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Issue No. 177 - Wednesday, 12th December 2007
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[News from around Herefordshire County]
Presented by Tina Jones

This programme has been removed to conserve space on the web server but can still be obtained from WNTV NEWS on DVD.

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The Christmas Edition of Wyenot News

Christmas Day falls on a Tuesday this year, which is our main news prep day and I have been given strict orders from 'er on the business end of the television camera, 'You will not be spending Christmas Day prepping the weekly news!' I quite agree. We have not had a holiday, or even a weekend away this year need to spend at least some time drinking mulled wine/cider together, stuffing our faces and blowing smoke rings with exotic pipe weed (cherry flavoured 'Borkum Riff' from the Butter Market, Hereford).

This year, we shall be taking the unprecedented step of not publishing an issue of 'Wyenot News' between Christmas and the New Year. I shall still cover events photographically, including those which take place on on Christmas day but shall not run them until the 2nd January 2008 edition.

Wyenot News will be published as usual next week, on 19th December but the following issue will not be published until Wednesday, January 2nd 2008.

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Ross-under-Wye Again

With the heavy rainfall last week, river levels rose again over the weekend. Some minor roads were closed as a result of flooding and some were 'passable with care'.

With the water level reaching 15' 7'' in Hereford on Friday, which I believe was higher than during the July flood, I expected Ross to be hit quite badly. The water levels made for scenic views rather than troublesome floods in the end though. The rise and fall is covered more fully in this week's WNTV programme.

Wilton Lane. Ref: DSC_0074

Ref: DSC_0463

Ref: DSC_4290

Ref: DSC_4293

In Loving Memory of Verna Stephens
By Greg Stephens

Verna Stephens sadly passed away on Thursday, 6th December following complications after surgery at the Wye Valley Nuffield Hospital in Hereford.

Verna was born in Nottingham on 31st January 1922. A single child, she went to the local grammar school and then art college. When the war came she joined the RAF and spent the war as a plotter in the operations rooms. This could be a hazardous occupation, having one night swapped her shift with a colleague who was then killed when the ops room was bombed. On another occasion, although she didn't realise at the time, she plotted the fateful last flight of Glenn Miller.

Towards the end of the war she was introduced to the aircrew of a mosquito night fighter. She thought the navigator who had just been awarded the DFC was much too old for her but relented when his paybook showed that he was actually nearly a year younger than her! Derek Stephens or 'Steve' proposed on VE night and they were married three months later. They had three children Greg, Judy and Nick and spent their early married life in London.

Verna and Steve moved to Ross in 1971 having bought Alton Court to serve as both home and offices and workshops for the family business. Verna immediately made friends in the town. Steve was President of the Rotary Club and the next year Verna was President of Inner Wheel. She was a great party organiser and loved to meet new people. She could start a conversation and become penpals with complete strangers on a bus!

Verna really enjoyed travelling and she and Steve went all over the world . She always said her favourite place that she had visited was Tonga where all the amply proportioned ladies made her feel really slim!

After Steve retired they bought an apartment in Cocoa Beach Florida. Even after Steve's death in 1993 Verna continued to overwinter there until her 80th birthday. She hated the winters and loved the summer lifestyle in Florida where she could usually be found chatting to friends by the side of the pool.

Verna loved her independence and was frustrated when she was unable to drive for a time when she developed heart problems. She wasn't keen on old age or anything that prevented her from enjoying her Scrabble, Creative Writing, Inner Wheel or Poetry Classes. Although during this last year she had suffered ill- health her zest for life was unquenchable.

Verna will be greatly missed by all her family and large circle of friends but she will be fondly remembered for her smile.

A Memorial Service will be held on Tuesday, 18th December at 12.45pm at Christ Church, Edde Cross Street to celebrate her life. Donations to 'Westlea Animal Rescue' in lieu of flowers please to William Bevan, 16 Old Gloucester Road.

A Rotary Club Christmas Party for the elderly

Members of Ross Rotary Club held their annual Christmas party for the elderly of Ross on Saturday. This is an extremely popular event among the elderly of Ross, where those who went along enjoyed bagpipe music, played by Alan Harrison, to which they sang along and a concert given by Ross Town Band.

The event is covered more fully in this week's WNTV programme and I have to admit that I deliberately selected the extract taken from Ross Town Band's performance. The whole piece was actually a medley of Christmas carols but it finished with a verse of the Coventry Carol, which is in fact my personal favourite of all the Christmas music.

Members of Ross Rotary Club organize the annual event. Ref: DSC_3239

Bagpiper, Alan Harrison. Ref: DSC_3294

Ross Town Band. Ref: DSC_0070

The elderly of Ross enjoy the annual event. Ref: DSC_3236

Town Council Anger over Parking Issues

It was announced at the final meeting of 2007 of Ross Town Council that Herefordshire Council plan to increase parking charges in Ross-on-Wye in 2008. If the plan goes ahead, the minimum charge will rise from 30 pence to 40 pence, with the maximum charge for over four hours parking rising from £2.50 to £2.80. This will apply to all Herefordshire Council car parks with the exception of Wilton Road car park, where parking is free.

Although this is the first increase in charges since 2003, Ross Town Council as a whole feel that Ross is unfairly treated where parking issues are concerned and whilst the consultation period is still open, they intend to make their feelings known to Herefordshire Council.

Mayor Councillor Derek Bedford told the meeting that most market towns in Herefordshire have at least two car parks where parking is free and there is also free parking on Sundays and Bank Holidays in these towns. 'If they can have it, why can't Ross ?'

'Wyenot News' wholeheartedly agrees with you, Mr. Mayor!

Before the meeting began, two representatives from Welsh Water addressed the council on the matter of necessary work that they need to carry out in and around Ross-on-Wye. They informed the council that although some disruption may be caused by their work on the drinking water supply, they will be doing their best to keep this to a minimum and will be working on one street at a time.

The most disruption during the work which is due to begin mid February 2008, will occur around the Morrison's roundabout. There will be traffic lights in place and the work in that area is not expected to last for more than two weeks. When asked what state the roads would be in after the work was completed, the representatives answered that generally, they put the roads back in a better state than before they started. Having seen their examples of their work in Llangarron and Llangrove, Councillor Jenny Hyde said that she had been impressed and had every faith in them.

Santa will be very pleased to know that Ross Town Council agreed without hesitation to donate £250 towards his annual visit to Ross-on-Wye, when he gives each child a Christmas present.

We would like to congratulate the Mayor, the Reverend Derek Bedford on the results of his recent sponsored preach. To date over £2,500 has been raised for his chosen charity, the Ross Education Trust and there is still more money coming in.

Ross Town council care deeply about how the town looks to its visitors and on Monday it was brought to the council's attention Shop Fronts Grants are still available, but there is a limited time left to apply. So, if your town premises needs a bit of a tidy up or some work doing which would enhance the look of the town, contact the Town Clerk, Mrs. Denise Mason as soon as possible. She will tell you how and where to apply for a grant.

A new Deputy Town Clerk has been appointed by Ross Town Council. Rachel Lewis will take up her new post on 14th January 2008. Congratulations Rachel.





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