricknell, Chartered Surveyors, Stroud House, 30, Gloucester Road, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire. HR9 5LE.


-Tel: 01989 768320

Car hits the crash barrier on Pencraig Pitch

Tailbacks of over a mile occurred on the northbound lane of the A40 on Sunday afternoon when a car, driven by James Palmer of Goodrich swerved out of control and hit the central crash barrier at around 1:15 pm. The vehicle was extensively damaged and the driver sustained a whiplash injury.

The photos of the vehicle below were taken by the driver himself, who also happens to be the boyfriend of my daughter, Sarah.


'The Halt' Self Catering, Homs Road, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire.

Walford, Ross-on-Wye

Give Graeme a call to discuss all your business and home telephone and networking requirements.

For no obligation quotes call 07876 683238

Letting their 'Art Out' at Nature's Choice

Local folk singers, poets, quizmasters and many other kinds of artiste meet regularly at Nature's Choice Café on the first Thursday of every month for an 'Open Art Surgery' evening. I went along to this week's session to listen and film some of the event. In this week's WNTV News programme, you can listen to and watch Beth entertaining on the night. Beth has a lovely voice and the song she sang was beautiful.

Leting their Art Out at Nature's Choice on Thursday. Ref: DSC_4633.


'I love watching WNTV News but when are you going to iron your backdrop?' That comment was passed to and asked of me the other evening when visiting my friend, Nick in Symonds Yat.

Well, the truth is Nick; I'm not very good with an iron. My mum gave me one once when she saw how scruffy my trousers looked but, ten years on, I still haven't worked out how to get the water in it without it spilling all over the 'keyboard stand' - oops, I mean 'ironing board. I do also have a couple of 'flat irons' laying around as well but they are used as doorstops.

Actually, that horrid, old velvet curtain backdrop, held up by map pins was only ever intended as a temporary measure to cover a very 'naughty word' which is on a photo, on the wall behind it. (It is actually the word 'county' but somebody is standing in front of the 'o' and the 'y' was 'accidentally' cropped off by the camera's lens - see the first WNTV News programme we made. A backdrop was added the following week as part of the home-brew television news 'learning curve'.)

The good news, for other viewers who feel the same way as Nick is that Nick has promised me a roller blind to replace the yellow unironed curtain, from which the creases are obviously never going to 'drop out', given the time they have now already had to do so.

I will fix it up as soon as possible - as well as fixing some proper lights either side, so that Tina stops nagging me about the two bright lighs directly in her eyes when she is reading the news. (The lights are the reason that sometimes Tina's eyes look as though she has been crying. It is simply the two video lighs shining directly into her eyes from a distance of three feet making the tears flow.)

All will eventually get much more professional like - and then the BBC had better watch out!

Work Experience with the Mayor of Betzdorf
by Timothy Alston

I have spent the last week doing work experience in the office of the 'Bürgermeister' (Mayor) of Betzdorf, our exchange town in Germany.

The Mayors in Germany are elected and have a similar role to the MP's in England. This work experience has included working with a range of activities from the legal side of Marriages to parking fines (which I was even allowed to hand out!), to posting questionnaires to the citizens of Betzdorf. However with parking fines at an average of 5 Euros, I decided that Germany has some very cheap parking!

It has been a very interesting experience to see how all these arrangements are handled within a German town, and has greatly challenged my German. I have been doing work experience here since Monday morning and finish today, Friday. I've been working from 9am until 4pm each day, with a 2 hour lunch break.

Apart from handing out parking fines, another highlight has been dealing with exchanging peoples passports, and taking their fingerprints. On my second day here I got involved in visiting restaurants and pubs in Betzdorf to explain to them the laws and rules of the smoking ban that is going to be imposed in Germany later this month. This I found very interesting to see how things like this are implemented in other Countries in Europe and how they are handled.

Earlier today the Mayor gave me a Betzdorf calendar and a cup full of chocolates as a reminder for me of my time here. It has been a very interesting week which I'm sure I won't forget, and I am very grateful to all the people who have let me take part in this work experience here.

Timothy Alston with Bergermeister Brato in Betzdorf.

Five 2nd Ross Guides make a Hawaiian promise

Despite the chilly weather outside, it was Hawaii inside the Scout Hut on Thursday evening. In the presence of Guider, Julie, Assistant Guider, Jules and the rest of the 2nd Ross Guides, new recruits, Bronwen, Zoe, Holly, Emily and Sophie made their promise during a 'Mountain Top Moment' - something special. The special Hawaiian evening, with excellent food and fruit punch (from first hand experience) had been laid on specially for the occasion.

2nd Ross Guides on Thursday evening. Ref: DSC_4128

Mike Arnison's Forest Wildlife Photography

Thank you to regular reader and supplier of great nature photographs, Mike Arnison of Cinderford for his latest addition to the collection. A swan chasing a goose away on Cannop Ponds.

Nice one, Mike and we look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.


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