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Issue No. 170 - Wednesday, 24th October 2007
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New faces in Ross

A number of new faces have been settling into the two Local Policing Teams based at Ross-on-Wye in recent weeks. The Ross-on-Wye Town and Ross-on-Wye Rural areas now have new members of the their teams to ensure that each area has a Local Police Officer and two Community Support Officers.

PC Mark Robinson has taken over as Local Police Officer for the town following Jerry Coyd’s promotion to Sergeant at Hereford. He is joined in the team at the Old Maid’s Walk police station by CSOs Lisa Austin and Paul Cowmeadow. They can be contacted directly on 01432 346758 or by email at

Meanwhile, PC Wendy Powell continues as the Local Police Officer for the Ross-on-Wye Rural area, working alongside CSOs Paul Leighton and new recruit CSO Colin Davies. Sergeant Garry Telford continues to work with both of the Ross Local Policing Teams. The team can be contacted directly on 01432 346754 or by email at

Ross Town Local Policing Team: CSO Lisa Austin, PC Mark Robinson and CSO Paul Cowmeadow.

Ross Rural Local Policing Team: CSO Paul Leighton, PC Wendy Powell and CSO Colin Davies.
The White Lion Inn, Wilton.
Morris Bricknell, Chartered Surveyors, Stroud House, 30, Gloucester Road, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire. HR9 5LE.


Tel: 01989 768320

Mayor Derek Bedford preaches for his chosen charity

Ross Councillor, the Reverend Derek Bedford raised money for his chosen charity during his year as Mayor of Ross-on-Wye by preaching ten sermons at Ross Market on Friday. Each sermon was sponsored to raise money for the charity, The Ross Educational Foundation.

When I went along on Friday, early in the day to take a photograph, I asked the Mayor how things were going. 'I aimed to raise £1,000 and already we have managed over £800, most of which was raised before the event,' he replied.

Councillor Bedford decided on a sponsored preach as this was more in his line. The past two mayors have held a 'Golf Day' but Councillor Bedford does not play golf.

Councillor Bedford is aiming to raise £4,000 for his chosen charity by the end of the year. Ross Education Foundation aims to give grants to anybody in education, from trainee plumbers to those going off to university.

Ref: DSC_1777

Make sure you are a ‘switched on’ motorist!

Police in Herefordshire have issued a warning to motorists to be ‘switched on’ and remember to use their lights in poor lighting conditions - including fog. Foggy mornings in the past few days have highlighted the issue for the county’s Road Policing Team and officers from the unit say they have had to give warnings to countless motorists driving through fog with either just sidelights - or worse still - no lights on at all.

Using your headlights when visibility is poor is not just an issue about seeing where you are going. It is just as important for other motorists and pedestrians to be able to see you as well.

PC Bob Conway explained, 'A large number of motorists on the roads in Herefordshire are driving with no lights illuminated or just sidelights when visibility is poor, which can be extremely dangerous. While dealing with an incident on Saturday morning, when the fog was particularly bad, I had to stop and warn probably every third vehicle, as they could not be seen until they were nearly upon us. This is obviously a huge safety issue, both for the motorists themselves and for other road users and pedestrians.'

'People not using their lights during times of seriously reduced visibility are likely to receive a £30 Fixed Penalty fine and may even find themselves spending a day at court. It should be common sense to switch on your headlights when the visibility is poor, but sadly not everyone seems to be getting the message,' added PC Conway.

Perversely, there are also motorists who are driving with their fog lights on - but when there is no thick fog around, which is also an offence and a potential danger. Fog lights should only be used in times of seriously reduced visibility as their use at other times can dazzle oncoming motorists. Rear fog lights, meanwhile, can also obscure brake lights - so remember to turn them off when the fog lifts. Other forms of front spotlights (if fitted to the vehicle) should only be used when main beam headlights are in use. They should not be capable of being illuminated when driving with dipped headlights.

The message for motorists is a simple one - be ‘switched on’ and make sure your have the correct lighting for the conditions.

The White House Guest House, Ross-on-Wye. Anchor Lodge Bed & Breakfast, Ross-on-Wye.
Bejewelled and bedazzled at the Heritage Centre

Tina Walton of the 'Green Eyed Monster Company' visited Ross Heritage Centre on Tuesday, during the half term break to give local children the opportunity to draw and make their own jewellery and some really funky body ornaments.

Pictured below with Tina and mums, Jules King and Rosina Hardwick are Luke, Amy, Liam, Henry and Poppy.

An excited Amy King, who has moved on from Bridstow Primary School is now enjoying her days at Barrs Court, had arrived before the others, as usual, and was looking forward to making her bling. 'Finally!' She exclaimed as Mary of the Heritage Centre opened the doors at 10 o'clock on the dot. Amy can be seen proudly wearing the crown that she made before most of the other kids had even arrived.

Ref: DSC_2039

Danger! Morrisons Smoothie

I am not very good at eating things which are good for me but a month or so ago, I decided that I would at least try to eat a little more healthily and started drinking strawberry and banana smoothies, from Asda in Hereford. Late last week however, my supply ran out so I went to Morrisons in Ross. They did not have strawberry and banana, so I bought two large bottles of the Orange and Mango variety.

Two days ago, I opened the first one in the Wyenot News office. I shook it, as it said on the bottle and as I took the lid off, it literally exploded, soaking the whole office in orange and mango gunk. There was a small amount left in the bottle, which I tried after having used a whole roll of kitchen towel to clean up the mess. It is only a matter of personal taste but I thought it taste disgusting - I had never tasted mango before and I never want to try another.

I had bought two, so thinking perhaps I had just shaken the first too much, as I did not care for the taste, I offered the second to Tina's son, Mike, warning him not to shake it. He was grateful and took it to the kitchen, where his girlfriend, Kirsty happened to be standing. You can guess what happened.. Yes - he opened it and it exploded - like a bomb. The walls, ceiling, floor and windows were plastered in sticky, yellow orange and mango gunk. What was worse, so was poor Kirsty - from head to foot!

Beware! If you have purchased an orange and mango smoothie from Morrisons recently and have not yet opened it, call the bomb disposal unit and get them to carry out a controlled explosion - or give it to somebody you don't like very much!

(I would like to stres at this point that I do like Mike and Kirsty - I was just not expecting the second one to explode.)

Pumpkin Soup at Ross Library

Parents and children were invited to a special story time at Ross Library on Tuesday to discover how to bring books alive by creating a 3D collage. The collage will be displayed in the library and is based on 'Pumpkin Soup', the award-winning picture book by Helen Cooper.

As can be seen, the event proved to be very popular and children had the chance to decorate a Pumpkin Patch recipe book to take home. There were seed packets to colour, with free pumpkin seeds to grow their own Pumpkin Soup.

Ref: DSC_2044


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