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Issue No. 166 - Wednesday, 26th September 2007
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What is happening lately in Ross-on-Wye?

It is not just 'lately' really. It has been happening for years but since Ross Police Station became part time, open during the quiet periods and closing during the times when it is really needed, and since it has become necessary to phone somewhere in the Midlands and wait to be transferred to Hereford if you need to call the police, the situation has become far worse.

On Saturday I spent the evening taking photographs as usual and drove back home, stopping to pick up my evening meal in Brookend Street. It was very late to be eating but Tina and I had not had the chance until then. The time was actually 12:20 am on Sunday. As we drove through town, the streets were busy and somebody in the crowd recognized my car and shouted, 'Hi Tina'. It was a friendly call and we did not see who it was but at the time, I made the comment, 'It's not looking very good out there'. There was not a single policeman to be seen anywhere in Walford Road, High Street, Broad Street or Brookend Street. I did not see one all the way home, in fact.

We stopped at 'The Best' and ordered our food. The people inside the shop - both customers and staff were happy and very friendly. As we were leaving, another crowd entered the shop. They were drunk and rowdy but were not threatening in any way - they were just having a good time.

I took the photo below the following morning. The person in the photo wishes to remain anonymous (obviously his friends will recognize him) but wanted people to see what had happened to him on the way home from an evening out. He was walking past 'Mings' and had to walk past three youths in Brookend Street. He passed without a problem but then one of the youths came after him and 'punched' him in the eye. (Though my untrained observations would suggest that some kind of weapon was used.) He was then kicked to the ground.

The reason for the attack? The gang stole his mobile phone, which had cost 20 quid!

Continued . . .

Ref: DSC_3447

The incident was reported to the police, who took his details over the phone but did not attend the incident and, as of Monday evening, have still made no further contact. When they do finally get around to making enquiries, I have been informed of the names of the youths concerned. I shall not name them here but at least one of them - possibly two were from the same gang who broke into my house in Cawdor twice within the past year, and who smashed my car window and stole my satnav last Christmas. If this is the case, they need taking out for a very long time! Not because we have been affected personally but because the same gang are responsible for by far the majority of local crime.

I did actually catch somebody breaking into my house again, a few weeks ago. They opened the front door but they ran off when I went after them. I did not bother to call the police then. What is the point? Last time we saw the person involved and told the police who it was, sniffer dogs also led the the police to the same person's house but they were 'powerless' to do anything about it.

On another occasion, my son, Matt was attacked while walking home. He fought back, hitting out with a can of Tango that he was drinking at the time. When the police arrived, (they did on that occasion) they were more concerned that he had hit back and took away the can of Tango as evidence, in case the attacking gang wished to press charges.

I am not actually criticizing the police themselves here. They do what they can with limited resources. What is wrong is the lack of resources to allow them to do their job properly and the law, which protects the thugs and makes theft, mugging and burglary a worthwhile career path to choose.

'The Halt' Self Catering, Homs Road, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire.

Walford, Ross-on-Wye

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Ross Phoenix Majorette UK Champions leave for Slovenia

Ross Phoenix Majorettes boarded a bus outside John Kyrle High School this evening (Tuesday) to head for Ljubljana in Slovenia where they will be representing Great Britain in the European Championships.

Although Tuesday evenings are peak 'deadline stress' time here at 'Wyenot News', I went to see them off and take some photos as my daughter, Sarah (second from left in the photo below, with mum, who is accompanying her) is one of the Majorettes.

I do not envy that coach journey one bit! Sarah's mum and I went to Ljubljana once, and then further south to Dubrovnik in my old Ford Escort, which broke down on the then, Jugoslavija/Italy border. Bern came home from Venice as we had visitors from the USA due in Ross but I had to wait behind a week for the car engine to be fixed. I remember being so pleased to be away from the place that I drove, Jugoslavija to the Hope & Anchor in 36 hours - non-stop. There's another story to go with that. Bernice travelled home light, leaving me the bulk of her luggage and I got stopped at Dover customs, where they made me open my suitcase to find it full of worn knickers, tights and bras. They laughed and did not believe my genuine explanation.

Good luck in the competition, girls and we will celebrate our joint 1st October birthday when you come home, Sarah!

The Slovenia party wait for the bus, which is half an hour late. Ref: DSC_1220

Sarah says goodbye to her boyfriend, James for a week. Ref: DSC_1229

On the bus at last. Ref: DSC_1231
Broome Farm B & B and Restaurant, Peterstow.
Rose Cottage Tea Garden, Symonds Yat.
An Invite by Ross Army Cadets
by Clive Scriven

Alan Wood from Wyenot News was invited to Ross-on-Wye Detachment, 3 Sector, Herefordshire and Worcestershire Army Cadet Force on Thursday, 20th September. On arrival the Cadets were already formed up on Parade in their different training groups before having their picture taken during the exercise ‘Evening Pride’, for which the detachment had won a trophy for the first time at their recent annual camp in Castlemartin, South Wales last August.

As well as the ‘Evening Pride’ trophy, the Cadets from Ross represented their sector along with other detachments in Herefordshire during annual camp, taking part in both boys and girls five-a-side competitions, which 3 Sector were overall winners. Building on this run of success the cadets took part in the Inter-sector swimming competition held at the new pool in Leominster in September 2007, taking on the other two sectors that form the Herefordshire & Worcestershire Army Cadet Force. After fierce competition and rivalry 3 Sector were triumphant, showing tremendous teamwork and spirit.

Cadet Sgt. Belton can be seen below giving orders to his Group in the classroom before they go out into the darkness to carry out their plan. The remainder of the Cadets were taken for drill by Cadet Colour Sgt. Carter in advance of them playing the enemy for Cadet Sgt. Belton's Group.

The Army Cadet Force is one of the UK’s oldest, largest and most successful youth organizations with a long and proud tradition of preparing youngsters from all walks of life into well respected and good standing individuals with an active involvement in their local community. The Force consists of around 44,000 cadets with 8,000 adult instructors and officers in over 1,700 Cadet Centres spread throughout the UK.

Ross-on-Wye Platoon is based in Alton Road opposite the Mighty Eight Pool Club and Parades on Thursday Evenings between 6:50 and 9:30pm. If you are in Year 8 at school or between 12 and 18 and like a bit of a challenge please do not hesitate to drop in for a chat. Anyone interested in finding out more can contact Sergeant Fisher the detachment commander on 01989 563977, or alternatively contact H&W ACF County Headquarters on 01432 359917.

Ref: DSC_1141

Ref: DSC_1144


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