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Issue No. 179 - Wednesday, 2nd January 2008
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Well done to Tim, this year's Fun Run winner

At 11am on New Year's Day, several hopefuls gathered at Hole in the Wall for the start of the annual fun run. Many of the competitors dressed in some great costumes, which added to the fun. As well as some very fast runners, lots of people decided to take a more leisurely approach and walk the course down to Ross Rowing Club.

First across the line was Tim Bunting, who was dressed in a very fetching maid's outfit, with pigtails to match. This is not the first time that Tim has won the race. Tim is a regular participant in the fun run, as is young Vanessa Brann who was hot on his heels as she took second place. Well done to both of you and all who took part. You can see the start and finish of the race in this week's edition of WNTV News.

Lining up for the start of the race. Ref: DSC_4457

And they're off! Ref: DSC_4460

Losing the pigtails, Tim romps home, hotly pursued by Vanessa, 2nd and Jacob, who came third. Ref: DSC_4462

Council supports Y-Zone

Herefordshire Council is negotiating the future of the Ross Creative Learning Centre, following news that the charitable trust responsible for the development of the centre is to wind down. The Ross Creative Learning Centre Trust was set up six years ago to drive forward a project involving the redevelopment of the Youth Centre.

The aim was to update the building and transform it into a Creative Learning Centre, where young people could take part in a range of arts, ICT, drama and other activities. Due to its voluntary status, the trust was able to attract funding from a wide variety of sources to pay for the refurbishment of the centre which cost more than 200,000. Included in the refurbishment project was a music rehearsal and recording suite and a computer suite. Improvements were made to the toilets and storage facilities and the building was made fully accessible for people with disabilities.

Unfortunately the trust has been unable to recruit trustees from the community to replace those trustees who have retired. Recruitment problems, together with the lack of response locally to a wide and varied programme provided in the summer, has resulted in the remaining trustees regrettably deciding to wind up the trust in the new year. The council will continue to run the centre with the Youth Service and Basement Youth Trust, continuing to provide joint activities on a regular basis. However, without a partner who can apply for funding, some of the additional programmes and activities hoped for may have to be reduced.

Herefordshire Council is currently discussing the possibility of the Courtyard Theatre Hereford taking over some of the artistic elements of the centre's programme such as break-dancing and circus skills. Councillor Jenny Hyde, cabinet member for children and young people, said: 'We are very disappointed that the Learning Centre Trust has not been able to recruit enough trustees to keep going, but we are determined to make the centre a success and are holding promising discussions with other organizations who can help us develop activities further at the Y-Zone. The YZone will continue to run as usual so that the young people in Ross can carry on enjoying the services they receive at the moment. We hope in the not too distant future, to be able to provide a wider range of activities for a broader age group.'

Wyenot News Opinion.

It seems to me that it was working just fine as a Youth Centre before the £200,000 investment. If it ain't broke - don't fix it.

Ross RFC Hold Huge Raffle in aid of County Air Ambulance

Ross Rugby Club recently held their annual raffle and, as ever, there was a huge array of prizes that had been kindly donated. All of the proceeds from the raffle went to the County Air Ambulance, which has proved to be a vital service since its operation began. They have even had to visit the rugby field on occasions, so all in all the Air Ambulance was deemed the most appropriate charity to benefit from the £250 raised.

RFC President Dave Cook with club sponsors and Martyn Pocknell with the prizes. Ref: DSC_3514

A cheque for £259 was presented to the County Air Ambulance. Ref: DSC_3519

Rugby: The Boxing Day President's Game
By Sarah Webb

Ross RFC under 28's v Ross RFC over 28's

Youth triumphed over experience as Ross under 28's beat the over 28's in a Boxing Day tussle for Ross-on-Wye Rugby Club. This hard fought game saw both teams fighting for the Chris Greene Cup, but the stamina of the youngsters proved the winning factor as they scored three tries with no reply from the old men.

After an even start, the under 28's took the lead through a breakaway try from centre Adam Clements, which was arguably scored off a forward pass. This was quickly converted by Andrew Bevan to take the score to 7-0. Friendly scuffles between players on both teams took place as the old men started to tire, leading to the youngster's second try, scored by flanker Gavin Oates. But, the conversion was missed leaving the score at 12-0. With plenty of time left to play the over 28's still felt they had a chance to win and put in a good fight with a number of chances in the oppositions half and a notable match performance from Mick Pollock. But the over 28's spirits were soon dropped when Adam Clements scored his second try of the game and put the final score at 17-0 to the under 28's after a fun and controversial match.

A spokesman for the grumpy old men said, 'There were some decisions made by the referee that were arguably biased towards the youngsters. Us 'fine wines' were by the far the better team. We think the referee may have been bribed.' Unfortunately referee Chris Ball was unavailable for comment after the game to confirm or deny these statements.

However, the over 28's did teach the youngsters a lesson in the drinking contest after the game, easily beating them in the drinking race. Both teams will have to practise for next year's game-with the old men improving their fitness and the youngsters improving their drinking skills.

The President's Game is also covered in this week's WNTV News programme.

The two teams pose for a photo before the game. Ref: DSC_3704

Ref: DSC_4449


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