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Issue No. 165 - Wednesday, 19th September 2007
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Letters to the Editor

Rented Sheltered Housing

Dear Sir,

There are massive problems facing the residents of rented Sheltered Housing who, in many cases, are suffering big changes to support services.

Due to a new method of funding many of the site Wardens (Scheme Managers) are being withdrawn and replaced by what is termed Floating staff. It is intended that Floating staff will , as the name suggests, go from place to place visiting people on their check list. Those on the check list will be those considered to be in need of such a visit, and the frequency could be as little as weekly!

The problem is that rented Sheltered Housing each operates in isolation and it has no national voice and there is no inter communication between sites, even those in the same geographical area. This makes them vulnerable to be picked off one by one, which is happening at this very moment.

To attempt to redress the concerns of the residents of rented Sheltered Housing I have created a website which is and, through it, I hope to form a national council to defend this valuable asset ,owned by everybody throughout the country.

Yours sincerely,

Vernon J Yarker

Enjoys reading 'Wyenot News'

Hello Alan,

I would just like to say what an excellent site you run. I had the pleasure of visiting Ross last week for the second time as part of my annual cycle roadtrip and enjoyed the visit very much. The weather certainly helped as did the accommodation at The White House, where I received a very friendly welcome. I also had a very good meal at Yaks 'n' Yetis. I had never previously sampled Nepalese food but can certainly recommend this restaurant, both for the food and for the friendly and helpful service.

I regularly visit 'Wyenot News' and it kept me going through the long winter months, helping me look forward to my visit. You are very fortunate to live in such a lovely place!



After Dinner Speaker wanted

Dear Sir,

I read 'Wyenot' with interest. I am an old member of Ross Round Table. We get chucked out at 40. Every year two of us organize a dinner at The Wilton Court at the end of February for the old boys (about 45 in number). Every year I struggle to get a good speaker. Do you know of anyone with a tale to tell?

It only needs to be about 30 minutes long, fairly lighthearted and suitable for a group of slightly merry gents having a good night out. We usually use it as a fundraiser and give the profit approximately 400 to Acorns or the charity favoured by the speaker. In the past we have had ex regiment, pilots, motor racing, comedian etc.

I hope you can help.

Robert Dudley

After dinner speaking is something I did myself for Ross Rotary Club earlier this year. Although that talk went down very well indeed and, I am told, was talked about for several weeks after the event, it is not something I really want to make a habit of doing. Although, I am told, I did not come across as being nervous, what people did not see was the week of sleepless nights leading up to the event itself. That talk can be read or downloaded or here as a pdf file, if you are interested.

I have put Robert on to Jim Stewart of Ross Rotary Club for help but, as promised, have also published his letter here, in case somebody would like to help out by speaking at the ex Round Table Club Members' Annual Dinner.

Chelsea Pensioners


You may be interested to learn that I and my wife Veronica visited two museums last week which you had advertised on August 29th. They were both part of the Heritage Open Days in Herefordshire. The first was St. Johns Medieval Museum and Coningsby Hospital in Widemarsh Street, opposite Focus superstore. It is on the site of an old Blackfriars monastery in the grounds of an attractive rose garden with an original Preaching Cross.

The museum explains the links between Crusades, the Knights Templar and the Hospitaller Knights. There are a number of interesting artefacts in the museum including a well preserved skeleton of a 14th century monk. The Chapel is still use today by the Order of St.John of Jerusalem.

The Coningsby Red Coat Hospital was set up in 1614 for 'old and worn out soldiers' and was probably the model for the Royal Hospital Chelsea. I attach two pictures from the museum. Firstly there is Nell Gwynn 'actress' who was born near Hereford cathedral in 1650, and is believed to have inspired King Charles 11 to found the hospital in Chelsea and also to use similar uniforms as the hospital in Hereford.

'Oranges, oranges who will buy my lovely oranges,' said Nell Gwynn, who at the time was living in Drury Lane near the famous theatre in London. It is said that her grandson James Beauclerk became the Bishop of Hereford. I was especially interested in the Nell Gwynn connection from my research project about the Chelsea Pensioners of Ross which I finished last year.

The second picture is a Servitor or inmate of the 17th century hospital and shows a very good similarity to a modern day Chelsea Pensioner. The other museum we visited was The Herefordshire Light Infantry Museum in Harold Street, next to the County Record Office. Again a very fascinating place to visit. It holds displays of items going back to the time when the British Army was in South Africa in the 19th century.

There are many regimental photos, campaign medals etc to see and is especially interesting for those with an interest in family or local or regimental history. We also learnt that the Herefordshire Regiment captured the second and last Fuhrer of the Third Reich, Grand Admiral Doenitz in May 1945. The pennant from his car is on display here. Well I didn't know that!

Acknowledgements: The Curator of the Coningsby Museum.

Gordon Amand.

Nell Gwynn, actress.

A Servitor, or inmate of the 17th century hospital.
The White Lion Inn, Wilton.
Morris Bricknell, Chartered Surveyors, Stroud House, 30, Gloucester Road, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire. HR9 5LE.


Tel: 01989 768320

Saturday Night

Tina worked until 10 o' clock on Saturday evening this week, so we did not do our usual tour and there is no 'Tina Dancing' photo this week. Instead, I went off wildlife filming, calling into St. Mary's to take a quick photo of Ross Town Band and the Morriston Male Voice Choir and we did not meet up until late. I quite enjoyed the break from the usual Saturday routine, as it happens.

We decided to go home and relax, rather than go everywhere taking photos but we did briefly call into the Prince of Wales on the way, where there was a large party in the function room and Simon Blight was performing in the bar. I took the one photo of Simon and another of two regular POW Saturday nighters, who posed on seeing the camera. Sorry, I know I have photographed you before but I do not know your names.

Next weekend, things will be back to normal with Tina Dancing, I expect. At the time of writing, I have not looked into all that is going on but I do know that 'Sofa' will be returning to the Prince for the first time since April and that they are really good.

Sofa are the band I actually missed last time because I spent all evening talking in the garden, but everybody said how 'brilliant' they were. I look forward to actually watching them this coming weekend.

The other thing I know about for certain is a barbecue, with live music at the Plough on Sunday. I have been formally invited to that one and it sounds like it should be a good evening. Hope to see you at one or the other . . .

Ref: DSC_3338

Ref: DSC_3336

French Market to Visit in October

Delicious cheeses, fresh baguettes and sausages from the charcuterie are just some of the delicacies that will be on offer at this year's visiting French Market from Normandy next month. Marche de France, a team of French traders, is coming to tempt visitors' taste buds with wines, pastries and all things French when they set up their stalls in Ross-on-Wye, Hereford and Leominster early in October.

The market has been very successful in the past in many other places, bringing in people from all over the area and increasing footfall in town centres, meaning a boost to local businesses as well. More than 16 stalls selling food, drink, crafts and other goods will line the streets, ensuring visitors find something for themselves or a present for someone else. Visitors will be able to treat themselves to home-made French pastries, delicious ripe brie and olives while soaking up the atmosphere of a traditional French market. The market has something for everyone, including new craft and food stalls.

The market will take place on the Market Place in Ross-on-Wye on Friday, 5th October, then in High Town, Hereford on Saturday, 6th and Broad Street, Leominster on Sunday, 7th October.

Each of the markets will start at 9am and finish at 5pm.

Foot & Mouth Precautions

I do hope this is not a sign of things to come, especially as last week's livestock market had to be cancelled for the same reason.

Ref: DSC_1103

Click here to visit the Nature's Choice page on Wyenot.

Ross RFC v Longlevens
by Sarah Webb

After triumph in their first game of the season, Ross-on-Wye RFC looked to build on their good form in a home fixture against Longlevens. Ross dominated the match but finished losers in a close tie that saw refereeing decisions decide upon the outcome.

From the kick-off, Ross had most of the opportunities but failed to capitalize on their pressure and allowed the visitors to take a 3-0 lead against the run of play. The home side soon replied with a penalty from Alistair Rees, taking the half time score to 3-3.

In the second half, Ross made three substitutions, bringing Nick Rawlins, Mike Davies and Wayne Williams into the forwards. Ross had dominated in the scrum all day, thanks to some outstanding efforts by their pack but after some good play, where Ross looked destined to score a try, Longlevens suffered an injury in their front row, and as they did not have enough front row replacements, the scrums went uncontested, putting an end to Ross' upper hand.

With tensions running high in the latter stages of the game and both sides looking to get the breakthrough to win the match, Longlevens took the advantage and converted two penalties in the last few minutes to come out 9-3 winners in a game that had seen some questionable refereeing decisions.

Saturdays match was kindly sponsored by The Stag Inn and their Man of the Match was Tim Hanks for a great performance at number eight. Ross' next game will be played at home on Saturday 22nd September against Painswick. Kick-off is at 3pm at the Sports Centre.

Ross RFC would like to thank the following for generously sponsoring their new kit: Walford Timber for their strip, HB Spices and Flavourings for their shorts and Andy Gooding of Charlie's Bar for their dress shirts.

Ref: DSC_1028

Ross-on-Wye Weather Station Readings

Ross-on-Wye Weather Station is located by the tennis courts and bowling green at 'Crossfields' and is one of the important stations around the country which regularly sends data to the Meteorological Office. This is why Ross-on-Wye is sometimes mentioned on the BBC weather reports. It is currently still a manually monitored station and readings are taken twice per day by husband and wife team, June and Rex Swallow.

Figures for week commencing Monday, 10th September 2007
n Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun.
Sunshine (hours) 8.8 7.6 4.5 9.3 6.3 11.0 4.8
Rainfall (mm) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.7
Rainfall (inches) 0 0 0 0 0 0 .03
Maximum Temperature (C) 21 20 21 23 20 20 20
Maximum Temperature (F) 70 68 70 73 68 68 68
Minimum Temperature (C) 12 8 10 9 12 5 11
Minimum Temperature (F) 54 46 50 48 54 41 52
Soil Temperature at 10cm Depth (F) 63 61 61 60 62 58 61


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