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Issue No. 167 - Wednesday, 3rd October 2007
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John Kyrle celebrates in style

September 26th has always been a fantastic day of exciting activities at John Kyrle High School and this year was no exception. European Day of Languages is a day when many schools across the country celebrate linguistic diversity and the benefits of being able to speak another language. There was a variety of exciting opportunities available at John Kyrle and the day was a huge success.

Year Seven pupils made a superb effort to dress up in costumes from a European country - there were representations from all corners of the globe, ranging from typical stripey T-shirts and berets to Spanish matadors and even a Scottish man complete with kilt and sporran! There were prizes for the two pupils who made the best effort from each tutor group.

Even the local Primary schools were invited to take part. The pupils were given the opportunity to sample a delicious selection of tapas and Seville orange juice from Spain, French breads and orangina from France and Frigadellem from Germany before completing a questionnaire based on their experiences.

The sultry rhythms of salsa resounded from the Main Hall as pupils tried out their dance techniques with Mely from Mexico. Mely aims to teach children Spanish through movement and certainly made the pupils work hard, whilst at the same time having tremendous fun. Throughout the day, younger pupils were busy making a 'piñata', which they were able to smash open in dramatic fashion at the finale.

Continued . . .

With languages Teacher, Tracey Tumelty, Cameron Powell, Kieren Ravenhill, Nev Campbell, Mitchell Challenger, Francesca Green, Chloe Childs, Alice Cassan, Sadie Brooker and Lily Lane in European costume. Ref: DSC_1250

Some children were silenced into concentration as British Sign Language teacher, Sian Pritchard, taught them to sign their name and even spell out 'John Kyrle'.

Some older pupils managed to build very realistic models of the Eiffel Tower from straws. They were thrilled when Head teacher, Nigel Griffiths arrived to present a cup for the best model.

The recently opened Language Laboratory came into its own as a taster session in Mandarin Chinese was also available. It is recognized that Chinese is a language that is going to become ever more popular and John Kyrle is seeking to include Chinese in its curriculum alongside French, Spanish, German and Italian. A basic taster session in Russian was also provided as pupils learned to say their names and count up to twenty.

Tracey Tumelty, Languages Manager commented, 'Globalization and increased opportunities to work abroad as well as business developments in this country mean that it is even more pertinent that our youngsters develop foreign language skills in order to work effectively, even in their own country.'

A delicious European menu of paella, pasta, baguettes and coq au vin was available in the canteen at lunchtime; the canteen was decorated with flags and balloons, complete with menus in three different languages. 'We were all exhausted by the end of the day, but felt that the youngsters had such a fantastic opportunity to extend their knowledge of Europe and its languages that it was well worth it,' said Tracey Tumelty. The Languages Department are most grateful to everyone throughout the school who contributed to make the day such a success.'

Learning British Sign Language, the class spell out John Kyrle High School hello.Ref: DSC_1238

Mely Verce from Mexico teaches Spanish Dancing in the hall. Ref: DSC_1240





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This Week - the 'Nautical Edition' of Wyenot News

It was suggested by Paul Meredith that I should use that title. As we finish compiling this week's news, both Tina and I are feeling very rough, with a nasty cold and cough. We would both rather have just have been tucked up in bed for the past five hours, so I hope it is not too badly put together. Far from being able to get to bed though, after completing this issue of the news in the early hours of Wednesday, I still need to stay awake enough to collect Sarah and Bernice from the Majorettes coach returning from the European Championships in Slovenia at around 4:00 am. News on how well the British Champs from Ross-on-Wye did in the competition will be published in next week's issue.

This week has provided some very enjoyable moments plus one which has made me extremely mad. On Saturday, we launched the Wyenot boat on the River Wye. There is more on this later in the news but for now, that was one of those really enjoyable days. My cold had just come on that morning but the enjoyment of the day kept it at bay until the evening. For the first time in years, when we arrived back home I felt extremely tired but not that horrible type of being tired after working, which is what I usually experience - it was that nice kind of feeling tired, which follows a good and thoroughly enjoyable day out, or even a holiday. It had been so long since I had last experienced a feeling like it, I had forgotten what it was like.

The really bad day came later, on Monday. It was my birthday. I always hate my birthday, it makes me depressed because, not only am I another year older, it falls at the beginning of that time when the days are getting short and I suffer terribly with that SAD syndrome caused by lack of daylight. Other than the cold, which Tina was now beginning to pick up, I was actually feeling fine until I went into town and we parked in the Somerfield car park. When I stopped the car, I realized that I did not have any change for the parking machine and so we went to the shop to change a note. In the five minutes it took me to get to the shop and back, one of the local traffic wardens had slapped a birthday present parking ticket on my windscreen and disappeared from the face of the earth. He / she must have watched and waited for their moment.

Every day, I park several times in that damned car park, while photographing stuff about town, for the good of the town and in particular, for Herefordshire Council and I always, always, always put my 30p in the slot and buy a ticket. On Saturday for example, I did not have the 30p, so put 50p in for the hour as the machines do not give change. I never try to avoid it and this is what makes me so mad. All of the traffic wardens know my car, it is unmistakable with 'Wyenot News' plastered all over it and they all must see that I buy a ticket every time but it seems they just waited for their opportunity.

I have not had chance to write to Herefordshire Council to object yet as I have been editing their publicity press releases all day, all of which are published at no expense to Herefordshire Council whatsoever in this week's news. Nil illigitemi carborundum, with 'illigitemi' being the operative word.

The rest of Monday was back to being nice, with both of my sons visiting, a long phone conversation with my brother in Italy and plans for filming from the new Wyenot News boat. Having shown several visitors to my house throughout the day the first television quality test edit of footage taken so far for my local wildlife film, all of whom have been impressed, I feel very positive that it is going to turn out to be a good marketable product.

The 'nautical edition' of Wyenot News has been a bit rushed together due to taking Monday out and our illness but I hope you still enjoy it . . .

A Relaxing Break Thanks to Broome Farm and NFU Magazine

In the photograph below are Dawn and Keith Francis of Llanfair Caereinion, (try saying that after a cider or two!) enjoying a relaxing cider break at Broome Farm, Peterstow last weekend. NFU Magazine approached John Draper, proprietor of Broome Farm B&B some time ago, asking if he and wife Hilary would be willing for them to offer a weekend cider break as a prize in a competition they were holding.

Apparently John received several enquiries from people entering the competition telling him that if they won, they would like to book a certain weekend but if they didn't win, they would still like to book it in any case. The eventual winners of the break were extremely pleased with their win.

Dawn told Wyenot News, 'It's Keith who subscribes to NFU Magazine. I'm the one who likes to enter the competitions.' The couple then told us about their weekend. Apart from enjoying a trip into Ross-on-Wye town centre, they enjoyed an orchard walk at Broome Farm's Ross Cider and Perry Co., which is run by Hilary's brother, Mike Johnson.

They also watched cider making in progress, enjoyed a couple of Broome Farm cream teas, met the alpacas and dined in the Cider Press restaurant.

Dawn and Keith were particularly pleased with their break at Broome Farm as their dog, Gizmo was made to feel as welcome as they were.

Why not try Broome Farm for a relaxing break yourself. The Daily Mail recently listed them in their top places to visit during the autumn.

Prize winners Keith and Dawn Francis with Gizmo, relaxing in the lounge at Broome Farm. Ref: DSC_1304

Ross Postmen Support Macmillan

Postmen and staff at Royal Mail in Ross held a fund-raising coffee and activities morning for Macmillan, after finishing their deliveries on Friday morning. Money raised is to go towards the new Charles Renton Unit at Hereford Hospital.

Having been a postman myself for a while, to bring in money during the early stages building up 'Wyenot News', it was nice to go along and meet old friends again and enjoy a coffee. Especially, knowing from first hand experience with my son how much the new unit is needed to help local cancer sufferers.

To help with the fund-raising, local businessman, Craig Bevan, took along his Mobile Ferrari Racing Challenge, which proved to be particularly popular with both postmen and visitors, some from John Kyrle High School alike. Pictured below, the true to life, mobile Ferrari racing car simulator can be hired for both events or parties.

Postmen and visitors enjoy coffee and cakes at Royal Mail on Friday morning. Ref: DSC_1255

Mrs. Joyce Thomas MBE DL with Rachel Makin, Luke Mayo and Steph Vinall from JKHS watch the postmen race their Ferrari cars. Ref: DSC_1258

Ref: DSC_1261


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Telephone: 01989 564041
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Successful Coffee Morning for Macmillan

Ross Macmillan Cancer Support group held its coffee morning at the Baptist Church in Ross on Saturday. The coffee morning, to raise funds for the Charles Renton Unit in Hereford was one of several in the town and the committee would like to thank every one who turned out to support the event. A total of £265 was raised. The group would also like to thank The Baptist Church for their generosity in allowing use of the building.

The Macmillan Committee's Autumn programme commences with a quiz night on Wednesday 24th October at Ross Conservative Club at 7.30pm. All teams are welcome. The Macmillan stall in the new Ross-on-Wye indoor market will be continuing for a while.

Chris Webb, Pauline McRae, Joyce Thomas MBE DL, Teresa Napthine, Jo Fowkes, Anne Ednean, Ruby Price and Enid Gibbons and Soosie Pinnell. Ref: DSC_1296

Serving coffee to customer, Renate Van Geleren. Ref: DSC_1300


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