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Issue No. 173 - Wednesday, 14th November 2007
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A Premiere Performance of 'Freebird' in memory of Mike

Monday evening saw a very special film premiere. The film was 'Freebird' - described as, 'When a Trip Becomes a Journey' and stars Phil Daniels, Gary Stretch, Geoff Bell, Laila Rouass, Peter Bowles. More relevantly though, the film also stars the late Mike Davies, his wife, Theresa with the South West Trikers and Bikers.

When Mike learned that he was terminally ill, his friends wrote to the film makers and asked if there was any possibility that Mike would be able to see a preview of the film. Nobody knew at that time how little time Mike had left and sadly he did not get to see the film. However, the producers invited Theresa and the rest of the South West Trikers and Bikers to the special preview, which was held on Monday in memory of Mike.

Tina and I were pleased to have been invited to the film's premiere at Brecon but due to other commitments, we were unfortunately unable to attend. Theresa kindly took some photographs for Wyenot News on the night though, and we went to visit her at home afterwards to take the photo below. The film producers and the South West Trikers and Bikers had presented Theresa with a framed copy of the film's billboard poster at the premiere, which bears a nice tribute to Mike. (This can be seen at the bottom right of the poster.)

Public response to the film of Mike's final trike journey, shown on last week's 'Wyenot News' has been nothing short of phenomenal. People who did not even know Mike were moved by it and have written in to say so. Within the first two days of last week's news being published, the film was watched over 1,000 times and its popularity continues to date. Most importantly though, Theresa was pleased with it. 'Thank you so much! I watch it every day,' she said when I spoke to her the other day from the comfort of my bath tub - once the jokes about her keeping her eyes closed were over, that is. Doesn't that always happen - as soon as you get in the water . . .

It was a real pleasure, Theresa! Mike was a great man and will be remembered forever by all who knew him!

Theresa with her framed copy of the 'Freebird' poster. Ref: DSC_2683

The film's producer at Monday's premier.

Mike's family and friends at the premier.
Broome Farm B & B and Restaurant, Peterstow.
Rose Cottage Tea Garden, Symonds Yat.
Phil is surprised on his 50th Birthday

Phil Kiss unexpectedly celebrated his 50th birthday in the function room at the Prince of Wales on Saturday evening. Thinking that he was going to the restaurant for a meal with his wife, Gerry - Phil arrived to find a gathering of family and friends waiting to help him celebrate. And celebrate, he certainly did!

Phil enjoys '70s rock music and soon he will be heading for Plymouth with Gerry to watch Black Sabbath. The tickets were Phil's birthday present to himself. Gerry gave him a guitar and somebody else, a 'teach yourself guitar' book. Lucky for his neighbours, it is an acoustic guitar, so they will not be hearing 'Paranoid' belting out from the bedroom next door!

Tina and I were invited along to the party and we both had a great evening. It was so nice to stay in one place for a whole Saturday evening, just to enjoy the party. I filmed some of Phil's celebration. This was just as a present for Phil, Gerry and family really but I just had to include the extract of Sally singing Happy Birthday here. Watch it - it is just brilliant!

Nice one, Sally! Congratulations Phil!

Don't worry Phil. Unfortunately, I am ahead of you in the 'old codger' department but there are still some out there who are not quite there. One of them is getting there rapidly. At a mere 46 years and 363 days old (at the time of going to press) Tina will be celebrating her 47th birthday at the Prince this coming Saturday. It is not a party as such but the Zebras have been arranged to play in the bar for the occasion. All of you are welcome to come along and help her drink beer and dance the night away. I'm going to leave the car at home this Saturday!

'appy Birthday to . . . ___ . . . what's 'is name?
'appy birthday dear . . . . . . what's is name?
Click the above picture to watch, or right click here and 'save target' to save to your computer.

Sally wishes 'What's 'is name?' a Happy Birthday.


Nice one, Sally!

Phil and 'Little Nick' Kiss on Saturday evening. Ref: DSC_2574

The Kiss Syndicate: Alex, Phil, Gerry, Nicck, Chris, Little Nick, Tom, Shelley, Shaunnah, Wayne and Rosie. Ref: DSC_2566

Dennis, Danni, John, Gerry and Sally, the Songster. Ref: DSC_2570

Gerry and Phil dance to 'Brown Sugar'. Ref: DSC_2599

You will dance! Shelly and Chris pull Nick onto the dance floor . . . Ref: DSC_2630

. . . where he dances sitting from the comfort of his chair. (This week's 'Tina Dancing' photo.) Ref: DSC_2634

Lucky escape - Tina tried to catch me dancing with Phil on camera. Ref: DSC_2639

Tom, Shelly, Gerry, Alex, somebody who never dances, Phil, Chris and Nick. Ref: DSC_2641

Appeal for Help in Tracing Kate Prout
(added after publication date)

Due to the importance of finding Kate, this article has been added to every page of this week's news, after the initial publication date, in order to give the matter maximum exposure.

Police are growing increasingly concerned for the welfare of missing Forest of Dean woman Kathleen Prout.

The 55-year-old, known as Kate, has not been seen since she left her home address in Redmarley on Monday, 5th November.

Mrs Prout is white, 5ft 6 tall and of medium build. Described as having a pale complexion, she has blue eyes and red, shoulder-length straight hair. She was wearing jeans and a black v-neck top when she was last seen.

Members of the public are being urged to assist in the search for Kate by reporting any sightings of her straightaway.

If you think you may have seen her, please contact Gloucestershire Constabulary on 0845 090 1234, quoting incident number 229 of 10th November.

Pay problem solved

Following the letter published 'name and address supplied' in last week's issue of 'Wyenot News', it has been reported back to 'Wyenot News' from several sources that the pay dispute at Wyedean Wholefoods has been resolved, and that staff are once again in receipt of the pay increase above minimum wage, which they earned for going on special training courses.

All's well that ends well.


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