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Issue No. 160 - Wednesday, 15th August 2007
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I may have already mentioned this, but Saturday's 'Jamstand' event was a resounding success. No less than seven bands performed at the concert which was arranged by Jack Baldus. Jack is just 19 years old, has been playing music for the best part of his life and is currently reading music at Leeds University. He plays in a brilliant jazz outfit called TH3 with two of his uni friends, Elgan Rees, on drums and Josh Ingham on bass. Saturday was Josh's debut as a sound man and he did a pretty good job.

Jack has been rehearsing with local band 'Totem Pole' since last May and thought it would be a great idea to put on a concert at the Bandstand, enlisting the help of lots of local musicians who were willing to perform there for free, for the people of Ross and its visitors to enjoy. Things weren't quite that straight forward however, as amplified music is not included in the Town Council's current licence.

Undaunted by this minor detail however, Jack applied to Herefordshire Council for a Temporary Event Notice, then awaited their response. His application was successful, so plans for the concert surged ahead, notifying as many as possible of the date, including Wyenot News. We were delighted at the news.

On the day itself, Jack was a little nervous, saying, 'What if it all goes wrong? Everyone will think I'm an idiot!' or words to that effect. The look on his face at the end of the evening was priceless. All went well and he knew it. Tina went to talk to Jack on Tuesday. He was extremely happy that the day was a success and he mentioned plans for further concerts in the not too distant future.

You need not have worried Jack. It all went brilliantly and thank you and your friends for putting on the concert that Ross needed.

Jack would like to thank everybody who took part in and helped organize the 'Jamstand' event as well as Brandon Tool Hire, for the loan of a generator and Bradford Kemps for the second generator and floodlights.

Tilt Station - Liam Lee-Hynes, Adam Daffurn and Tom Lee-Hynes. Ref: DSC_2611

Delta Blues outfit 'Bogg - Ivor Thomas, Martin Stevens and John Wheble'. Ref: DSC_2616

The Dandelion Killers - St.John Millinczuk, Paul Phillips and Adam Daffurn. Ref: DSC_2638

The Anomolies with their brilliant hip hop and improvisation. Ref: DSC_0133

Monmouth band Sunset Serenade - Chris Davies, Sam Parrett, Alex Cooper, Tom Locke and Alex Bargh. Ref: DSC_0135

TH3, Jack's jazz outfit - Jack Baldus, Elgan Rees and Josh Ingham. Ref: DSC_0137

'The James Magic' Jimmy Wheeldon. Ref: DSC_2683

Proud father Peter Baldus with Councillor Phil Cutter, who supports as many Ross events as possible. Ref: DSC_0123
Broome Farm B & B and Restaurant, Peterstow.
Rose Cottage Tea Garden, Symonds Yat.
What's Happening in Ross This Week?

The Goodrich Village Art Club's work is still on display at Ross Heritage Centre. The exhibition will run until 3rd September.

Thursday, 16th August is a good day for mothers who are looking for something to keep their children occupied. Ross Library is holding a session for children aged between 4 and 12 years of age to learn all about bees and honey as part of the Big Wild Read event. Tickets to this event cost £1 and the session runs from 2:30 and 3:30 pm. Please note that children under the age of five years must be accompanied by a parent or carer.

If bees don't appeal, 'The Bowman's Tale is on at Goodrich Castle. Please click the link on the What's On? page of for contact details

On Thursday evening, The Zebras will be performing at The Boat, Penalt. If you can get along to that, it will be well worth it.

Will Killeen, the best folk / blues guitarist around will be performing at the Hope & Anchor from 8:30 PM on Friday. However, if you prefer some cool jazz funk TH3 are performing at the Riverside Inn.

Saturday 18th brings a choice of musical events. Double Barrel are back at The Plough Inn by popular demand. This band have a great choice of covers to dance to.

Another good band is 'Snatch' who will be providing the Saturday evening entertainment at the Prince of Wales. Saturday is also Russell's 2xnd birthday. No doubt he will be celebrating somewhere or another in true Russ style. Have a good one Russ, love Mum and Alan. x.

On Sunday afternoon from 2 PM, Ross Town Band will be the Band in the Park. Why not go along and have a listen?

On Bank Holiday Monday, 27th August, Border Counties Vintage Club will be holding its third annual Road Run. Vehicles will assemble at the Yew Tree Inn at Peterstow from 10 am. The vehicles will then begin their 30 mile journey of the Herefordshire countryside, stopping midway at How Caple Grange, where the public are welcome to view the vehicles. The are also welcome to view them upon their return to the Yew Tree Inn from approximately 3:10 PM, where there will be lots of other things going on. Further details of the itinerary will be featured in next week's issue of Wyenot News.

Watch this space for news of Broome Farm's Cider Festival.

Details of these and future events can be found on the 'What's On?' page of


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